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Group files second opinion regarding proposed religious boundary

Ms di napoli's columns represent an objective view of the ongoing controversy surrounding the Eruv. On the other hand the JPOE represent a bigoted group of people who claim that they are in need of "protecting" their homes and their community by opposing the Eruv. They are unfamiliar with how many of us will be able to utilize the eruv and what a difference this will make for the observant families and their guests who are upstanding members of the Westhampton beach community. They make all kinds of false assertions related to religious law, few of which are based on any knowledge of the basis of this law. They claim not to be anti-semitic which, by definition, is true as they presumably are all "semites." However they cannot claim not to be bigots as they are trying to set quotas of how many of any certain kind of person can live in "their secular" village. The rampant hordes of Observant Jews who they expect to move into the community once the Eruv is in place obviously do not meet their approval... who will be next... African Americans, Gay people, maybe people with disabilities. Why don't they just call a spade a spade instead of trying to couch their opposition under all kinds of pretexts such as Constitutional law, separation of Church and State, etc. It is clear that what they object to is having Observant Jews live in their community, in spite of the fact that they may be just as good neighbours and community members as any other group in the Village. It is appalling to know that bigotry like this exists in our "wonderful" little hamlet and, even more so, when it exists in a segment of the Jewish community whose Torah abhors such behaviour. Their discrimination against Observant Jews is unconscionable. Shame on them!!!" Nov 12, 08 5:37 PM