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Around East Hampton Town Hall: Illegal Overcrowding Still An Issue, Springs Residents Say

You sound a tad more than "just curious"! The situation in Springs is beyond belief and the Town isn't taking the proactive steps necessary to stem it. Why is Southampton Town seemingly capable of going in and shutting down such firetraps yet EH isn't? Clue: it has nothing to do with staffing levels." Feb 27, 12 8:49 PM

Revamped Supermarket Development Proposed For Tuckahoe

Ed: Thats the south side of CR 39 (article says north)." Feb 29, 12 7:44 PM

East Hampton Town Takes A Look At Chain Store Legislation

The success of the Montauk 7-11 illustrates that there is a real need for 24/7 convenience out here. " Mar 9, 12 3:47 PM

Springs Resident Calls For East Hampton Councilwoman Theresa Quigley To Resign In Wake Of "Nazis" Comment

She never held "the moral high ground" to begin with. She (and other apologist for the illegal flop houses) has consistently used race and class as a wedge to distort the issue and the facts. The nazi slip is indicitive of the moral standard she brings to the "debate"." Mar 16, 12 5:01 PM

East Hampton Town Board Members May Reconsider Accepting FAA Funds

Sounds like you keep a plane there - or otherwise have a financial interest in keeping FAA funding flowing. The airport should be 100% self funded - get the money to run it from the people and firms that use / benefit from it - no taxpayer subsidy necessary. " Mar 16, 12 5:14 PM

CAC Compares East Hampton To Other School Districts

So they are (part of) a CAC to the Bd. of Ed.; scheduled to present their findings to the Bd of Ed, and the day before they instead present their findings to the press? At best thats bad form." Mar 21, 12 5:33 PM

East Hampton Town Opens Beach Vendor Bids

So how about informing us what this years total revenue is projected vs. last years take(?)" Mar 29, 12 6:09 PM

Sag Harbor ZBA Says 'Legs' Must Come Down

I also love the sculpture but understand and agree with the decision. These are laws, not just guidelines, and the fact that the 'structure' is art is totally irrelevant." Apr 18, 12 9:49 PM

West Hampton Dunes Takes Top Honor In Beach Contest

Should be first prize for "Best restored beach (subsequently destroyed by insane overdevelopment)"." May 1, 12 5:44 PM

John Behan, Former East Hampton Republican Committee Chairman, Endorses Bishop For Congress

Behan referencing Otis Pike's endorsement of him is telling. It wasn't that long ago- really only 10 years- when it was common for people to cross party lines to vote for the other party's candidate, and it wasn't as common but it certainly wasn't fodder for villification to have elected office holders endorse the other party's candidates. Tim Bishop is a son of the east end, and that is a valid reason to support him vs. an opponent that is the text book definition of a carpet bagger." Jun 1, 12 9:52 PM

The main point of my comment was that there are (or at least were) elected officials that were as concerned with serving their constituents as their political bosses and corporate benefactors. Sad to see its no more." Jun 2, 12 9:11 PM

Speaking of Hillary - I am reminded of her initial opponent: Rudy Giuliani, which reminds me of one of the major milestones of the 1994 NYS govonors race: Rudy crossing party lines to endorse Mario Cuoms vs. George Pataki(no one was more enraged than Alfonse D'Amato!)." Jun 2, 12 9:35 PM

Sag Harbor Schools Superintendent And Board Member Abruptly Announce Resignations

You are either a Cavalier or plain ignorant of VT." Jul 3, 12 5:56 PM

...that's addressed to EastEnd2" Jul 3, 12 6:06 PM

Police Say 30-Year-Old Hispanic Man Is Being Sought In Fatal Hit-And-Run; Name Still Not Released

Editor: The proper salutation for a nun is "Sr." (Soror) or "Sister", not "Ms."" Jul 12, 12 2:06 PM

Cops: Woman Sexually Assaulted In Southampton On Sunday

People saying "why was she there...?" "use common sense" etc are no better than rape apologist who say similar things and infer that the victims are to blame.
"Walking alone anywhere at 4:30 am is looking for trouble." Are you serious? Same as saying: "if you dress like that you're asking for trouble"
" Jul 24, 12 4:15 PM

Montauk Airport Up For Sale

According to the EH zoning map its A5 residential. But its a perfect candidate for the county to buy as its surrounded by county parkland. That or Town CPF." Aug 2, 12 3:24 PM

Crowd Turns Out Before East Hampton Board To Support Sloppy Tuna

This dump is a horrific joke and represents the absolute worst of the "new" (Jersey Shore) Montauk. " Aug 14, 12 10:31 PM

I guess you havn't had the misfortune to walk past this place on a Saturday afternoon as you and your family are leaving the beach. It is right out of the Snookie play book. Fist pumping-falling down-drunkeness, en masse. Thats not even bothering with the noise/music volume issue.
Yes I miss the old days (3 years ago). And I appreciate more than ever those afternoons on the upstairs deck at Nicks, when the only noise was the seagulls and waves." Aug 15, 12 12:51 PM

Helicopter Route Change On The Table Again

The simple solution is to take the ocean/Goergica route. Safest and impacts (noise) the fewest people, period. Why is this so complicated?" Aug 22, 12 9:13 AM

East Hampton Town Officials Predict Struggle To Stay Within Tax Cap Next Year

Someone said it during the special work session on the waste plant: any home that needs septic pumping doesn't have a properly working system or is likely illegally overcrowded. Other than that its businesses. So the plant should be sold and residents with properly operating septics shouldn't be asked to subsidize this thing." Sep 17, 12 4:39 PM

East Hampton Village Police Charge Man With Felony In Connection With Anti-Obama Graffiti

"I saw a left winger...". How convenient. I call BS on this." Sep 20, 12 12:30 AM

"Nowhere in the private sector do you get to 1. keep your job and 2. get a payrise; for doing such a bad job." Um, not to say anything positive about the Chicago teachers union, but have you seen what Wall St bankers and most big company CEO's get? Sky high compensation for poor results. It is standard operating procedure in the Fortube 500." Sep 20, 12 11:25 AM

UPDATE: Altschuler Concedes Race To Bishop

You, sir, are not a true American (Leon)." Nov 7, 12 4:36 PM

Let's see: 1) Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause! 2) precisely the tactic the President took - the American populace can see through lies 3) impossible to win arguments with hard-right positions 4) wrong 5) Like Leon, your fear mongering is un-American." Nov 7, 12 4:44 PM

Cops Called To Westhampton Beach Village Hall After Bakery Owner Refuses To Leave Without Permits

Exactly. Understanding the storm has delayed a lot of things, this is a local business so why couldn't he take an hour (what happens after 4:00 opm?) to review them. This is one of the most frustrating things about government on the local level - I expect the state and feds to be nameless but I expect my local govt to help (many of us are neighbors)." Nov 15, 12 4:25 PM

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