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Zeldin Says Families Should Be Detained Together, But Sees Little Sign Of Legislative Progress

Zeldin is finished. Polling shows him losing to the generic Dem. Pls vote
for for your Dem of choice on Tuesday. Get out and make a difference.
And then defeat the Trump Chump in Nov. See you all tomorrow at our
polling place!" Jun 25, 18 1:44 PM

Perry Gershon Wins Democratic Primary For Congressional Seat Tuesday

Congrats to Perry! Our phone poll has Little Lee down 5 points this morning.
Thanks to all who participated. Let's all welcome Little Lee tom'w @ Smithtown
Elks with his buddies convicted criminal Sebby Gorka and Lyin' Sean Spicer.
Will he be down 10 points after those jokers show up with him?" Jun 27, 18 8:37 PM

So Little Lee had a great time in Smithtown last night!
Special Guests:
1. Sebby Gorka - Neo-Nazi & Convicted Criminal
2. Lyin Sean Spicer - Sold more Whoppers than Burger King
3. Jason Miller - Married Trump Chump who knocked up his girlfriend and wanted her to have an abortion. He's pro-life, by the way.
And, of course, they all vote in NY01. Better get that job sweeping out the Supreme Court lobby while you can, Lee." Jun 29, 18 1:28 PM

Zeldin Says Families Should Be Detained Together, But Sees Little Sign Of Legislative Progress

Trump plays golf today while thousands of children remain unreunited with their parents. Good new job for the defeated Zeldin: Trump's caddy. 0h wait, he already has that job. Hope the tips are good! Deport convicted criminal Sebby
Gorka. Where's ICE when you really NEED them?" Jun 30, 18 5:54 PM

Community Members Protest Immigration Policy At East Quogue Village Green Saturday

Lee Zeldin will lose his sear this fall. The Trump Chump is gone. Don 't expect
him and his pals Criminal Sebb Gorka, Lyin Sean Spicer, Cheatin Jason Miller-
Headliners at his Smithtown Fundraiser - to go the the border to see brown
children reunited with their parents. These are old fat white men who don't give a crap about Latinos. Bye Bye Little Lee. Just keep on sunning yourself at Montauk with your united family., Latest survey; Lee - minus 6. DEMS TAKE BACK NY01. (Little
Lee can get a job with Pruitt @ EPA.)
" Jul 4, 18 4:05 AM

Zeldin And Gershon Come Out Punching In First Days Of Congressional Campaign

Zeldin down by 7 points in today's poll." Jul 5, 18 5:09 PM

Zeldin Weighs In On Trump's Remarks At Helsinki Summit

Little Lee - So you'll be getting an invite to the WH when the midget Russian shows up in October to help Ole Pudding Face have Summit #2. Maybe you and
Pooty can find those three miilion votes that went missing for The Donald in 2016. And as Top NRA $$ receiver, maybe you and the Shirtless Stallion can tell
us which foreign country contributed $55 million to the NRA? And lastly, was that
Madame Butina we saw giving out copies of Lyin Sean Spicer's book at your fundraiser? Yeah, we thought so." Jul 21, 18 5:11 PM

Japan attacks Pearl Harbor - FDR declares WAR!
Osama attacks US - George W declares WAR ON TERROR!
Russia attacks US Election - Orange Man does NOTHING!
The DT -weak on national security; his acolyte, Little Lee - VERY weak on national security! Dump Little Lee!" Jul 23, 18 7:28 AM

Lyin Little Lee gets a bleet from Lyin Cheatin Donnie" NRA "Jr. Good deal, Let's see if DJ can get him anymore of that Russian NRA money? Woops, did we
spill the beans Little Lyin Lee?
1. Lyin Lee voted against our health care.
2. Lyin Lee has done nothing to reunite babies on the border (suntan at Montauk instead.)
3. Lyin Lee will get us killed with his backing of dumb NRA policies.
" Jul 23, 18 3:56 PM

President Donald Trump To Fly Into Gabreski Airport On Friday

Omarosa will be in Sag Harbor on Friday. Wonder if she will saunter over to plant a kiss on Orange Julius's sh**hole at FG? Or on little Lee's? Maybe the big T-man will pull John Brennan's driver's license just for the hell of it! And let's all boycott Howard Lorber's crappy Trump-nathan dogs. One big weiner each for Stormy and Karen McDougal. End chain migration: send Melania and her parents back. I've never seen Melania's real birth certificate have you?
" Aug 16, 18 7:39 AM

Lee Zeldin Declines Invitation To Forum On Morality Organized By Local Interfaith Clergy Group

Little Lee doesn't do client meetings. He's more a telephone town hall guy. Remember last year on our healthcare? He's big and bold on a speakerph
Wait he cant come, it's a No-Nazi zone so he couldnt bring his besties Steve Bannon and Sebby Gorka. Besides he'll be busy collecting his Putin NRA secret campaign $$. Or maybe he'll be reuniting those separated "zero tolerance" families he was for splitting up. Naw, he'll be sunning himself and his family as the Blue Wave washes him right out of Montauk Harbor. Bless, Tashtego!" Aug 16, 18 8:00 AM

UPDATE: President Trump Arrives In Southampton

Welcome PG 45 - Enoyed anymore Access Hollywood tapes today?" Aug 17, 18 3:15 PM

President Donald Trump To Fly Into Gabreski Airport On Friday

PG 45 - we will boycott the disgusting Howard Lorber, Douglas Elliman Realty
and definitely Nathan's not so Famous!" Aug 18, 18 2:04 AM