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Whale Tangled In Fishing Net Off Sagaponack Frees Itself

These nets have been out on every single swimming beach from town line to Peters pond to Gibson to Sagg main for the past three weeks. From 75 feet extending to 35 feet from the sand, day and night and week ends. Last Friday and Saturday we saw a large whale swimming over the net at Gibson beach about 65’ or less from shore. Besides voicing concern for the whale getting stranded so near to shore, we very extremely worried for the safety of the hundreds of swimmers on the beaches at the weekend with these nets creating feeding frenzies just feet from shore at official swimming beaches. Beginning Friday morning and continuing on Monday I called the Bay Constable, the coast guard both in Hampton bays and Montauk, the Southampton town trustees and Parks and recreations, the DEC office which gave me the cellphone of the DEC agent on patrol, the Bay Constable, the East Hampton town police, Southampton town police. Not one of them was interested, all said there was nothing they could do.
I have voice mails from the coast guard and from SH parks and recreation saying it’s not their jurisdiction.
" Jul 18, 19 10:52 PM