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6 Comments by Caring Mom

Cigar Bar has liquor license suspended because of violence

I don't think it was a matter of gang violence, in as much as it was about underage drinking. With kids and alcohol, violence is bound to happen. Kudo's to the NYS Liquor Authority and the Sag Harbor Police for paying attention. I wish more parents would care about what their children are doing. Yes, folks, there are people, parents, within our own community who knew that their underage kids were there drinking, and being served. Some acted on this info, some didn't. Guess right won this time." Jan 27, 10 2:45 PM

?? Ok, so the hospitals didn't see those patients that were attacked there, right? Hmmm. Edmund Burke stated, "Evil prospers when good men do nothing." So, if the folks running the cigar bar serve to underage, and others, and violence breaks out, and they do nothing...don't even call the police, that makes them the "bad guy" and they shouldn't be in business. I do agree with you, they shouldn't be open if they cannot afford staff to ensure other patron's security, and the security of the community. Maybe if the bartender's remained sober, they could be more observant. Just a thought." Jan 27, 10 3:53 PM

"Maybe" you should become more active in your community, and help out by reporting what you see, as other concerned people do... rather than whine about it being so unfair that the Cigar Bar got caught. Responsible people make for a better community." Jan 27, 10 3:56 PM

You pulled the bartender aside, he said "thanks," and returned again to see a repeat performance. Why didn't you ask his name, or get it from another employee, and call the state liquor authority, or the Sag Harbor chief, heck, both for that matter. If no one noticed but you, or is big enough to stand up, maybe it is a signal to you to BE THE ONE!!!!! Just type in NYS Liquor Authority on line, and you can file date, time, names, etc., of the behavior you see...they DO care, obviously, as it worked for the Cigar Bar!!!!!!" Jan 28, 10 11:24 AM

I believe "bigfresh" is trying to say that these "trouble makers" at the bar are from out of town, hence, "take the gangsta out the hood." The underagers, and fighters, at least the ones I know, were born here. So what we have here is some local kids, who are getting drunk and doing dumb things. What he should have said is: Kids + Alchohol = Violence, stupidity, date rape, casual unsafe sex, drunk driving, etc. " Jan 28, 10 11:32 AM

Jewish Religious Boundary Goes Up In Westhampton Beach

Am I really reading this correctly? These Jewish folks are premeditating sin? They are creating "sin zones" so when they move into the hood, they can pick up a T.V. remote, or a book?" Aug 14, 14 12:56 AM