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Commissioners say renovations are needed at Westhampton Beach Firehouse

Its funny how people sit on here and complain and make stinks when they don't even show up for anything anywhere! Most governmental organizations don't keep things a secret, SHOW up for these meetings and you will know what goes on!" Jan 13, 10 11:33 PM

Amper: DEC Needs To Conduct More Prescribed Burns To Prevent Wildfires

This to me sounds like they are just pointing the finger to blame it on the DEC. The DEC wildfire task force has 4 or 5 guys that are paid. The state of NY has no money so they have to keep the overtime low. When they do controlled burns it is midweek while the DEC guys are being paid. The volunteers that work for the DEC that don’t get paid work to make money during the week. So when it comes time to burn which happen mid week they might only get 10 certified wild land firefighters. How do you think you can burn hundreds of acres mid week with only 10 people? Also, you can NOT do controlled burns year round here on the island with this weather. Everything turns green and won't burn after the spring time. This leaves about 3 months in the spring to burn if there isn’t a “Red Flag” warning. This year we had 3 weeks of that condition where you cannot do a controlled burn. The fall is another opportunity WEATHER depending. Another way to prevent fires is with the use of fire lines or fire roads. The Westhampton area in the Pine Barrens has them but they are all over grown defeating the purpose. So if the County/ State had money they could cut these back and maintain them. Instead they just point fingers and blame someone else to make them look better. There is a lot of logistics that go into doing a Controlled burn that aren't published either. It isn’t as easy as walking into the woods with a drip torch and lighting it on fire. " Jun 8, 12 12:53 PM

No Injuries Reported In West Hampton Dunes House Fire Early Wednesday Morning

I think Westhampton Dunes village law requires sprinklers in their houses
" May 29, 17 12:09 PM