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Betty Kraszewski Of Water Mill Dies January 6

A very capable cheerful nurse, a wonderful wife and mother, a friendly and happy friend I'll miss Betty. Condolences to her family
" Jan 13, 19 4:11 PM

Plan To Demolish Jobs Lane Courtyard Ditched

I bet you don't live in S Hampton or if you do you're not familiar with the laws etc. The need for oversight regarding what is built in the area is very much needed. Of course we do not agree with all decisions but the owners decision to back down is a wise one. I grew next door to that property, presently I think, Ralph Lauren shop. My grandfather owned that shop, I played in the "park" next door. " Jan 13, 19 4:36 PM

Closing Of Southampton Village Stores Raises Concern For Some

Oh Boy, Y'all make me laugh!!! You just do not understand facts of life in the Hamptons!!! All of my growing up years in my home town (Southampton) was spent with covered up windows on Jobs Lane and the south east end of Main Street. Even my grandfather closed his butcher shop (Ashmont Market) and he and Gram went south with his customers!! The Facts of Life, kids. If the "rich" people aren't there to buy the stuff the smart owners close up for the winter.
Besides what are you doing there? If you're rich enough to buy in those stores then go South my man, go South!!! JMR" Jan 19, 19 11:13 AM

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