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County Road 39 Blinking Light Trial Did Not Yield Hoped-For Results

An independent sampling of eastbound traffic conducted on County Road 39 in Southampton on the morning of May 27, 2016 beginning at 6:30 AM resulted in the following:
Of the 500 vehicles observed, 46 were registered out of state. The most common out of state license plates observed were from Illinois, Virginia, and Oklahoma. Need I say more? How about freeing up our roadways by enforcing immigration laws?" Jun 8, 16 8:04 PM

Springs School Board Continues To Face Community Concerns Over Latino Outreach

My grandfather, his brothers, and their spouses immigrated to this great nation "legally" prior to WWII. When sworn in as United States citizens, they took the oath of allegiance, pledging to defend America. The oath of allegiance has now become optional under our current administration. During WWII, all able bodied immigrant relatives of mine enlisted to defend their great nation, that nation being the United States of America. They learned fluent English, never speaking Italian in mixed company, because that was considered rude. The shingles they hung on their food establishment businesses were in "English only", openly welcoming "all" races and nationalities to patronize their businesses in a non-discriminating and community uniting fashion unlike the "bodega rows" found in many towns. My relatives didn't send money back to "their country", for "their country" when asked, was the United States of America. Ask a Latino immigrant what "their country" is and I will guarantee you that the response will be anything other than the United States. During my 30 year tenure as a business owner in the construction trades I have not had "one" Latino employee, whether a permanent resident alien or a sworn in US citizen, stay or have any intention of staying in this country, period! I just had two former permanent resident employees acquire their citizenship, one of who spends most of his time in Colombia developing a business, while fraudulently collecting a weekly unemployment check for $405 to finance his non-domestic business venture which he is now under investigation for. He told me he wanted his US citizenship only so he could travel unrestricted to and from "his country", his country being Colombia, not the United States. The other employee wanted and received his citizenship solely so he could work in the US, make just enough money to live below the poverty line, travel to and live in Costa Rica, "his country", in an unrestricted fashion, and only return to the US to take advantage of Social Services/Medicaid to pay for ongoing medical issues. He is now under investigation by NYS for fraud. I have numerous other former Latino employees with similar stories.
I was reading a congressional tribute to an immigrant relative of mine as I was writing this blog, and I cut and pasted the following from the US Congressional Record: "Mr. President, it is with great honor that I recognize "xxxxxx" and his wife, "xxxxxx", for the numerous contributions they have made to the field of "xxxxxx" in "xxxxxxx" and throughout the world......my "immigrant" family invested in this great nation, making their fortune, yet gave back nearly all they have earned in the form of very generous philanthropic contributions to serve and better our nation and its people. I am proud to be an American, and I am proud of my family and their accomplishments. They were never self entitled, never looked to the school boards for translation, and they strived to make America greater than it was before they arrived. Only do for those who do for us, not for those who take from us! The self serving infestation, at large, has to go!" Jul 9, 16 8:05 AM

Three-Vehicle Crash Causes Injuries In Front Of Water Mill Post Office Monday Afternoon

You forgot to mention the entitled drivers of those late model Hondas, complete with wings, peel & stick chrome accents, and out-of-state license plates!" Jul 13, 16 2:21 PM

UPDATE: DA Says Evidence Insufficient To Connect Man Arrested For Southampton Break-In And Sexual Assault With May Stabbing

Blame the illegal immigrants, blame the administration, blame whoever, but the blame really lies with the front line offender, and the front line offender in this chain of impropriety is the person who hires the illegal immigrant. Build it and they won’t come. They will only come if you invite them by not exercising due diligence in your hiring practices, whether hiring an employee, hiring a subcontractor, or hiring a business or individual to perform services on your home. You are the guilty ones by inviting these types into “your” neighborhoods. It is time for everyone as individuals to question their contribution to the mess they’ve created and to do something about it. " Aug 6, 16 10:33 AM

Just because someone's ancestor lived in El Salvador 600 years ago does not give him or her entitlements and claim to the entire Western Hemisphere, yet many of them behave as if they do. " Aug 6, 16 11:30 PM

