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UPDATE: Tribal Council Chairman Will Not Attend Civic Association Meeting Monday Night Due To Community Protest

So the guy who's taken the position that this country was stolen from the Native Americans, who've even suffered the indignity of paying to buy their own land back from the "white man" who you said must stop being complacent (we'll set aside the bigotry and implication of racial guilt in your statement for the moment, as the non-tribal community is made up of far more than white people), now celebrates the further victimization of these people by the conquerors now goosestepping all over this project. It's just a billboard on a highway. For me, it's a property rights issue, for you, it's a petty desire to spare yourself from being exposed to an aesthetic you'd prefer not to see, no matter how much the tribe will suffer by the loss of it. You're precisely the type of hypocrite I was referring to." May 17, 19 11:26 AM

First Of Two Shinnecock Billboards Nears Completion

A perfect example of your glaring, brazen hypocrisy.

You wholeheartedly support illegal immigrants, regardless of the costs imposed on the communities in which they reside in mass numbers, well away from you. But when it comes to a sign imposing on your view from a 4 lane highway for a few seconds, which costs you nothing, and benefits a group that has more a legitimate grievance than most of "victim classes" you claim to champion, you insist the law be followed to the letter, and bolstered by attacks on businesses that have any connections to it.

It's the backs of other's you stand on while claiming the moral high ground. Here you have an opportunity to accept the most minor of aesthetic insults to genuinely help and "oppressed group", yet you will not stand for it. You disgust me, and any fair minded person would feel the same." May 23, 19 8:04 PM

UPDATE: LIRR Train Service To And From The South Fork Expected To Resume On Monday, Memorial Day

This would be amusing, if it weren't for the fact that the LIRR is the most expensive railroad system in the country, and one of the highest in the world. When subsidies and outrageously high fares are included, it costs more per travel mile than even the highly subsidized systems of the EU, and does anyone think we enjoy anything like the level of service, cleanliness, and expansive timetables of those railway systems? Instead we have schedules that aren't very useful except to NYC commuters on 9-5 schedules, surly and incompetent employees, unaccountable and disinterested management, filthy, outdated, and fragile rolling stock.

This is what you get when the state's ruling party and their associated unions have an unholy alliance to pick our pockets while the unions provide significant political support to that party as payment.

God help us if the same model develops under "single payer" medical care." May 25, 19 4:35 PM

Advocates For Affordable Housing Throw Support Behind Proposed 60-Unit Complex In Southampton

LOL, don't worry about traffic. These units won't be occupied by people joining the morning commute. "Workforce Housing" is a lie in a state where reserving housing for actual workers is illegal. The will, however, fill the schools, and if it works out like every other one of these projects, the police blotter as well." Jun 6, 19 8:15 AM

Section 8 housing is seen as a winner by banks and developers ever since rent payments started being made directly by the state, rather than given to the renter. The rent is never late, when your tenant is Section 8, the saying goes." Jun 6, 19 9:23 AM

East Hampton Town Authorizes Donation For Armored Car Purchase

OK, vote's over. Shouldn't we now know who the mystery donor is? On what basis is this being kept secret?

Given that Southampton's police militarization (they also acquired an armored vehicle and automatic weapons) is now being used as taxpayer funded armed security for the wealthy-at-play events, isn't it in the public interest to ensure this "donation" isn't intended to accomplish the same thing? " Jun 11, 19 2:56 PM

Affordable Housing Lottery Held For Speonk Commons, Sandy Hollow Cove

"“The apartments look really nice, and I just went for a shot to see if I was eligible,” said Ms. Estevez, who works as a debt collector in Farmingdale now. If she does get one of the apartments, she said she will find another job farther east."

Do remember this when the next project, like this one was, is sold to the community as "workforce housing" and places for "local young people" to rent. For the last time, you cannot stop people from outside the area from moving into these subsidized apartments. You cannot limit them to local workers. You cannot stop a section 8 recipient from renting one of these units. Just call them what they are, low income subsidized housing projects, not "workforce housing"." Jul 31, 19 11:57 AM

Zeldin Votes Against Massive Budget Deal, Along With Most House Republicans

"Anti-immigrant" is the phrase Fore1gn uses to conflate legal immigrants and illegal aliens. This is because an open admission that she believes each and every person from South and Central America has the right to enter our ('stolen') country, which Foreign does, regardless of our democratically enacted immigration laws is all too revealing of the treasonous attitude this first generation immigrant to America has toward the country that accepted their family just like the other million+ legal immigrants approved for residency each year.

MS-13 and the other Central American gangs who's ranks are bolstered by illegal alien "border children", as well as scores of illegal alien killers and rapists who've slaughtered innocent Americans has Fore1gn to thank for helping to foster the permissive sanctuary environment that facilitates their murderous presence.

There's a far closer line of responsibility between the policies supported by leftists like Fore1gn and illegal alien violent crime than their is between the president and the recent shootings.

Something fundamentally wrong with a family that chooses to move to a country they consider so evil and unfair they advocate against it's right to sovereign control over it's borders and immigration policy." Aug 9, 19 1:34 PM

"The orange chimpanzee with his ugly rhetoric"

While unsurprising, your disgusting, dehumanizing attack by demonstrates just what low intelligence was passed on to you via your lineage.

Hate crimes do not "Spike 200%" after his rallies, but the number murdered and assaulted by the illegals you welcome increases with the rate of illegal immigration.

57 corpses, murdered at the hands groups of illegal alien teenagers using machetes to inflict protracted deaths litter Long Island and yet you insist illegal aliens are wonderful, and any attempt to stop them at the border or deport them is tantamount to a hate crime.

You believe this nation has no right to stop illegal aliens. Can you justify a motivation besides your treason and the hate you feel towards this nation?" Aug 9, 19 2:08 PM

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