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Southampton Village Police pursue suspected DWI driver before dropping chase

My boyfriend and I had just gotten out of a movie in Southampton and were heading home on Hill Street when this dark car with no lights flew out from Halsey Lane in front of us. He didnt even slow down. If we were a second sooner he would have hit us. I hope this incident is looked into further and the person is found. Thank goodness no one was hurt." Feb 4, 10 1:10 PM

There was only one cop car pursuing him when he turned from Halsey Street to Hill Street when we saw it and he was keeping up with the suspect. I would think that the police would have gotten a decent description of the car and maybe a plate #. I don’t know how you could follow someone from Bowden Square to the reservation and not have some kind of information about the car. I cant add much more because it all happened so fast, it was a blur, they were there one second and gone the next." Feb 4, 10 4:47 PM

Southampton High School seeks upgrades for planetarium, envisions opening to public

It would be nice for the planetarium to receive a face lift so it could be used more. I attended Southampton High School and I remember going to the planetarium 2 maybe 3 times in the four years I was there. It’s a shame because Southampton is privileged to have the facility compared to other schools on the east end and its not being used to its full potential." Mar 11, 10 8:55 AM

Whale beached in East Hampton survives first attempt at euthanization

The Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation site states, "Every attempt is made to rehabilitate and release live stranded animals back to the wild," where was the attempt here??? From looking at the foundations website and the annual stranding records it seems as though almost every time a whale is stranded they end up euthanizing it. I understand many times the animal has beached itself because of illness and it may not be the easiest thing to move but at least make some kind of attempt to help it. If nothing can be done act quickly to euthanize it, don’t make it suffer in the surf for days. This is such a sad story." Apr 8, 10 2:35 PM

Southampton builder volunteers for "Extreme Makeover" show

For the families sake let's hope not!" May 18, 10 12:43 PM

Kudos to Michael for using his skills and time to help a family in need!" May 18, 10 12:46 PM

Southampton School Board suspends high school principal and assistant principal, who are then hired by East Hampton

its a shame but its the truth. my source came right from a teacher in the southampton public school. it happened before the budget vote and was covered up....its obviously still being covered up too. the truth will come out eventually. just wait." May 23, 10 5:16 PM

Officer pulls autistic child from Northampton lake

Kudos to Officer Gwinn for finding and saving the little boys life!" Jun 21, 10 2:49 PM

Scientist proposes poisoning fish in Mill Pond to spark turn around

I've been kayaking in Mill Pond multiple times. It’s loaded with wildlife such as turtles and many different species of birds that feed on the carp, including the osprey and cormorants. There is no way to keep birds from landing in the pond and eating the poisoned fish. Poisoning this pond would have a profound effect on all wildlife in the area. It’s a horrible idea!!" Sep 12, 10 9:35 AM

Town Changes Leaf Pick-Up Program Again

I personally like Gregor's decision to not continue the leaf pick up program. In my neighborhood everyone stacks their crap out in the street mile high and it becomes a road hazard. The roads are narrow as it is without piles of leaves blocking them. You have to head into oncoming traffic to go around them from November until two days ago (they finally came around to collect them). When it snows the plows hit the piles and it makes a mess. People stack them at intersections so you can’t see when you pull out. It’s ridiculous. They have crews from east of the canal working west of the canal presently to try to catch up before spring clean up starts. This leaves east of the canal shorthanded and keeps them from working on problems in your neighborhood.

The town has made efforts to make the program more efficient (looking into different equipment, etc) but has not been able to find a solution. If you look at your taxes the highway tax is minimal compared to the school taxes and other taxes you pay. The leaf pick up is a big part of the highway budgets so by eliminating it there will be more money to spend on other highway expenses (plowing snow, paving roads, filing potholes, clearing fallen trees, cleaning drains) which is expensive and everyone complains about when its not done. It’s become a year-round program between the leaf pick up in the fall and the spring clean up, its time consuming.

I have a car and can’t take my own leaves to dispose of them at the 5 locations so ill find an alternate way to get rid of them. At least Gregor is still trying to work with everyone by allowing you to drop the leaves for free. He could start charging for that too. Sometimes change is for the better." Apr 9, 11 10:11 AM

Mourners Pack Vigil For Mom And Son Killed In Manorville Crash On Saturday

My thoughts and prayers are with the Trinca family at this time. What a tragedy." Oct 11, 11 4:59 PM

Bridgehampton Volunteer EMT Jim Walker Is Moving South After Decades Of Service

Thank you Mr. Walker for your many years of service!!" Aug 31, 12 8:01 AM