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First Toxic Bloom Appears In Wainscott Pond

Naturally, algae is a part of a balanced lake or pond's ecosystem because they are the base food chain in a pond or lake. However, the blue-green type of algae is not good for the bodies of water, it can cause unsightly scum on the surface. If dogs and animals swim in a pond with blue-green algae, once they get out of the water, they are prone to grooming themselves which results to the algae being ingested. Excessive toxic algae growth may lead to skin irritation, illness or even death to animals. There are ways to control the growth of blue-green algae, based on AquaDye (ponddye.com) one of the main reason of algae bloom is temperature, higher than normal water temperature allows blue-green algae to bloom early, also, the water's nutrient content largely affects their growth. Therefore, it is important to maintain your ponds and lakes properly, you can put pond dye in order to limit the sunlight going into the body of water to prevent the photosynthesis in algae. Here are other helpful ways to avoid the dangers of blue-green algae in ponds" http://www.ponddye.com/blog/dangers-blue-green-algae-pond-avoid/" Jun 10, 16 3:57 AM

Blue-Green Algae Bloom Reported In Mill Pond

I just recently read an article about the bloom of algae and according to them, there are five main causes of algae bloom in bodies of water, including ponds. The stable conditions in the water are preferred by blue-green algae and when the water begins to move slower or turns into a pond, the growth of algae is encouraged. Other than that, the light, temperature, nutrients and turbidity are also factors that causes algae bloom. However, for concerned pond owners, you can still prevent the growth of algae in your pond by using pond dye for algae control (.ponddye.com/blog/five-main-causes-of-an-algae-bloom/ ) as this type of pond colorant effectively shades the water from UV rays, so that the amount of sunlight that passes through is not significant enough for algae to proliferate." Dec 6, 16 4:16 AM