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Former Town Supervisor Vincent Cannuscio dies

Vince Cannuscio was a tremendous, noteworthy individual -- he loved public service, especially when it boiled down to serving people -- all the people -- who he viewed were just like the parents of the kids he coached, met at the Post Office, grocery store or around the town. He was never infected by a "'Master of the Universe" superior mentality but was a man of all the people. He truly wanted to leave a legacy of a better life for all residents of the town. I had the privilege of knowing him and it was a privilege. He was always respectful of others (even with those with whom he disagreed), showed readily a good heart and will be sorely missed. To his beloved Carol and children -- you know to be proud, very proud of an extraordinary man who did good and served his God, his country and his town with great merit. May God bless you, Vince." Dec 16, 08 9:09 PM

Benson Gallery torn down; town concerned about circumstances

The owner certainly has the right to do with their property what they wish and they were within their rights -- needing no extraordinary exemptions.

The czarists who complain about the demolition contribute nothing to the public discourse except once again trying to get the "GOVERNMENT" to abridge the rights of another.

" Jan 2, 09 11:59 AM

Police Commission proposal is revived at Town Hall

This is the most ridiculous proposal to come from an Administration too often portrayed as anti-police. To turn the functions of town law enforcement over to a political tribunal is to lay the ground work for second guessing every action of our loyal, hardworking underpaid police force -- there's a reason Rudy Guliani successfully resisted pressure to do a "POLICE COMMISSION" in NYC -- and the public rightly supported him in the end.

If you do not like our Police Chief and have documented reasons to have him or her removed ... so be it. Do not build up "straw men/women" as an alternative for ones dislike for the incumbent police chief -- and DO NOT insult our devoted police officers by imposing another level of oversight to "watch" them !!!!!!!! Me fears the "politicians" want cover .... through a Commission ... to let someone else take the heat for their political fear in taking action against the Police Chief. If the politicians loved him, would this be an issue?

Linda -- get with it and squash this BAD idea.

" Jan 12, 09 7:47 PM

Kabot calls for fiscal responsibility in Southampton's State of the Town

Gee ... who was watching the store these past two years ...? "Calls" for fiscal responsibility by the Supervisor are like wolf calling calling the chickens irresponsible for getting eaten. " Jan 12, 09 7:50 PM

Town Trustees reject land swap with Westhampton Cemetery Association


The Trustees of the Town of Southampton have committed a grievous error in their wanton disregard for all the families of Westhampton and their deceased relatives now in eternal rest at the community's only cemetery.

How come WHB resident Brian Tymann, a Southampton Town Trustee from Westhampton, hasn't stood up for his neighbors and residents here against the selfishness of the Town Trustees as they try by their actions to shut down the Westhampton cemetery?

With the Trustees ignoring the Westhampton Cemetery Association's request to annex an adjacent parcel and thus create 1500 future grave sites for loved ones who hope to be buried in proximity to their family members who were laid to rest before them, the Southampton Trustees are most definitely pushing for the shutdown of the cemetery.

They should be ashamed. Supervisor Kabot (who grew up near the cemetery) and the Town Council should be ashamed. The Town Supervisor, Town Council and the public should all let the Trustees know it is a travesty to sow the seeds of the demise of the only cemetery in Westhampton

They clearly know little about this historic burial ground, about its importance to the Westhampton community and the close emotional and familial attachment many here have to the cemetery.

It is time to write the Trustees (see below) and tell them plainly and clearly -- keep the Westhampton Cemetery open or be prepared top lose your political job at the next election in November 2009.

Southampton Town Trustees (all up for re-election November 2009):

Jon S. Semlear, Sag Harbor, President
Eric Shultz, East Quogue
Fred Havemeyer, Bridgehampton
Edward J. Warner Jr. , Hampton Bays
Brian Tymann, Westhampton Beach

Telephone: (631) 287-5717
Southampton Town Trustees
116 Hampton Road, Southampton, NY 11968
" Feb 10, 09 8:17 PM

Edwin 'Buzz' Schwenk dies

Buzz Schwenk was a "larger than life" individual who successfully devoted himself to preserving the East End as the rural enclave he knew as a young boy growing up. The beautiful place we know today is largely his legacy. He was passionate about his politics and believed all his life in the traditional Republican Party -- a political belief in smaller but compassionate government where the individual and small businesses were allowed to thrive. He was generous to a fault -- beyond making a living to provide for his family -- he never much worried about becoming a rich man, though he found himself in the company of some of the state's and nation's most powerful individuals.
Wherever his career took him, Buzz proudly remained that small town milkman of Schwenk's Dairy whose family roots went deep in Southampton. He was a lifelong resident and loved his Southampton and the friends and neighbors who defined his special place. And through it all, Buzz maintained a level-headed perspective and a generous sense of humor. He had a quick-to-the ready 1000 watt smile that made all strangers friends and all friends family.

May we learn from the likes of this good and decent man whose life was well-lived and a true credit to his family and all who knew him. God bless you, Buzz. " Dec 19, 09 3:47 PM

WLIU employees working without pay; fund-raising struggling

While an noble undertaking, it appears whomever is coordinating this and accumulating the fundraising dollars is not keeping good account of the books. To have represented to LIU that the station would have sufficient backers and less than two months later be in a losing fundraising situation is to suggest a lack of candor.

Get your act together friends. Other potential suitors in the fundraising will walk away if you seem to be so disorganized as not to know what is pledged and if it is sufficient. Tick tock ... the clock is swiftly moving and the opportunity waning ... " Dec 20, 09 10:46 AM

U.S. Representive Tim Bishop details new initiatives

well, of course, your information is inaccurate. The GOP controlled Congress for six of Bush's 8 years. They are, today, a party in shambles because they walked away from conservative principles and spent the country into the poorhouse. If you care, check the facts, pal. It is "sweet" to be partisan but when you are wrong on your information you just sound silly." Dec 20, 09 10:54 AM

huh? totally illogical from a partisan." Dec 20, 09 10:57 AM

Southampton Town Board Appoints Wilson As Police Chief

Tony Tenaglia has been treated badly by these officials of the Town of Southampton. Let's hope voters take their discontent to the polls. They have by-passed a true professional, a real "stand up" guy who is beyond reproach ethical, intelligent and a credit to the men and women of law enforcement. His years of dedication to the people of Southampton town earned him the esteem and appreciation of the taxpayers. The elected officials discredit themselves by this action. " Apr 30, 11 9:15 PM

It's always tough when a boss has to exercise his authority and the unruly ones don't like to be disciplined. Grow up boys." Apr 30, 11 9:23 PM