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East Quogue church seeks donations for new paint job

I am sure the people with negative commentary on this topic have been lifelong community oriented people that donate their time and money to various organizations that benefit the community at large.

They too are the same people who have been the type of volunteer to fund projects such as these from their own pockets so that they could continue to donate more of their time effectively, house the indigent during freezing weather, and ring a bell or two on Sunday to remind the community of the awesome place we live.

So, it would not be too far from the imagination that Private Matt will show up on Sunday to post his name on the list of construction volunteers.

I thank God!.. Yep I said it, call me politically incorrect.. I Thank God (not Allah, not any thing else, and not Matt) that most of my neighbors are like the Carter's and the Mendenhall's even if I don't practice my Faith with them or expect that they personally pay for renovations at their church because they work hard for their success 18hr days, 7 days a week..
Greg Celi

" Feb 9, 10 4:39 PM

Lack Of Evidence Prompts Release Of Four Men Charged In May Double Stabbing Outside Hampton Bays Bar

All the commentary in the blogging world will not resolve the problems we face today. If it walks and talks like a duck, its a duck! Our government is allowing this to happen. (very rational and concise statement by Jay_Z). Our American foundation has had holes blown through it by political-correctness and the legal system at large.

The woman attacked will feel no relief from any of our banter, she gets the burden to carry this with her for the rest of her life because no one is stepping up.
Parallel thought: If a tree falls in the woods and no one was there to hear it, will it make a sound?... if a criminal was never here, would they have committed a sexual assault ?

Proven once again, Our government is letting down its citizenry providing protection for criminal's only to forsake legitimate citizens.

Build a wall with a doorway, legitimate access only.

" Aug 11, 16 6:46 PM

Westhampton Beach Board Of Education Unanimously Votes To Get Rid Of Class Rank

Here we are yet again moving forward to change the injustices of society. We have left the concept of "survival of the fittest" and are adopting survival of the "whinny-est". Let mediocrity be the bar of standards for all, Allow no winners or losers here in our world. Demand inclusiveness yet unique identity and recognition , demand equality yet expect inequality of performance. If the class rank system is bad for fragile egos and college entrance than so is the SAT system and the regents system along with all systems that ranks our oppressed children, educators and scholastic institutions suffering from every disorder a doctor or expert wants to prescribe to. Our society has become so wrapped up in general about political correctness and sociological impropriety we have become defenseless and dependent on government to provide for us. We are teaching our children to not work hard, whine for what you want, litigate for income and take anything that is not tied down by form of programs and hand outs. Lessons of tearing down what others build, erase history if it bothers you, lie about the facts through omission and deny..deny..deny. Ever wonder why kids are not pushed from the nest till they reach the 30's or worse.. just read the comments of any media today and see the melting pot melt away.
" Oct 21, 17 2:20 PM

East Hampton Raid Finds 32 Residents In Four-Bedroom House

Kudos to the code enforcement of East Hampton, the follow up with the Town and the process that will follow. The attorney representing the homeowner making a public statement regarding, it should essentially be OK to break the law waiting for a new law, new housing or lack of available housing is shameful. Apparently for the attorney and the homeowner; the risk living in these conditions does not weigh into the alleged code violation's validity awaiting a hearing. Conversely, this past weeks headlines described the egregious offense a young boy and his lemonade stand caused to local food truck vendors, a valid shut down by the State of NY in only a week. Got to love the hypocrisy of our current society. " Aug 3, 18 12:53 PM

Southampton Town Board Looks At Spending $4 Million In CPF Money To Preserve Sag Harbor Cinema

This is a personal email to Assemblyman Thiele,
he following is not a position for any organizations I am part of.

Below is a link to a SH Press Article I wanted to bring to your attention based on prior conversations of Politicians re-defining the purpose and use of CPF funding. Like in DC, open funds are always a free-for-all to whomever has enough gumption to push the line further than predecessors to make “whey” for feel good political programs and campaign worthy targets that strips funds for the purpose they had been intended. Additionally, when funds substantially deplete, the latest and most polished ambitious politician will utilize the inherent value to bolster a higher tax rate.
The CPF funds are extremely painful for locals to pay at closing mostly financed for the average joe, please do not forget that we here in the Hamptons’ pay every month, many for 30 years, at a compound interest rate to have the fund in place..

