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Architects Float Pair Of Ideas For Westhampton Library Renovation Project

Money for buildings but not for the hard working staff.

We were told that voting "No" to the budget would hurt the staff. The same staff that did not receive raises this year. It is all for the building.
" Aug 25, 16 5:33 PM

Westhampton Free Library Taps Architect To Oversee Second Floor Renovations

More $$ from an unaccountable library board.

I hear there will be a celebration of 120 years in the spring. Who celebrates 120 years? An excuse to spend more money and then complain how they don't have money for their non-management staff.

" Nov 6, 16 8:26 PM

Dispute Over Southampton Town Union Contracts To Continue Into New Year

So instead of honoring the contract, Gregor is SPENDING THOUSANDS of taxpayer dollars to fight it?

Ever since Gregor took over services have diminished to the town. The problem is him, not the union employees.

" Jan 8, 17 9:06 PM

Westhampton Beach Will Tweak 25-Year-Old Ordinance That Prohibits Indoor Entertainment

Always easier to spend someone else's money." Mar 21, 17 7:57 AM