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Legendary Mariners coach honored

I owe a major part of my sucess to all of the amazing coaching I recieved from Goldsmith,Sweet and "Romo". Great article and it definity brought me down memory lane......fond ones to say the least.
Again Thanks, Coach Jimmy Minardi" Jan 29, 10 5:57 PM

sorry about the typo's ...thats what I get for relying on spell check...:}" Jan 29, 10 6:00 PM

Southampton firefighter 'Eggie' Raynor dies at 82.

The Minardi Family has fond memories of "Eggie", the back yard parties, merry makers, post football parties at the goldsmiths etc... our annual christmas eve visit (which we have on film) ! this was all before the "hamptons" and it was a very special time. Breeze Lane will never be the same but the Eggie vibe is forever. All the best to the Raynor family." Mar 1, 10 8:17 PM

A stoic technician with an unwavering passion

One of the best coaches I ever had ! Great article on a great person." Mar 4, 10 6:51 AM

Rink is skating on thin ice as East Hampton looks to lop services

make it a ICE RINK !" Apr 19, 10 11:39 AM

Southampton Town 24-Year Veteran Police Officer Frederick Cantrell Dead At 50

Woody and I go back to grade school, Im stunned and at a loss of words ....he was solid and loyal my heart and prayers go to the family....its impossible to fill his shoes" Dec 12, 10 4:02 PM

UPDATE: West Point Cadet Dies After Coopers Beach Incident

" Jul 6, 16 7:30 AM

Educational Rip Current Signs Posted At East Hampton Beaches

Correction -Regarding the last paragraph East End Ocean Rescue LLC LTD is for creating awareness around rip currents and water safety it is not a municipal response team.

" Jul 6, 16 3:41 PM

National Weather Service Co-Hosts Seminar On Rip Current Safety in East Hampton

That card you see in my hand is paid for by my non for profit Eat End Ocean Rescue. I have distributed over 3000 cards this summer from East Hampton to Montauk . Next summer my goal is 6000.
" Aug 24, 16 5:18 PM

Visitor Drowns At Coopers Beach On Saturday

Its RIP CURRENT not " rip tide"" Sep 28, 17 12:51 PM

Court Dismisses Suit Against Bowling Alley At East Hampton Indoor Tennis

wish they would throw in a indoor ice rink....just sayin
" Oct 9, 17 5:44 PM

Southampton Village Creates An Ocean Rescue Team In Wake Of Drownings


Words of wisdom.. keep the organization simple and efficient and get some rip current signs up at the south hampton beaches ! If you dont have the resources I (EEOR) will donate them.

Good luck" Nov 21, 17 8:13 AM

" Nov 21, 17 10:59 AM

Erosion Collapses Bluffs At Popular Montauk Hiking Spot

You can build and develop the dunes but you can't walk on them .
" Apr 11, 18 3:30 PM

Bay Burger To Close Its Doors Permanently This October

one by one....
" Sep 8, 18 6:33 AM

Edward Vinski Of Bridgehampton Dies January 4

RIP Mr Vinski !
...He was my 6th grade science teacher ...we were a wild bunch and Im sure our group took a few years off. He used to make us sing military ballads after we did the pledge of allegiance every morning ...Imagine that now ? Nevertheless he let us have fun too. Great memories ! " Jan 23, 19 8:33 AM

Man Rescued, But Dog Dies, After They Fall Into Icy Water At Napeague On Sunday

Key word " Bystanders" who happen to be near by ..." Feb 4, 19 7:56 PM

typo ugh
throw a 'h' in there :)" Feb 4, 19 9:32 PM