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Residents Ask For Vote To Add Armed Guards At Eastport-South Manor Schools

Solution to what? Murder? Execute the offenders. What's your solution? Disarm the law abiding?" Dec 6, 18 5:42 PM

Stony Brook Southampton Hospital Gets Governor's Approval To Move To University Campus

Do you think Doctors are employees of hospitals? Ignorant socialist, left in the hands of people like you, we'd be Venezuela in no time." Dec 26, 18 7:14 PM

Congressman Lee Zeldin Prepares For Third Term In U.S. House

Fred s is of course making an absurd, straw man argument. No one says there will be no crime. Stopping illegals from crossing will stop the crimes committed by illegal aliens.

Fred's view is that Americans who are victims of illegal alien crime are a worthwhile sacrifice for the benefits he and his kind reap from illegal immigration.

An extra few thousand murders, rapes, drunk drivers who kill and disappear, in addition to ID theft, undercutting the wages of legal workers, burdening legal residents with additional costs via property taxes and the prosecution and incarceration of thousands of illegal aliens are worth it in exchange for cheap labor for the wealthy and corrupt businesses, right Fred?
" Jan 20, 19 2:43 PM

The fact is, no matter what this or any other Republican ever does, short of resigning or committing suicide will be met by disapproval by you. You long to return to the left's path of managed decline for America, a diminishment of this nation which was so "unjustly" enriched. A time for America to bow before other nations, admit it's guilt, and accept that it's time to step aside. As Obama so eloquently demonstrated before our eyes. Nothing infuriates your kind more than to see a reinvigorated nation, economically and militarily." Jan 20, 19 2:47 PM

Advocacy Groups Promote State Bill Allowing Undocumented Immigrants To Get Driver's Licenses

But but but there are citizens driving uninsured too!

After all, the logic you use to excuse illegal alien murderers, rapists, serial drunk drivers, etc is that citizens do the same things, right?
" Jan 22, 19 9:59 AM

Deportation will accomplish the same thing. Do you personally benefit from illegal labor or just advocate for the corrupt businesses and wealthy who do? " Jan 22, 19 11:09 AM

Man Who Left His Friend In A Burning Car In Springs Is Sentenced 20 Years Later

Oh look, a 27east fanboi. Who knew the press had groupies prepared to run to their defense in the face of criticism. Well, at least Fred's response puts his lack of intellect on full display." Jan 28, 19 9:38 PM

Either that or he benefits from illegal labor in some way. Either way, a small, pathetic person who puts his hands over his ears and demands people stop saying things he doesn't want to hear. Funny how illiberal lefties like him are when it comes to speech. Notice he doesn't make a single cogent point. Not one, just childlike name calling." Jan 28, 19 9:41 PM

Southampton Could Combine With East Hampton To Create One Large East End Football Team

Sounds like Reconquista wasn't just something the hard left was joking about when they started throwing that term out a few decades ago." Feb 2, 19 10:38 AM

No Fred, change doesn't scare us. Lawful immigration doesn't scare us. Your traitorous insistence that this country has no right to control it's borders is pretty scary. I mean, how much self loathing and hatred towards this nation must you have to "embrace" mass illegal immigration.

Football's waning for other reason in any case. Head injury concerns, adolescents finding video games to be preferable to physical sports, the general disgust at multi-millionaire barely literate professional football players whining about their oppression...
" Feb 2, 19 11:48 AM

Census Says Shinnecock Nation Numbers Are Declining; Tribal Officials Disagree

Elizabeth Warren can help you with that." Feb 4, 19 11:57 PM

Experts To Speak At Public Forum On Single-Payer Health Care In New York At Stony Brook Southampton Campus

Don't chicken out now. Come on leftists. Add your voices to the demand that illegal aliens be included in this plan for universal health insurance. Follow your leaders, the time has come to drop the masks, embrace socialism." Feb 6, 19 10:10 AM

From that right wing rag, the Guardian:


And these horrific waiting times despite illegal aliens not being eligible for National Health Insurance in the UK. Every time there's an outcry about waiting time, the government has to eliminate other budget priorities, and give a larger and larger portion of overall spending to the NHS. Waiting times are reduced for a short while, then go right back up as the National Health Service digests the additional cash and demands more. Meanwhile, policing, other social services, and general government functions get stripped bare.

In the UK, Canada, Sweden, and other countries with socialized medicine there are many private hospitals, private clinics, and the best jobs offer private health insurance. I wonder why that is." Feb 6, 19 10:29 AM

Sixty-Unit Workforce Housing Complex Being Considered On County Road 39 In Southampton

Not possible. It's illegal to discriminate against non-residents, even illegal aliens in New York when it comes to housing. Preference can be given to first responders though." Feb 10, 19 2:47 PM

East Hampton Village Mayor Voices His Opposition To Legalizing Recreational Marijuana Use

Then why not legalize all drugs? I see plenty of rational arguments to the contrary, but in typical fashion you ignore those and revert to your typical condescending stereotypes of Americans. I wonder what makes America so inferior to the country of you birth. Perhaps you could elaborate on the paradise your parents decided to cruelly snatch you away from. Or perhaps it was not a paradise, but whatever ills troubled it were all the fault of the USA, right?" Feb 15, 19 4:41 PM

Do you think most heroin users do it once or twice and die?

