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UPDATE: Former Hampton Bays School Board Member Pleads Guilty For Looting Scholarship Fund

Enough is enough. Say what you mean and have the nerve to sign your name. This man has devoted the last 25+ years to endless hours away from his family giving back to the community. Did he have a lapse in judgement? Yes but he is so remorseful and is paying it all back. Clearly those making comments are within his circle, it's all between the lines. His entire family does not need to suffer. Nobody knows what goes on inside another's head, lapse in judgement can be triggered by a multitude of things. Bottom line is he is a good man who made a mistake. He is abiding by all the rules of the courts. You are hurting his beautiful wife and children by your negativity and cruel nonsense. Nobody can answer why and frankly, I knew Art and yes he would have been disappointed but he would not have allowed it to get so nasty. Warren has put in his blood sweat and tears into not only the FD but to the school district.. This situation has nothing what's so ever to do with his job or his FD membership. As not only a friend but a family member, I just wish everyone would stop." May 8, 16 4:48 PM