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Group files second opinion regarding proposed religious boundary

Yet again we see how gratuitous hatred influences people’s opinion. To the commenter above, there is absolutely no Jewish law and no Jewish group that would object to an eruv in Westhampton. Please prior to making uninformed statements become educated. Consequentially, yours is a straw man’s argument. " Nov 11, 08 6:53 PM

Resident: Please do not change the subject. You stated that “Some believe that an eruv does not alleviate the burdens imposed by Jewish law, but rather leads believers to violate Jewish law.” I challenge you to find one group or Jewish law that would negate an eruv in Westhampton. Go educate yourself prior to making such asinine statements. It is you who is so typical of anti-Semites/self hating Jews. There is no doubt that the objection to the eruv stems from anti-Semitism. There is no other explanation for the insults singling out Orthodox Jews when all they are asking to do is erect an invisible string. " Nov 13, 08 4:05 AM

Nov 12, 08 9:53 AM:Please stay out of matters you know nothing about. An eruv is not a modern invention at all, as they were instituted thousands of years ago. An eruv only permits carrying in an area classified rabbinically as a public domain. The rabbinic prohibition to carry in these areas is based on the similarities between these rabbinic areas and biblically mandated public areas. The simple act of installing a string is sufficient because it marks the area as being different than the biblical public area. This is not a "loophole," it is a natural function of the prohibition itself. " Nov 13, 08 4:06 AM

I reiterate, you do not comprehend the underlying reasoning for enacting eruvin. Eruvin are not loopholes at all. Eruvin are not viewed by people who actually know what they are talking about as a way around anything. Biblically, one would be allowed to carry in Westhampton even without an eruv. The proscription not to carry in areas such as Westhampton is strictly rabbinical. The rabbis were the ones who enacted the laws of eruvin in order to demarcate Biblically restricted areas. So it was the Rabbis who proscribed and it was the Rabbis who permitted. This is not a loophole at all. Clearly those who argue that an eruv cheapens the Shabbos do not realize that the laws of eruvin were enacted to enhance the Shabbos and not to create restrictions. Please stay out of matters you know nothing about. An eruv is not a religious symbol per se; it is only a demarcation line that represents a wall. I will add that there is no requirement whatsoever for a proclamation. The invectives you hurl against Rabbi Schneier shows you up to be a self-hating Jew. It is so kind of you to protect your Orthodox brethren form their quaint customs I am sure that you would not have such qualms about Christian traditions." Nov 13, 08 1:30 PM

No the ferociousness and the language used is unique to Westhampton. The opposition notwithstanding their Jewishness are still anti-Semites. They just hate the Orthodox. I reiterate please stay out of matters that you have no idea about. There is no Orthodox group that would oppose an eruv for Westhampton so it is not a, "worldwide controversial issue to be settled for all Orthodox Jews." It is clear that you are only arguing these points to further your agenda." Nov 18, 08 11:43 AM

If you are Orthodox, you are in denial. For starters, Jack Kringstein, the vice president of JPOE said that the eruv would change the community for the worse by bringing in unwelcome people. If that is not anti-Semitism what is (I could supply more incidents of virulent anti-Semitism regarding the eruv, but I am sure that you know of them very well indeed). I don’t care if he is Jewish he is a self-hating Jew. Moreover, I would bet that you are not Orthodox. No Orthodox Jew would oppose the establishment of an eruv. Yes take my advice and stay out of matters that don’t concern you. As a matter of fact they should just ignore all of you no one needs yours or even the town’s approval for an eruv. Anti-Semites and self-hating Jews should be ignored. Shame on you. " Nov 18, 08 4:31 PM

As I mentioned previously please mix out of matters that don’t concern you. If you were actually an Orthodox Jew as you claim to be, you would know that what you are spewing is totally inaccurate. You keep missing the point; let me spell it out for you. No Orthodox group would oppose an eruv in Westhampton. You are erroneously conflating the Westhampton eruv with eruvin in Brooklyn which some groups oppose because they claim the size of the borough would make it Biblically proscribed. Westhampton is a small town and there are no halachic issues whatsoever. Even in anti-Semitic pre-WWII Europe, they allowed Jews to erect eruvin. It would seem that you and your minions are taking the concept of anti-Semitism to a new level. There is no doubt that your goal is to keep “those people” out. Shame on you. " Nov 20, 08 11:30 AM

William Rodney - You don’t have to be a non-Jew to be anti-Semitic. Being anti-Orthodox is not any less odious. Ever heard of a self hating Jew?" Nov 23, 08 2:41 PM

William Rodney - Exactly my point. How far are they going to take this name calling, especially of their own people. Stop this charade. Hiding behind the thin veil of Jewishness doesn’t disguise the bigoted language in use by the anti eruv group. “Protect our village from those who would cause harm.” This is anti-Orthodox which is just anti-Semitism by another name. If this language was used against any other religious group there would be a major outcry. Shame on all of you.

You’re right. They are nuts--bigoted nuts. Forward thinking? I think not. Attitudes like theirs are racist and intolerant.

Oh, by the way, of course I celebrate Thanksgiving. Moreover, I give thanks every day. " Nov 24, 08 7:54 PM