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Limo Company Owner Provides Night Of Luxury To Family in Need

Nice story. Good to see East Enders taking care of each other. Question: how was this family forced out of their home in HB? Are there not laws to protect them or was landlord not doing what he was suppose to do? " Dec 19, 18 10:24 AM

Hampton Bays Coach, Teacher Dave Goodman Is Put On Indefinite Leave After Dispute With Administrators

Knowing both the coach and AD I can say they both do a great job. Drew gets his hands dirty and does everything by the books. If you look at other school districts who coaches give kids addresses so they can go to their school and play sports and the AD knows about it and the community and no one says anything or even worse a kid in ineligible cause of grades and still gets to play, that would never happen in Hampton Bays. That being said the coach probably got pissed and wrote and said not the right thing. He should of not went to the press and spoken but he did. Until the coach shares the texts and emails he is wrong. Go to the doctor pass the eval and then run your mouth " Feb 1, 19 1:44 PM