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Westhampton Beach Village Police Put Forward Plan To Station Armed Officer In Schools

Abolish the 2nd amendment entirely - it's an archaic joke. Give the fools who think having a gun is "protection," unlimited booze, some Fox News and lock them in a gym for 72 hours. I project we'll see Darwinism at it's finest. " Mar 5, 18 4:30 PM

UPDATE: Remsenburg Teenager Charged With Vandalizing Westhampton Beach High School

Drawing swastikas and pro-Hitler graffiti is NOT what dopey kids do. What world do you live in? Do you know what Hitler did?" Apr 11, 18 4:47 PM

Really? Kids doing kid things? When was the last time you saw a swastika as graffiti? Get your head out of the sand, turn off Fox and quit defending a sexist, racist, bigot. " Apr 11, 18 4:50 PM

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging Eastport Utility Poles

Wonder who paid who off..." Apr 27, 18 5:27 PM

Zeldin Says Families Should Be Detained Together, But Sees Little Sign Of Legislative Progress

And your thoughts on draft dodging? Spineless too? Let me know how your foot tastes. " Jun 25, 18 3:56 PM