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'Gator' Makes A Splash At Rogers Beach In Westhampton Beach

This lifeguard staff is top notch. My family and I always recognize how attentive they are on the stand. The addition of the Gator will certainly increase the efficiency of an emergency situation and only enhance what is already a great team. " Jul 10, 17 3:00 PM

Westhampton Beach Celebrates St. Patrick's Day

Such poor attendance , and even parade participants were limited. Just a few years back this was a significant east end event. Not sure if it was the cold weather or the limitiations of the town. Hopefully, next year will have a better turn out on both ends. " Mar 12, 18 9:46 AM

Westhampton Beach Village And The Greater Westhampton Chamber Of Commerce Team Up To Promote Tourism With Video Campaign

Absolutely disagree about beach restrictions. Residents within the village pay Village tax for just those reasons. Quiet, family oriented beaches. It’s one of the benefits. Meanwhile, Cupsogue is equally, if not more beautiful and open to all. So in regards to beaches WH has got it covered. The town is making much needed progress too. Time will tell. " Jul 31, 18 11:04 AM

Westhampton Beach Business Owners Are Coping With First Effects Of Main Street Construction

Typical behavior of SHOCK owner. She is always complaining and never satisfied. Happy to see the other business owners in the community recognizing the opportunity and positive future for this wonderful beach community. " Oct 6, 19 4:27 PM