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Southampton Town Residents Come Out In Support Of Rose Hill Deal

What a terrible account of what went on at this meeting, yet again - if you're going to attend to cover the story, DO IT, don't take the story one of the trustees would have thrown at you. This is not the first time, and will not be the last that a story like this is rushed out to confuse the community even more. The people the spoke out in favor of what happened clearly had been invited to attend, to throw off the painstaking hours spent in the past few months fighting this preposterous situation. Comparing this battle to "mudwrestling" while acting like she cared about the area, the people and it's history. Half a dozen? - Try 3 or 4 people TOPS, out of a room of frustrated and local individuals with memories and strong feelings attached to this plot. Still no answers, more shady information arising meeting after meeting, trustees ADMITTING they were misinformed and mislead by their attorney who has since been replaced by one of her friends. Do better research, do your job, don't write an article like this anymore, please.. you should be ashamed." Jun 20, 18 12:21 PM

YouTube link to the meeting, interpret the situation for yourself." Jun 21, 18 6:47 AM