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East Hampton Renews Plowing Contract With Steven Mezynieski's Company

Could Ms. Burke-Gonzalez be related to Mezynieski attorney? " Oct 11, 16 12:25 PM

There has got to a relationship between Mezynieskis attorney Edward Burke Jr. and Councilwoman Kathee Burke-Gonzalez. Would that be a conflict of interest?" Oct 12, 16 4:26 PM

The victim was a family member " Oct 13, 16 5:02 PM

Someone explain to me how this little deviate gets away with this crap. There's more media follow up with DWI than child rape. Come on 27A do your homework and let us know why this case disappeared from public knowledge " Oct 13, 16 5:59 PM

Especially when he has a registered sex offender working for him" Oct 14, 16 12:14 PM

xtiego.... I see you know the same facts as me lol" Oct 14, 16 12:17 PM

I appreciate that. I'm not making fun of anything just providing facts. It annoys me how people with money abuse the legal system and get away with it. Yes Scott is a nice guy but still why is he working so close to a school or at a public airport?" Oct 15, 16 4:10 PM