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How We Got Here: Pain, Suffering And The Roots Of The Opioid Epidemic In The Medical Community

I was in Law Enforcement when I got seriously hurt in a m/c accident. I tried everything to avoid opiates but it came down to suicide or Oxycontin. Oxycontin gave me my life. Does it remove pain? No. But it keeps it at a 6, which is just enough to survive. Never missed a test for 15 years, never increased, followed every rule, yet I am lumped in with heroin addicts because that's how they run the numbers, herion and fentanyl included with the prescription medications, even thought those 2 alone account for more than 75% of the addicts. They might note that suicide has gone up double what overdoses have gone down. All they did was take it away from chronic pain patients that needed it and now they have no choice but to go into the back yard and blow their heads off, hopefully when their family isn't home. According to the NY Times "since 2011 overdose deaths from prescription opioids have leveled off. Deaths from heroin and fentanyl, on the other hand, are rising fast. In several states where the drug crisis is particularly severe, including Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, fentanyl is now involved in over half of all overdose fatalities". That's a problem because Fentanyl is listed under prescription medications, even thought THIS version of it is brought in illegally from China and NOT prescribed, as are other drugs, completely skewing the facts. Even the CDC admits their estimate, which started this witch hunt, had over inflated numbers.

I also note this was written by a reporter with a Dr that just completed Residency and 2 interns. Let's see them find someone with 20 years of experience. This group has no idea what they are talking about, they just pulled from all the other stories out there.
" Aug 10, 18 7:13 PM