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Pope, Schiavoni score wins for Dems

Dan had 10 months to prove himself on the town board. He did nothing. So the moral of this story: nothing gets you nothing, and never put your face on a Giant Bill Boards unless you are doing an under-wear ad in Times Square. As they are saying in town "he was Anna's toy and Skippy's Boy". His ads were Trust Dan, experienced proven leadership. Give me a break. Russo lied on his mailer, he is not from this community. I think Sally will do an excellent job on the Town Board. Dan you can go back to working as an attorney full time and I am sure you will do fine." Nov 12, 08 6:46 PM

Town Board poised to restore funding for PILOTs

Its Anna holst and Nuzzi that want to give it away. Remind them waht the original intent of the CPF fund is. " Nov 16, 08 6:28 PM

Town Board candidate Sally Pope condemns Planning Board decision

I wonder if RUSSO will pull a no show for the rest of the year like his good friend PATRICK SKIPPY HEANEY did last year. Tissues are on sale at king kullen this week. Nice bill boards loser " Nov 16, 08 6:59 PM


North Sea,

Russo acted for special interests in the time that he was there. The guy did absoulety nothing. He was given a gift and didn't take anything seriously. He is a disgrace. What did he do for code enforcement that hasnt been done previously??? We need people that care about our community to run for town board. Russo lives with his mommy and has no vested interest in the town. One should own property before they even think about running for elected positions. North Sea citizen if you really care about the community than you have my support to run. Let me know, but lets not run a two time loser!!!" Nov 17, 08 6:36 PM