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Parents Vow To Fight Catholic High School's Closure

" Mar 22, 18 5:24 PM

The disgrace is that the church protected those molesting priests for years and allowed them to do serious emaotion harm to those who were most vulnerable and entrusted in their care. The fact that they now have to make monetary payments to those children is now having an effect on the chuirch and it's teachings Seems like just punishment
" Mar 22, 18 5:26 PM

'The Hills' Developer Files $100 Million Lawsuit Against Southampton Town For Rejecting PDD

He's nusy cleaning up for Hannity and the Mess in the White House" Apr 16, 18 4:57 PM

East Hampton Democrat Turns To The Court Over Committee Elections

What is with these people" Apr 19, 18 5:21 PM

Ronald Lauder Asks To Rebuild Wainscott House Destroyed During Superstorm Sandy

The previous house was destroyed because of it's location. It is on a thin strip between the Ocean and wetlands. Shouldn't this be a good indication that there should not be a house there? Don't we have these environmental laws for a reason? I don't care how much $$ you have, or who your lawyer is, lets leave what little natural beauty we have left
" May 17, 18 12:22 PM

Sir Ivan Reigns In Water Mill

So your Dad survives the holocaust and works his butt off and builds a strong business, so the next generation can build castles to host orgies, and spend millions on race cars so he can drive fast around a track he builds in his back yard. Hmm Wonder what they're over compensating for. It's no wonder Karen left" May 22, 18 5:30 PM

East Hampton Village To Try Removing Litter Bins From The Beach

This is really stupid. You expect people who are down on the beach at night partying are going to have the beach nice and clean in the dark when they leave?? How about hiring someone to drive around and empty them instead." Nov 6, 18 4:10 PM