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Woman Upset After Piebald Deer Is Killed Near Her Hampton Bays Home

Very sad and traumatic for Cathleen Jackson to see her murdered deer friend in her back yard. I'm glad that she had the strength to take pictures and get an article written about it. Of course, Michael Tessitore, founder of the group Hunters for Deer, makes a bunch of unsympathetic moronic comments in the article. I'm not sure why he was even interviewed for this article.

I think some questions that should have been asked:

* Was the hunter allowed to trespass on Jackson's property to retrieve the deer w/o her permission?

* How close was the hunter to Jackson's house when he shot the deer?

* Does Southampton know who's hunting with lethal weapons behind Ms. Jackson's home?
* Is a hunter allowed to kill a wounded deer on a residents private property w/o permission?

* If the hunter caused a family and their children mental distress (PSTD) by exposing them to this cruelty, can he be sued?

* If this wounded deer ran out into the street and caused an accident is the hunter or Southampton liable?

* What rights do families have to protect themselves from this happening?

It's just unbelievable that hunters can cause this kind of trauma to residents who want nothing to do with their recreational killing hobby.

This deer was semi-tame, and would have walked right up to the hunter. That's real "ethical hunting". What kind of man with any honor can kill semi-tame deer in someones backyard?

No doubt, this deer saw Jackson's yard as a safe refuge and maybe even thought she could help her, and that's why when wounded she went to her yard.

So sad and senseless." Oct 18, 17 8:15 PM