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Elm Street Residents Upset About Noise Levels From Southampton Village Club

I lived there on Elm 179 in fact. Of course I was just a teenager and that was many years ago. I remember the fun we had hanging out at the bottom of the steps listening to the Polkas played by the band; watching the dancers and listening to all the folks having fun. None of the locals cared much about the noise. They knew the Hall was there. If they didn't like it they moved. " Jan 4, 18 4:04 PM

Representative Lee Zeldin Unharmed In Train Crash

Zeldin was on the train going to a 'meeting' with fellow politicos ready to do some "work". Outside of D. C. I guess that's normal.
" Feb 1, 18 9:32 PM

Former Administrator Received Nearly $500,000 In Settlement With Southampton School District

It is so sad to read these reports regarding good ole' SHS. I venture to say that students of said school system, prior to the 1960's, got an excellent education. " Feb 1, 18 9:44 PM

Mary Ellen Thiele Rooney, Formerly Of Bridgehampton Dies February 5

Farewell to Mary Ellen Thiele. I knew her when we were teenagers. She was destined for more than Bridgehampton! Her parents were nice folks to us kids, wild teenagers. Too bad someone had to report her father's shaded past. Lots of men living on the South Fork at those times did the same thing. Mary Ellen was fun, a true Irish girl." Feb 12, 18 12:07 PM

Southampton School Officials Nix Columbus Day In Favor Of Indigenous Peoples' Day On School Calendars

How do you know that it is the left thinking?" Feb 16, 18 9:05 AM

And yet you choose to move to Southampton.. the Town founded by the English people in 1640? A large number of their descendants still living in the town; those folks agreed to naming Oct 12 as Columbus Day. Rewrite History indeed! " Feb 16, 18 9:16 AM

Judge Dismises Lawsuit Challenging Picnic Area Beach Driving, Parking In Southampton Village

I, and our family, are LOCALS ..... back to 1640. The history supports those residents and others their rights to use the beach, land and water, up to the High Water mark. There is also the Dongan Patent signed by the Gov. Dongan back in the 1700's. That paper has been adjudicated many times in the Courts always proving the peoples rights to their use of the beach. The rich think their money can buy anything. I believe in the LAW. I think there should be a LAW saying the realtors and the LAWYERS should report this LAW at every signing when beach front property is sold! " Mar 25, 18 7:04 PM

Big Fresh, your sentence "No one purchasing a multi million dollar home .." really made me laugh! How innocent you are. If you think a realtor is going to point out a negative! He/She avoids the question leaving it to the lawyer to explain life in the slow lane. Standing in the dunes, the view, the sound of the ocean and having shown the side lines to the buyer they go on. Only the smart buyer checks out all the facts. As to the Dongan Patent, that has been brought up many times, usually by the locals, and always has been accepted, many times after having to go to higher courts. " Mar 29, 18 2:57 PM

Westhampton Beach Farmers Market Will Have New Home This Year

Let's get FACTS straight here------ The Sayre Land that was given to the Town is a long Narrow piece of land leading from Snake Hollow Rd. down to Long Pond. Not much more than 2 acres. Yes, there has been some encroachment there .. people parking their cars or pickups. But the land, once or probably still owned by a McNamarra family where the actual Hampton's Classic is held, is a lot more land than 1 or 2 acres! Chief1 if you knew anything about the properties owned by the locals around here you wouldn't be so quick to open your b-- -----!!!" Apr 18, 18 5:12 PM

let's talk apples and apples here. The Hampton's Classic is a Horse Show held in Bridgehampton !!! The Farmer's Market in this case is held in West Hampton! " Apr 18, 18 5:16 PM

New Southampton Village Ambulance Barn Plans Approved By ARB

I don't know.. is it disgusting or just sad to see the newbies come into the village and push their ideas of price of things when they are prepared to spend millions to build on the beach and soon a hurricane of great proportions will come along and blow it all away.
The ambulance building should be built to last, and look as good as the building it will sit next to. Who is that tacky group that wants to "save $$$" ? " Apr 26, 18 2:05 PM

James G. Nugent Of Southampton Dies April 15

This obit mentions not much about the individuals living in Southampton. Just reading it makes one wonder what the he had in connection with the village? So many obits are written like this. So careless, Hazel would never allow it.
How did he get to SH to ride his bike down to the beach etc.? Where were the parents when he was off having fun in the sun?
I suspect the family might have lived here when his father was principal of the middle school back in the 1970's. And I suspect the family lived on Little Plains Road next to the "Castle". If this is so I am sad to learn of his demise." Apr 26, 18 2:44 PM

Former Beachcomber Columnist Patricia Murray Wood Ney Dies April 17

I remember her... all the nice things said about her were so true. In 1946 or so, I joined Pat and her friends as we rode bikes around Wickapogue road and such near the beach. I was younger than they and I guess they go a kick of this little "townie" as the 'summer folks ' called us then. Such manners and nice decency in the old days. " Apr 26, 18 2:55 PM

Sagaponack White Family Loses More Land, And Family Home, In Court

Absolutely the meanest thing!!!!!!!!!!!! Cannot put into words I am thinking about the latest robbery perpetrated upon the true locals of Sagaponac.
" May 3, 18 9:13 AM

UPDATE: Hampton Bays Man Issued Six-Count Indictment From Stalking Incident At High School

The first statement...... I went to school in SH and never encountered trouble with a gun or the amount of anger that is publicly expressed these days. my school days were 1938-1952.
" May 4, 18 10:11 AM

Sagaponack White Family Loses More Land, And Family Home, In Court

The remarks of a newbie who falls in line with a lying shark." May 4, 18 10:16 AM

Tate's Bake Shop To Be Sold For Nearly $500 Million

Sorry you lost your taste buds; I still have mine and but the oatmeal cookies every week in my area of Florida. I was so excited to see the tate's pkg. in the Publix store near me. " May 8, 18 9:33 AM

New Security Measures Added To Southampton Town Hall This Week

Doesn't everyone have a drivers licence? " May 8, 18 9:40 AM

Such negative chatter. Seeing that old school brings many memories. That building has been there since the late 1890's. I imagine that taking a bit more care of what is still standing can't hurt. I'm sure y'all can stand to spend a few more pesos for safety's sake!" May 8, 18 9:45 AM

Tate's Bake Shop To Be Sold For Nearly $500 Million

The reason for the bad decisions made many years ago was Kathleen trusted the wrong people. She learned her lesson then and has made many good decisions since. The oatmeal cookie has remained the delicious good cookie I remember, with one exception like everything else they are made smaller. :(." May 10, 18 8:47 PM

Jon Kenneth Dollard Remembered By Friends And Family After Saturday's Fatal Plane Crash

I don't mean to take anything away from the memories of Jon (whom I never met), but Bonnie, Ben and grandson will be missed by many in Southampton and East Hampton. Such a sad thing .... a freak accident like that. " Jun 7, 18 5:33 PM

Ann Cogswell Vose Dies June 9

wonderful memories of bike riding in the summer with Ann, Cynthia, Mellissa, and their friends. Ann was very kind.
" Jun 15, 18 11:44 AM

Peter Marino Announces Purchase Of Former Rogers Memorial Library Building And Intent To Open Museum There

My most favorite memories are of the Rogers Memorial Library. My mother used to tell me of her times as a young girl in the same library. My excitement when I could get my own library card! I had to prove I could read before the lady behind the desk handed me my card, that was in 1942. The plans sound good... We hope it all turns that way." Jul 28, 18 11:15 AM

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