People often go for many years or decades, using it thousands of times before, and if, they die of an overdose. When they do use "nodding off" is the most common result.

So the only thing special here is how brazenly you display your ignorance.
" Feb 15, 19 4:50 PM

Protest Held In Bridgehampton On Monday

Even I'm shocked at how quickly the mask is dropping. "Abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement". "Brown people have the right to migrate here, and no one can stop them". "Migration is a human right".

No borders, no country. I guess if you think this nation is illegitimate, it makes sense you would be offended by anything preventing it's "rightful owners" from "taking it back".
" Feb 18, 19 5:01 PM

You're too intellectually dishonest, and cowardly to acknowledge you and your like minded traitors in that protest do not disagree with anything I said, so you resort to deflection. Again, without any doubt, based on your past comments and stated positions, you share those ugly sentiments, as do the leaders you follow, but prefer to keep it quiet because you know most decent Americans would recoil from those ideas. Ocasio-Cortez - “It is a right. We are standing on native land, and Latino people are descendants of native people. We cannot be told and criminalized simply for our identity or our status.”" Feb 18, 19 5:14 PM

Arrest Of Suffolk County Police Officer Charged With Assaulting Girlfriend Not Released By Town Police

So they selective enforce their no-comments on unadjudicated crimes policy." Feb 28, 19 12:09 PM

A History Of Slavery That's Hidden In Plain Sight

"We need to start and have the conversation"

Then be honest, stop speaking in vague euphemisms about "conversations", and declare you are laying the groundwork for "reparations", ie the forced transfer of resources from those who have no responsibility whatsoever for slavery to those who never experienced it.
" Mar 2, 19 2:42 PM

Tensions Run High At Central Pine Barrens Commission Meeting On Wednesday Over East Quogue Golf Course Development

Every forum has some tinfoil hat wearer who thinks the only way someone could disagree with them is by being paid to comment by some nefarious entity." Apr 11, 19 11:04 PM

Democrat Perry Gershon Will Run Again In 2020, Seeking To Unseat U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin

Traitor (n): 1) One who advocates, supports, encourages the mass violation of democratically enacted immigration laws for the benefit of millions of citizens of foreign countries, to the detriment of the legal residents of that nation. 2) One who seeks to undermine, eliminate, remove, or dissolve the borders of their country in order to overwhelm the lawfully present population with illegal alien invaders, in the belief that by doing so and awarding them the right to vote at some future date, they will gain permanent political power, effectively disenfranchising the existing citizens from being able to mount an effective opposition." Apr 14, 19 2:57 PM

UPDATE: Town Officials Respond To Shinnecock Plan For Billboards On Sunrise Highway In Hampton Bays

Shut your mouth. Don't you dare try to impose your will on the sovereignty of the land you and your family stole from the Native Americans." Apr 30, 19 5:13 PM

State Remains Silent On Determination Over Shinnecock Nation Billboard Work On Sunrise

LOL, you hypocrite. This is clearly within their rights. You only support the Shinnecocks when it affects someone else. The moment your precious view from a highway is slightly disturbed, it's to hell with the tribe's sovereignty. Typical liberal, infinitely generous as long as someone else pays the cost.

You've stated you believe the people who "stole" the Shinnecock's land in the past were evil, now you want to do the same, but of course, unlike those "evil" people, you have a good reason to steal their property rights, lol. Typical." May 5, 19 6:16 PM

When will you return the land your family lives on to it's rightful owners? Shouldn't justice begin with you? It's perfectly within your power, hypocrite." May 5, 19 6:18 PM

Supervisor Announces Plan To Freeze Tax Assessments For Two Years To Study Process

No, but giving ludicrous salaries and benefits the unions that run campaigns for them, and the resulting higher taxes is. And of course, there are the skyrocketing school taxes foisted on middle class families to educate thousands of foreign students thanks to your support for open borders, encouraging and welcoming illegal immigrants. But hey, who cares if a family in Hamptons Bays or Flanders has to pay $12,000 in taxes on a $300,000 house, as long as you have access to cheap landscaping and maid service." May 7, 19 10:12 AM

Wainscott School Official Warns Affordable Housing Could Force School To Close

Nonsense. For decades you've turned a blind eye to the schools further west inundated by thousands of children of the "service workers" who make your lives easy and luxurious. You couldn't care less that a Riverhead or Flanders or Hampton Bays family in a $400,000 house pays more in taxes than a $2,500,000 home in Wainscott pays. Many of you openly support the politicians and policies than guarantee an endless supply of low wage workers.

Just do what they've had to. Take on the burden of expensive bonds for buildings, endless ENL and social worker staff expansions, build concrete monstrosities, install metal detectors, and debate how many security teams are enough to ensure violence against students and staff doesn't proliferate.

Your pleas to maintain a precious idyllic "old time" archipelago fall on deaf ears, it's time for you bear your fair share. I hope the an endless supply of "affordable housing" is coming your way." May 7, 19 1:45 PM

Hampton Bays Water District Discusses Options To Address High Iron And Manganese Levels In Drinking Water

"Woah! We're not allowing phosphorus to be added to the drinking water of the Hampton's popul….oh, it's Hampton Bays, go ahead."" May 10, 19 6:55 PM

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