Don't even get me going on the registering of vehicles to illegal immigrants. Open borders are turning American drivers and innocent pedestrians into road kill. Anna Pump? Sister Jacqueline Walsh? 9% of all vehicles on County Rd 39 during the morning eastbound commute are registered out of state. Very sad." Aug 7, 16 6:18 PM

Lack Of Evidence Prompts Release Of Four Men Charged In May Double Stabbing Outside Hampton Bays Bar

Illegal entry into the US and released? How come that doesn't surprise me? Irregardless of the county's inability to produce an indictment, if in fact the 4 suspects gained illegal entry and were here illegally, this illustrates failure on a federal level. Sheriff DeMarco's policy on detaining immigrant inmates requires a written federal warrant. This policy was established to shield the taxpayers from any potential liabilities. I would suggest filling out an online HSI tip form at the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement website (ice dot gov). If they get enough tip forms, perhaps we might start seeing an enforcement presence as we did back in 2007. Write your county executive as well if you are not in favor the current detention policy. This would have never happened under Steve Levy's watch.
" Aug 11, 16 12:16 PM

Guardian Angels Come To The East End

Try going to the Chase drive-through ATM's on Nugent Street at dusk on a Friday and tell me if you feel safe. I don't. A shady illegal element on both foot and bicycle conjugates there every Friday after working hours, line jumping cars, walking up to the "drive-through only" ATM's, standing at the ATM's or loitering nearby while valid drive-up customers who waited their turn are trying to conduct transactions. These people have a total disregard for the rules and proper etiquette. It's scary watching them conduct their money laundering schemes in plain sight, dispensing cash to the hoards of suspected illegal workers who are loitering off to the side. I'd feel just as safe if I were standing in CB's parking lot at 2:00 AM. A Guardian Angel presence is welcomed by this citizen! " Sep 4, 16 7:43 AM

Investigators Bust Illegal Montauk Share House With 18 Tenants Saturday Morning

Repeat prior offenses at this address. Same thing happened there in 2015. Prosecutor went easy on owner 1st time, curious to see how it plays out this time." Sep 4, 16 7:55 AM

East End Latinos React To President Elect Trump

I would like to correct the author of this article:

Mr. Trump's platform was "not" focused on immigration reform as incorrectly stated in this article, rather, Mr. Trump's platform was focused on "enforcing" the "current" immigration laws. " Nov 15, 16 7:12 PM

Some buzz words in this article popped out at me including fear, uncertainty, unknown, threat, and panic. I know many native born citizens, as well as legal documented immigrants that been experiencing uncertainty, fear of the unknown, threats to their livelihoods, and panic in their everyday lives for a number of years now as a result of the ever growing undocumented workforce on Long Island’s East End. There is more than one victim here, not just the illegal immigrant. Many legitimate businesses on the East End, as well as the dwindling legitimate workforce, have been negatively impacted as a result of illegal immigration. It’s not so much the fault of the illegal immigrant, more so, it is the fault of the businesses that hire them, the fault of our current and past administrations for cutting back on their enforcement efforts, the fault of our state, city, county, and local municipalities for providing sanctuary, all of which provide an unfair competitive advantage against the legitimate business owner and the documented workforce at large. Many business owners have been left with three options to remain both competitive and viable:
1. join in and adopt illegal employment practices in hopes of not getting caught (some don’t have a choice and I really can’t blame them)
2. remain legitimate while slowly selling off nearly every asset, tapping into retirement accounts, getting a night job, downsizing in general, renting instead of owning, and riding it out in hopes that someday there will be enforcement and/or reform
3. go out of business altogether

I opted for option number 2 (the slow and painful method) and have been experiencing uncertainty, while fearing the unknown, with a livelihood that has been threatened (decimated actually), and with panic setting in more often than not, for a number of years now, yet I am both happy and optimistic today knowing that the laws of the land are soon to be enforced under a new administration, a Trump administration!
" Nov 16, 16 1:01 PM