Please reconsider your positions on how the re-definition of the CPF Fund laws are skewed for more accessibility to politicians and millionaire cronies.
" Oct 3, 18 4:27 PM

East Quogue Residents Inch Toward Village Incorporation

Response to Mrs./Mr./Ms./Miss. Bridge's questions:

This a specific response to the question of who is on the Committee and who are the Co-Chairs. This information has been publicly posted on the Committee’s website since November.2017.

The Co-Chairs are David Celi and Karen Kooi.

The Committee Members are Brian Babcock, Richard Blowes, Greg Celi, Sharon Celi, Maria Daddino, Jeff Dilandro, Kristen Hanyo, Patrick “Skip” Heaney, Jessica Insalaco, Kate Johnson, Walter Marsicovetere, Cyndi McNamara, Cathy Seeliger and Ed Seltenreich.

Our committee uses our website to provide a single source of publicly available information in order to avoid the inaccurate rhetoric and comments often found on the internet. I am the P.I.O. for our committee and I fully support this policy in order to maintain one point of official public information. For a perfect example of misinformation, one has only to read the above comment.

For additional information on the EQVEC, please visit our website at eqvillageexploratorycommittee.com
Why is that? (See below and above.)

Your assumption that we believe that East Quogue mirrors Sagaponack is wrong. What we actually do believe, is that Sagaponack's success was to not take all of the responsibilities of all the services the town provides and to focus on the area that could most negatively impact it's hamlet and tax base through land management.

Your comment about the EQVEC not being forthcoming is slighted. We have built a website, held numerous public meetings while including the media as well as person to person discussions while collecting signatures for our petition. It is possible you are not aware of these efforts because we have not been approaching residents from areas outside of the hamlet of East Quogue.

Your comment regarding "carte blanche", is a foolish thing to believe. All forms of government have legal obligations, checks and balances. What all forms of government do not have is the ability to acutely address the unique needs of its community like a village can with a population of less than 4000 people in an area less than 5 square miles. Even more specifically, a village can help protect tax impacts on its community resulting from decisions of the township at large.

Shaking my head confused as to why you are of the opinion that we are the "cat's paw" of Discovery. At what point did the EQVEC (a non-governmental committee of private citizens) ever have any impact on the decision making process of the Town of Southampton regarding the Discovery Group's PDD or PRD applications? The Town had made it's decisions regardless of our point of view, regardless of our community's point of view and likely few others. A village is more protective with local representation and our committee believes that, this is why we are presenting the opportunity.

I am available to any East Quogue resident by email Greg@eqvillageexploratorycommittee.com for questions regarding the incorporation of East Quogue. For additional information on the EQVEC, please visit our website at eqvillageexploratorycommittee.com

Our committee welcomes all participation in the democratic process. We have held meetings to inform our community of the pros and cons of incorporating as a village. We embrace the ideal of the democratic process, as each registered voter of the hamlet will have the ability to vote “yes” or “no” on incorporation. We, as a community, feel that this is an opportunity. East Quogue residents will come together, as a community, to make that decision for themselves. For the very first time, they will be heard. And the majority will rule.

Mrs./Mr./Ms./Miss Bridge, not everyone is masked; not everything is cloaked; not everything is untruthful or conspired. Sixteen people, publicly named above, have been listed on our website since inception, have made a best effort to provide truthful information. We present an opportunity, not a decision.

Gregory Celi Jr.
Public Information Officer EQVEC

" Jan 3, 19 7:07 PM

Southampton Town Board Approves Accessory Apartment Law Modifications That Benefit Smaller Lots

CaptainSig, Don't look a gift-horse in the mouth. Accessory apartments are a necessary thing, however balance is so very important. This is why the existing law is based on a 3/4 parcel along with other stipulations. The proposal is NOT designed to help the homeowner, it's plan is to assist renters. There are social reasons for sure.. maintaining a workforce and even some economic stability is the target. The downside of course is always the impact on schools. Every additional child has an impact on a school district cost and tax rate.

