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Zeldin Meets Privately With Opposition Groups; One Participant Dissatisfied With Treatment By Staff

Are you denying that what was listed was real, or, what seems more likely, are you laughing at what you percieve as "fear" of the physical intimidation tactics we're seeing from the left? Do you think violence is a legitimate part of anti-Trump "resistance"?" Feb 23, 17 2:15 PM

What comparable behavior?

Violent anti-Trump riots in Portland, 200+ anti-Trump protesters indicted for felony rioting (not "civil disobedience"), executing President Trump in effigy, Keynote speaker of the so-called women's march dreaming of "blowing up the Whitehouse", four Democrats torturing and forcing a young mentally ill man to say "F** Trump"....

Shall I continue? What's it going to be: A) It's all made up, B) Hahahaha that's really funny stuff and you applaud it all or C) The Tea Party was even worse, here's an accounting of all their arrests and violence. " Feb 23, 17 2:23 PM

East End Employers Say Immigrant Workers Pay Taxes, Provide Foundation For Local Economy

You should be sure you're being logical before adopting a haughty tone. Though, as a left winger, I understand that's difficult for you to manage.

There's really not going to be any reasoning with you, because I've seen this from leftists before. You think capitalism is evil, spawns more evil, and therefore if someone is pro-capitalist they must accept anything any business does, which is ridiculous assertion borne out of your cartoon caricature of what capitalism is.

They are breaking the law by hiring illegals, and in the macro this also depresses the wages and working conditions of legal workers by reducing their leverage. If you really cared about the working class like a good socialist, you would understand that illegal aliens benefit the wealthy, at the expense of the working class.

But you're part of that new breed of progressives who feel they need to stand up for the 1% and their right to cheap, illegal labor. " Mar 3, 17 2:12 PM

LOL, yeah, I'm sure you'd have the same reaction if those voices said "I don't hire black males because they're lazy"." Mar 3, 17 4:48 PM

Zeldin Supports Principles Of GOP Health Care Plan

Do you believe that white males are a unique scourge among the people of the world?" Apr 3, 17 11:15 AM

Democrats Seek To Muster City Voters To Shift Their Polling Places East

Well, there you have it. Non-binding. Non-enforceable. Nothing really lost, unless there were some hidden teeth to be revealed later. I'd much prefer a binding international agreement that's actually brought before the people's representatives in the Senate, as the Constitution intended. Enforcement mechanisms are an absolute must when dealing with China. They're still building new coal fired electric plants at a rate of one every few weeks.

CO2 reduction has a economic cost, and I simply don't trust China, for one, to make any sacrifice for the good of the world as a whole without enforcement. I really don't think it's unreasonable to be wary of international competitors who would be happy to see us impose costs on ourselves, while taking full advantage of cheap, polluting sources of energy.

The good news is that we, as a nation, are emitting less CO2 than we have at anytime in the last 25 years, despite a quarter century's worth of more cars, buildings, and people.

Ironically, the region of Long Island with the most vocal proponents of imposed energy austerity measures, the Hamptons, is the only part of Long Island increasing their usage of electricity, while the rest of Nassau and Suffolk are consuming less electricity per capita than they did 10 years ago. Isn't that something?" Jun 1, 17 9:45 PM

Despite the high level of detail in this article, and mentioning Bishops win by a margin of 600, they forget to note the results of the last elections (because it pains them to acknowledge the historic win by Zeldin. Largest winning margin int he district's history, largest number of votes of ANY candidate in district history....and yet they will seek to delegitimize Rep. Zeldin.

From another publication:

"ongressman Lee Zeldin stormed to victory in his first bid for re-election, securing nearly 59 percent of the vote and a margin of victory exceeding 53,000, according to preliminary results from the Suffolk County Board of Elections. The 174,682 votes he received were the most for any 1st District candidate in history."" Jun 1, 17 11:56 PM

Community Reacts To Southampton Village Board Candidate Using Slur In Call To Police

Please keep in mind that killing a murderer is a morally justified act of self defense. johnj would have no problem with you and your family, even your children, being hauled off for slaughter, given the chance.

Think that's far fetched? Hundreds of millions of victims of the leftist college students in Cambodia, and the riled peasants in Mao's China, would back me up, if they were still alive to do so.

