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Peconic Bay Water Jitney: No Sag Harbor-Greenport Ferry In 2013 Without New Funding

"gubmint"? More casual rascism on the board. " Jan 11, 13 10:12 AM

Process Could Lead To Helicopter Restrictions At East Hampton Airport, Consultants Tell Board

The $million(s) for any studies need to come out of airport operating funds. Increase fees for use of the airport, esp. for helicopters." Feb 6, 13 2:23 PM

Most East Enders OK With Postal Service Ending Saturday Mail Delivery

15 years from now we will be looking back on the post office (first class letter delivery for a relatively cheap stamp) with nostalgia, because it will be gone." Feb 6, 13 5:56 PM

Southampton Village Homeowner Asks For Relief From Pyramid Law

If someone built that house next to mine I'd be pretty pee'd. And anyone who says they wouldn't care isn't being honest." Feb 15, 13 1:17 PM

Its the same old story, easier to ask forgiveness than for permission. And the property owner is ultimately responsible for compliance with the law; the building dept's oversight doesn't legally negate anything. But if the Village's ZBA is anything like EH Towns, it'll be a stern finger-waggin "now don't you do that again"." Feb 15, 13 4:35 PM

Tick Season Is In Full Swing

They transmit ehrlichiosis, which will knock a strong person down like the worst flu, and if untreated (or misdiagnosed) can kill you." May 13, 13 3:25 PM

Wainscott Man Arrested For Throwing Traffic Patrol Officer's Ticket Book

He is very lucky he only got the misdemeanor charge - in many 'jurisdictions' he would have been readily 'subdued'." Jun 13, 13 2:21 PM

State Awards $536,425 To East Hampton Town For Fiscal Efficiency

I love how some people like big head gloss over, or completely ignore, the scale and gravity of the Towns fiscal straights that Bill had to confront and fix. You can't manage your way through a $27million budget hole without laying people off. And civic governance means making hard and unpopular decisions (see leaf pick-up). And the fact was that prior administrations had allowed the size of EHT's staffing to balloon beyond reason. The cuts (and reorg) were enacted while maintaining necessary service levels with minimal impact on the vast majority of residents.
Lets hope Larry Cantwell gets elected Supervisor and that he can form a majority that will resist the people that only want to be all things to all people. It doesn't work, in business or in government. " Jun 20, 13 9:38 PM

Southampton Town Officials Float Ideas To Help Alleviate Traffic Following Serious Accidents

They can start with a text alert that people (esp residents and commuters) can sign up for. Easy and cheap." Aug 7, 13 12:58 PM

Complaints Over Volleyball Games In Springs Lead To Proposed New Limit

Since everyone writing in here is from SHT, no one apparently saw the last EH Town Board meeting on local cable where the individual/family most directly affected (living in the house next door) made her plea for help, noting that EVERY week for the past 3 years, when the weather is decent, she has had to deal with this unbearable problem. Garbage in the streets, urination, noise, traffic, unable to sit on her own deck. Oh, and that next door family making the plea for relief is Latino." Aug 16, 13 10:45 PM

East Hampton GOP Unlikey To Field Town Supervisor Candidate Post-Primary

Larry Cantwell will be the next Town Supervisor. So really, who cares what the county Board or local party will do when/if Larry declines (again)? " Sep 30, 13 1:14 PM

Overton, Burke-Gonzalez Clinch East Hampton Town Board Seats; Stanzione Ousted

Congrats to the electeds. Go Fred!" Nov 6, 13 7:53 PM

UPDATE: Concer House Owners File Notice Of Claim Against Southampton Village Seeking $10 Million In Damages

Any board member should be covered under the village's corporate insurance / indemnification. " Dec 17, 13 5:20 PM

Owners Of Concer House File $10 Milion Notice Of Claim Against Southampton Village

The applicants position is that they have in fact been (and continue be) "harmed" by the ARB. So even if (when) the decision is overturned, the Village could still be liable for damages." Dec 18, 13 12:03 PM

They will want to get paid to cover all of their legal expenses as well as lost opportunity costs. And if there are no punitive damages then theoretically no one (ARB) has learned a lesson. Based on the atty's tone I suspect he/they will seek damages. " Dec 18, 13 2:47 PM

Again, damages aren't merely to recover costs, they are specifically intended to also "punish" the offending party, and in so doing establish a concrete incentive to NOT repeat the offending behavior.
Otherwise they'll just go do it again..." Dec 19, 13 11:38 AM

UPDATE: Former Officer Of The Year Identified As Trespass Suspect

It's a criminal trespass complaint, the officer has been put on leave, but no charges against him? Why the double standard? Anyone else would have been charged, arraigned and their name released to the press." Jan 17, 14 9:38 PM

The union contract can't trump criminal legal proceedings." Jan 18, 14 3:26 PM

27east.com To Implement Metered Subscription Plan

For non-subscribers, this sounds like a better "read" than current, where most articles are "locked" anyway, so all you get is the abstract. if you can now get 7 full articles (that would likely currently be locked) and then continue to get abstracts (same as the current "locked") then its better." Jan 31, 14 5:55 PM

East Hampton Town Goes After Violations At Cyril's Fish House; Cyril's Responds By Filing Restraining Order

The expansion of use is well documented, and the fact is that the "many" are the adults that live/own homes out here, not the "few" that come in (from E. Quoge et al) to party. Cyril's right to cash in on the hype doesn't trump our rights for peaceful enjoyment.
And selective enforcement? Talk to the Surf Lodge." Mar 18, 14 9:57 AM

UPDATE: Bridgehampton CAC To Hire Attorney To Fight CVS Pharmacy Plan

Its only an issue because CVS wants more than 5,000 sq. feet. Anybody else can come along, including 7-eleven and/or Duncan Donuts, and go straight in as-of-right. The problem is the same as EH - the laws are on the books and then when something starts going in/up that people don't like, then they want to change it (ala 7-11 in MTK, and soon-to-be in Amagansett). They should designate Main St a historic district - certainly that intersection - before something much worse than CVS moves in." Mar 25, 14 2:12 PM

Possible Alcohol Ban Finds No Favor With East Hampton Town Trustees

So how / why does it work (banning alcohol) on Village beaches?" Mar 25, 14 6:42 PM

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