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UPDATE: Second Sag Harbor Building Demolished, Parts Of Third May Have To Come Down Also

Well, the 80 years worth of tar on that flat roof probably had something to do with it. It was a powerful accelerant." Dec 20, 16 1:44 PM

Ludwick Attorneys Seek Dismissal Of Multiple Charges Connected To Fatal Crash In 2015

chief uno... I vote for your post above as the most "disgusting" post that I've seen on this site. You really don't seem to understand what has made this country the free democracy that it is.

I think it's time for you to go back where you belong....Russia as your political bent is more in line with Putin and his small handed friend from Queens. Why is it that men of weak character always feel more comfortable with a dictator in power?

do svidaniya tovarishch

" Dec 24, 16 4:16 PM

East Hampton Town Republican Committee Celebrates President Trump With Inauguration Ball

That change in the air mentioned by Mr. Baietti was probably coming from Trump. He always looks like he's suffering from just having eaten a bad bit of cheese." Jan 21, 17 6:17 PM

North Haven Mayor To Meet With PSEG To Discuss Grid Reinforcements

Given the Jeff's failure from square one to negotiate the preservation of the "Point House" the village should, perhaps, find someone up to the job of bargaining with PSEG." Jan 25, 17 5:06 PM

Flanders Woman Starts Non-Profit To Tackle Environmental Issues

Just what is Ms. Kessler's background and what are her bonafides that would qualify her as a scientist? What evidence does she cite connecting Phragmites to fish kills??

The Non-native strain of Phragmites that is now dominant in New York State was introduced here from Europe as early as the late 1700's has been a known problem for a very long time and there are numerous removal strategies. The problem is that they all require complex restoration work and the attendant costs for large scale removal projects are prohibitive.

If you really want to do something to save the Peconic Estuary contribute to projects that will replace or remove old and inefficient septic systems.... That's what killing the bays.
" Jan 28, 17 8:21 PM

"does the press just print everything people tell them as news?

Yes, it would seem they do sometimes!" Jan 29, 17 2:27 PM

PSEG Says FEMA Money Won't Pay For Burying Electric Lines Along Long Beach As Part Of North Haven Work

I sometimes wonder why it is that the mayor appears to support many policies that would benefit the real estate industry. A conflict of interest given that he has close family in the business? " Jan 29, 17 2:37 PM

Zeldin Blasts Russian 'Aggression' As Spy Ship Lurks Off Long Island

Nothing to worry about there. Besides Donald's caviar delivery they're just trying to get some investment tips... Listening in on the Hedgies cell calls... Getting some market tips from Robert and Rebekah Mercer and desperately trying to find out if Woody Johnson is really going to be Trump's flak at the Court of St. James. Vladimir would really like to buy the Jets like his Bro Mikhail Prokhorov did with the Brooklyn Nets and there's just too much uncertainty with Woody's appointment up in the air." Feb 16, 17 8:00 AM

Some School Districts See Low New Student Enrollment Numbers

You're mumbling ... Something stuck in your craw?" Aug 30, 17 9:31 PM

State DEC ReleasesThird Draft Of Mute Swan Management Plan; Won't Cull Swans On Long Island

I've known you for over thirty years Fred and have supported you through thick and thin. However your statement " I’ve never gotten a call from anyone saying, ‘Those mute swans are bothering me—someone should do something about it." is just plain political pandering. Many of those complaining about the deer were dead set against culling until their expensive landscaping was reduced to stubble. then they turned around and wanted the herd eliminated. That's what I ran into when running the cull on North Haven in the '80's. The swans are doing the same damage to the benthic environment and water based fauna... I guess that you just can't see it from where you stand. How about doing some of your own research and lead rather than being led." Sep 14, 17 6:42 PM

Plaque Honors Sag Harbor Philanthropist

Let's hope that the plaque can be returned. My understanding based on the reading of more than a few sources is that "The Lady Bountiful" had a complicated relationship with Sag Harbor. The locals didn't take well to her all-encompassing philanthropy and considered her, in modern parlance a control freak. She even went as far as forbidding a dance to occur after a basketball game at the Antheum. Things really went south when she accused local contractors of fraud in connection with the building of Pierson High School. In 1912, just 4 years after installing herself in the Hunting house she left Sag Harbor in a fit of pique never to return!!! Why the whitewash now???" Sep 25, 17 3:45 PM

Billy Joel Denied Property Variance In Straw Vote

The photos above are of the wrong building. The ca. 1790 Federal house is to the right, faces Rector St. as it has since built and is only attached to the above building by a breezeway. When Sag Harbor's Historic was created in 1974 it was and is still listed as a contributing structure in the National Historic Register.

What is shown is the former Bayview Fishing Station which is on the same lot. The shed building that fronts on Bay St. was renovated and the large barn-like structure added after Mr. Joel purchased the property in 2002. The large barn-like structure replaced a very tiny shed (Maybe 8'x15' at best) and a roughly 5' x 8' free-standing walk-in freezer. " Sep 26, 17 8:53 AM

Plaque Honors Sag Harbor Philanthropist

Awww,,, Misspelling....Athenaeum" Sep 26, 17 6:34 PM

Thiele Proposes New Real Estate Transfer Tax To Aid First-Time Homebuyers

In fact, it was, in simple terms that you might understand, the free market that you're so fond of that raised costs on the East End Chief." Jan 30, 18 4:30 PM

In fact, it was, in simple terms that you might understand, the free market that you're so fond of that raised costs on the East End Chief." Jan 30, 18 8:32 PM