Even 27east's 'surprise' at the civility of the exchange is a dog whistle to people eager to see this 'evil racist' taught a violent, if not fatal lesson.
" Jun 2, 17 11:23 AM

Were the Black Lives Matter inspired assassinations of police officers a welcome effect of the Age of Obama?" Jun 2, 17 11:25 AM

New York State Universal Health Care Bill Unlikely To Gain Support Needed Now, But Could In Future

Attacks? Oh, you mean criticism, not actual assaults on their ability to speak. The latter, actual, real constraints on freedom of speech predominantly come from our friends on the left, with the lighter end of the spectrum coming in the form of "Speech Codes" and restrictions on so-called "Microagressions", to the more vibrant crackdown on speech you find unacceptable, like the violent "Antifa" thugs inflecting "pre-emptive violence" and the Maddow superfan who tried to slaughter dozens of elected representative who committed the crime of not being democrats. It is nice to see you acknowledge the sacrifices of the military however, after being treated so often to examples of how leftists hold them in complete contempt, if not engage in outright hostility towards the "baby killing agents of American imperialism".." Jul 6, 17 11:53 AM

Court Rejects Most Arguments Raised By Canoe Place Inn PDD Opponents; Neighbors To Appeal Decision

You are, of course, counting Apple's child slave labor contractors in China, at least the ones not who haven't committed suicide yet, and Amazon's seasonal, temporary warehouse workers, at least the ones who haven't died from heat exhaustion (But Bezos does have an ambulance parked outside, cheaper than keeping the warehouses air conditioned.) I was waiting for your positive references to WalMart too, but perhaps you haven't yet realized they have joined the club of corporations and oligarchs who've learned that supporting Democrats is great for business since food stamp spending is a big part of their success these days." Jul 11, 17 1:10 PM

Southampton Town Ready To Spend $1 Million To Raise Part Of Dune Road

The cost of imprisoning one felonious illegal alien, like the one who was recently convicted of assaulting the young woman in her Southampton Village home would actually more than cover the cost of this road.

Perhaps you should consider where limited resources should be spent before advocating your pro-illegal, pro-open borders stance." Jul 14, 17 12:21 PM

New Southampton Town Police Chief Deploys Anti-Terror Units To Summer Events

Yes, everyone should search out that "scientific" study, made up of tiny samples, lots of assumptions, and reliance on internet sites that collect information from the public, without any verification:

"In other words, does the violence cause the militarization rather than the other way around?

No. Here’s how we know this. We reasoned that if officers become more prone to use violence, we should also see more pets killed by police. Using the Puppycide Database Project, which tracks police shootings of pets across the United States, we found that in counties where police received more military equipment, law enforcement kills more pets."
" Aug 2, 17 3:32 PM

ICE Agents Target Sex Offenders On Long Island, Including Hampton Bays And East Hampton

If you were to get an answer (sometimes they are bold enough), it will usually be something along the lines of {snarky, juvenile tone} "Right, because citizens never commit these crimes".

" Aug 9, 17 10:26 AM

Southampton Town Police Chief Worries About Growing Presence Of MS-13 Gang

They've spent the last 8 years giving presentations on how concerns about gangs on the East End were rooted in racism and xenophobia. Now, after welcoming tens of thousands of illegals with open arms, Democrats have suddenly discovered that there was never any way to distinguish those who are "escaping violence" from the people committing that violence." Aug 9, 17 10:28 AM

State Lawmakers, Local Officials Celebrate Hospital Merger With Unveiling Of New Sign In Southampton

It's a truly enlightened time when we can pass judgement based on the skin color of people in a group." Aug 22, 17 11:37 AM

Some School Districts See Low New Student Enrollment Numbers

Looks like the stem of illegals crowding onto Long Islanded has at least abated a bit. One of the most underreported stories of the last few years has been the incredible strain put on districts and taxpayers by Obama's "border children" bussed and flown from the border to join their illegal alien relatives on LI. "Replacement migration", look it up." Aug 30, 17 12:57 PM

24% ESL. Unbelievable. Imagine what those resources could have been used for if they were available for the benefit of the legal student population. And yes, I'm perfectly comfortable equating ESL with illegal aliens at those rates, there's no other rational explanation. " Aug 31, 17 11:04 AM

UPDATE: Friend Of Young Woman Who Was Found In East Hampton Overdosed The Day After Her Death

Just awful, this young woman seemed to have much going for her. Rest in peace." Sep 8, 17 4:25 PM

DACA Recipients Fear For Their Futures

June Bug, why won't you just say Americans are lazy and demand too much from employers, and therefore importing lower wage workers from the third world just makes business sense. After all, that's what your masters at Google, Facebook, and all the other Democrat supporting corporations have been lobbying for. I think most Christians understand you hate them, you hate their religion and certainly have nothing but contempt for it." Sep 13, 17 4:53 PM

Hot Temps Lead To Slow Times In 11th Annual Hamptons Marathon

Yep, you know all about me and my fitness routine, you must be psychic. As even flow stated, runners are weird, develop significant physical debilitation over time, and everyone usually says something like "he was so healthy until his knees gave out and he had to stop running" at their funerals." Sep 25, 17 6:04 PM

Workers Start Removing Dying Trees Along Main Street In East Quogue

It's nice to see trees being replaced. Municipalities will happily cut them down, but they almost never plant new ones." Sep 25, 17 8:32 PM

UPDATE: Victim's Family Members Speak Before Sean Ludwick's Sentencing Of Three To Nine Years For 2015 Fatal Accident In Sag Harbor

Well, we know Camacho routinely gives shorter sentences to illegals explicitly to "avoid the automatic notification of immigration authorities".

" Oct 16, 17 1:47 PM