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President Donald Trump To Fly Into Gabreski Airport On Friday

The Wurst president! His people were Southern Krauts after all." Aug 14, 18 4:45 PM

First New Build On Captain’s Row In 75 Years Finds A Buyer

Not the Moylan sisters... their home was on Madison and not a "single story ranch". The tear-down was a 1-1/2 story classic cape. " Dec 3, 18 1:02 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Open Mecox Bay To Oyster Dredging

This is a good thing! Kudos to the trustees

I own 60 acres of nice mostly sandy bottom out in Hog Neck Bay (Make me an offer...really!!) and before I retired spent some time lobbying both the DEC and state legislature to allow shellfish harvest by hydraulic dredging without any luck.

In the right areas, for the most part, bottom without SAV ...Submerged Aquatic Vegetation, this method of harvest would be a boon to the industry allowing hard clams to be harvested at a low enough cost to create a sustainable market. Clams are more robust than either Oysters or Scallops and provide a backstop for aquacultural business when these last two crops fail.

The argument against was usually that hydraulic dredging was too disruptive of the benthic environment, so part of my standard argument was to invite my lobbying target to throw on some scuba gear and sit with me on my property during a good blow, say a Nor'easter, and watch what happens as the storm turned the bottom upside-down, "disturbed" in a fashion that would take me 100 years with a dredge of any kind.


" Apr 2, 19 9:01 AM

The Sag Harbor Cinema Sign Set To Shine Again On Memorial Day Weekend

That's not the original sign it's a 14-year-old reproduction. Has everyone forgotten the great sign kerfuffle of 2004?? " May 15, 19 9:24 PM

UPDATE: Shinnecock Tribe Continues Billboard Work As Lawsuit With State Looms

How about I give you a towel to wash that egg off your face chief1 now that your Ripiblican (sic) [Although, maybe that's the way Trump spells it] champion Zeldin has weighed in on this? Maybe it's time for you to revive that grandfather of all American nativist parties the Know Nothings... I think you'd find yourself right at home." May 18, 19 10:28 PM

Plovers Threaten Closure Of Picnic Area Drive-On Beach In Southampton Village Through July

I've been threatened by Piping Plovers more than once... It's quite an unnerving experience... and then there are the killer rabbits!" Jun 5, 19 6:52 PM

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