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Southampton Town Supervisor Takes To Facebook In Affordable Housing Search

Craig & CM, please stop. I (Curtis Highsmith) have to step in because all of you are taking this way too far. This is not war. I have a responsibility to all communities within the town, hamlet, and villages of Southampton, and the phone call for housing is growing daily.
NO CAC has come out and supported 41 N Phillips. Our visits to the CAC, CIVIC, and even Remsenburg Association were all civil. We were received, listened to, and given suggestions which were implemented in the final proposed plan.
The notion that we didn't look for any other model is just not true. My board, nor me, wished to go back into this "us against them" application process after Sandy Hollow. It wasn't until I read MF-44 and saw that the same zoning it existed on Hamptons Villa that I got encouraged to move forward. NO PDD, I thought I hit the jackpot. The No PDD was the same narrative Dave and I discussed when we met with the community advocates, and at that time no one suggested anything against the number of units or the plan in general.
The very first time we heard of an issue was when you and several of your community members emailed me after the erroneous statement was made by a prior councilperson in the press. We did look at an "as of right" model. Unless you can find someone to purchase the land, build the structures to be energy efficient so that the carrying cost for tenants remain low, ADA compliant per Fair Housing, and lend at 1% interest or free, while keeping it 100%affordable, the model will not self sustain itself or will suffer in quality. Trying not to introduce standard septic systems on the site because of the plume. Who will pay for the waste water treatment system starting at 1 million dollars? The Town has a code as of right. The towns comprehensive plan encourages this. We are simply using the play book.
This is not a scare tactic, it's the truth. Do you know what can happen if the Town denies a fully funded affordable housing plan or reduces it to a number that it never gets built? With our history of affordable rental unit developed , we will have the largest Fair Housing Case in history, and will not be the TSHA of GGV to sue. That's not my assessment, every Fair Housing advocacy agent in NY is dying to make an example out of a high profile municipality. Unfortunately, the Town has a big chance of loosing, getting sanctioned and being forces to build great number of units than what we purposed. It's already happened in Westchester, Garden City, Farmingdale, North Amityville, Oyster Bay, and Huntington to name a few, costing the municipality millions. That debt burden goes to the tax payers. So, it's just not simply to reduce units, and only do as of right. Town officials can no longer justify taken the advise from non-housing experts, even if they are intelligent professionals. I know you don't believe me. I will be producing a Fair Housing representative, and we will be sponsoring a Fair Housing Training. You and your group are more than welcome to attend.
This will be my last comment on this article. CM, behave!" Sep 1, 16 3:46 PM

This is what I'm talking about Craig. I never said I wasn't CEHJR, it's obvious, it's my initials. Just in case no one knew for sure, I made it TSHA.
Secondly, no one is threatening, but I guess the spin must go on.
Sorry I thought I could have a rational conversation.
Now, I'm really done. " Sep 1, 16 5:19 PM