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Jon Kenneth Dollard Remembered By Friends And Family After Saturday's Fatal Plane Crash

I was blessed with the chance to fly with Jon in both the Navajo and Bonanza over at the Executive Terminal for the last 2 years. I finished my freshman year of college in 2016 and wanted to use my brand new private pilot certificate, so my father, a longtime friend of Jon introduced us. Jon immediately asked me to fly with him on his next trip as an intern pilot, and many more after. Jon was truly a selfless man, who really cared about the people surrounding him. Through flying together, and having layovers all over the north eastern United States, Jon and I would talk about flying and surfing non-stop, and I am a better, smarter man because of him. He was a man who enjoyed life immensely, and cherished his family, friends, and his job. Gone too soon." Jun 6, 18 12:55 PM