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Stony Brook Southampton Campus Shifts Focus

Sam Stanley and Matt Whelan can try there best to erase the past but they will be forever be marked as the two catalysts that lead to the complete destruction of hundreds of undergraduate students who were forced to change their careers...and in some cases their entire lives...due to the closing of Stony Brook Southampton six years ago. The Press uses the word 'resurgence' several times throughout the article...and yet the Southampton campus does not make any money for taxpayers...and only a few professors are actively securing research grants. The Writing program continues to be insignificant and the Marine Sciences program has not grown for several years. Putting lipstick on a pig will never turn around the resentment that students still have for the decisions that were made in the past. Nice try Matt...and thank you for the profile shots...but we will never forget!" May 4, 16 10:26 PM