2017 E.Q. NY Total Housing Units 3,106 (a)
2016, EQUFSD 422 students (does not include secondary level students where a tuition is paid to WHBSD.) (b)
Education cost per student 47,000.00 p/student (c)
Construction cost per student 39,771.40 p/student. In 2014, elementary school construction cost $211.55 per square foot to build, elementary schools provided 188 square feet for each student. The median elementary school reported was designed for 624 students and encompasses 84,700 square feet at a total cost of $16,269,543.(d)

Imagine ONLY 5% of the Homes in EQ have newly approved Accessory Apartments in 2019 (i think that is a conservative guess) ** EDUCATION COSTS ARE
$46,894.00 P/Student
3,106 Households
5% Add'tl Accessory Apartments
1 Add'tl Student P/Apt.
155 New Students (in a 422 Student School = 36.7% increase in student population)
$7,282,638.20 Annual Additional Cost
$2,344.70 Add'tl Annual Tax Burden p/Household
** Bonus cost: Build a bigger or new school (based on some simple math w/bond interest $250.00-$500.00 p/year P/House for 20 years)

(a) https://www.census.gov/search-results.html?searchType=web&cssp=SERP&q=East%20Quogue%20CDP,%20NY
(b)(c) https://www.publicschoolreview.com/new-york/east-quogue-union-free/3609900-school-district
(d) https://webspm.com/Articles/2015/07/01/School-Costs.aspx
" Jan 24, 19 2:06 PM

Cuomo Signs Voter Reforms Into Law

These 5 apparently innate reforms are just 5 more reasons NY is so nonsensical and expensive to live.

adding to the atmosphere of how many people feel entitled for anything they want and have little responsibility for themselves. Forget about taking a horse to water, in NY we bring it to the horse, funnel into the mouth, give a manicure, back rub and paycheck. The empty halls of the Albany Capitol Building roar with the sound of a thousand sea lions barking for a free meal.

(1) Early Voting; as if it is not enough to provide and pay for Absentee ballot voting, the polls are open 6am to 9pm, most public employees and plenty of privately employed are given the day off paid as a national holiday so they can vote on that day during the 15 hours of polling. If you are traveling, injured or unable to get to a polling locations, all you need to do is log onto the BOE website and a ballot is mailed to you with pre-addressed envelope. Does it really need to get any easier.

(2) Pre-Registration of 16 & 17 Year Olds; What does allowing a child to pre-register to vote at 16 do for the Board of elections, the law still provides that you must be 18 to vote.. another incremental law for the future no doubt. In an era where we keep raising age limits for various privileges and rights, here we lower it. i think we can all say that the youth of today are no where near more mature than generations past.

(3) Same Day Voter Registration Constitutional Amendment; the only benefit to this is more time and longer lines at the voting locations and more illegal voting. Think about it, same day registration can provide people who fall into reform No.5 to the ability to vote 2x in any election. Reform No. 5 as an average effect of approximately 30% as stated by the BOE. The irony is all 5-reform bills purpose is to make voting more efficient. Call me crazy, 365 days a year is not enough time to register to vote.. com'on people.. its not like you have to go to a post office and register to vote.. all you have to do is go on-line (the electronic pacifier is only inches away from most all day long)

(4)“No Excuse”/Vote by Mail Constitutional Amendment; Absentee voting restrictions are lifted, you now can keep your fat ass at home and not get yourself to a voting location. Seems most people can make it out to dinner, a protest, or anything that strokes an ego. Our law makers keep making it so easy to have zero responsibility for Country, State or oneself.

(5) Universal Transfer of Voter Registration Records; automatic transfer of registration.. good at face value, but used in conjunction with No.3, its a recipe for fraud. Election results will take longer and spend more time in review, more costs for auditors, and leave the people in limbo longer. No efficiency in this while joined with same day voter registration. This is adding to the polarization of the party's constituencies that is blamed the deplorable type.

This submission is not and does not represent any organization I am part of, this is my individual POV.
" Jan 30, 19 9:58 AM