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Former Executive Editor Of The New York Times Speaks About 'Truth In The Time Of Trump'

Caliphate, a podcast for the New York Times, has received numerous criticism after Abu Huzaifa al-Kanadi admitted on the podcast that he “murdered people” while he was fighting for the Islamic State group.[96] Numerous conservatives called for action against him after his statement, including Candice Bergen.[97] She criticized the liberal government after not ordering law enforcement against him. Bergen also called for Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale to reveal whether the government knows where he is or not, but Goodale stated that it was the “opposition of keeping Canadians safe”.[98] Huzaifa also received concerns from television journalist Diana Swain that he may be “lying” to The New York Times or CBC News." Aug 28, 19 9:14 AM

After the Times tweeted a cartoon portraying Trump and Putin as a gay lovers, LGBT activist and Democratic Rep. Brian Sims said it's time to stop the homophobic jokes.[100] American transgender activist Jeffrey Marsh said "to have a group that's as well-established as The New York Times personally attacking you feels horrendous."[101]

A spokesperson for The Times defended the animation.[101]

On April 25, 2019, The New York Times's international edition included a cartoon featuring U.S. President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Trump was shown wearing a kippah and Netanyahu was displayed as Trump's dog wearing a collar with the Star of David. The Israeli edition of The Times was published at the end of Passover. After criticism from public and religious figures, The Times admitted to using "anti-Semitic tropes".[113]

On April 29, The New York Times came under scrutiny again for publishing another anti-Semitic cartoon featuring Prime Minister Netanyahu.[114]

On August 22, 2019, a politics desk editor at The New York Times, Tom Wright-Piersanti, was revealed to have posted several anti-Semitic tweets while working at another outlet prior to joining the Times. He additionally posted several anti-Indian tweets as well. His tweets included phrases such as "Crappy Jew Year," and "Jew police."

" Aug 28, 19 9:16 AM

America’s role as a bastion of the highest caliber mock-journalism was affirmed in today’s New York Times editorial, commenting on the recent Kansas State Board of Education election. Making no pretense of interest in truth and objectivity, the New York Times let flow as unbridled a delivery of religious dogma as has ever been preached from the pulpit of an editorial sanctuary.
Entitled “Kansas, Evolving,” the piece begins with a standard element of fundamentalist dogma in every denomination of humanistic scientism, stating that “The earth is billions of years old...” Never mind the fact that the (understandably) nameless New York Times editorialist, if pressed, could never produce a single shred of empirical scientific evidence that unequivocally supports the belief she is espousing so matter-of-factly. Never mind the fact that she—like all her fellow parishioners—is counting on the high-priests of the self-described “scientific community” to hold the mysteries that supposedly substantiate those jealously defended beliefs. And never mind that she—journalistic poseur that she is—hasn’t dared to enter the temple long enough to take a clear-headed gander at the relics that serve as the basis of the very religion for which she serves as an evangelist, and into which she is sinking her moral anchor, both for now and eternity.

Accusing members of the Kansas State Board of Education of attempting to “deprive” Kansas “children of modern scientific thinking,” the editorialist/propagandist betrays a woeful (and most likely willfull) ignorance of both the meaning of the term “scientific thinking” and of the truth concerning what actually took place in Kansas last year. Contrary to the misguided, faith-based predispositions of the Times editorialist, genuine “scientific thinking” has never consisted of blindly swallowing as gospel the most popular myth of the day—yet precisely such a perspective had to be an essential prerequisite to writing the contents of this Times propaganda gem. And the editorialist doesn’t site (because she is utterly incapable of doing so) any documentation of the Board’s alleged effort to remove genuine “scientific thinking” from Kansas education system—unless one defines “scientific thinking” according to the narrow, religious dogma of humanistic scientism.

The editorialist’s wholly deceptive claim (read: lie) that the Board “gutted statewide science standards” to “eliminate evolution as an explanation of the origin of species” is further indictment of the writer’s incredible ignorance of the facts surrounding the issue. If pressed, she would be entirely incapable of producing any substantiation of these fabricated accusations—yet the New York Times apparently considers facts to be unnecessary baggage when it comes to defending the faith. Kansas science standards were in no way “gutted”—nor was evolution by any means “eliminated”—as anyone even marginally familiar with the facts would know. Yet the New York Times has seen fit to perpetuate the same propagandistic lies that have been promulgated from the pulpits of “the faithful” ever since their religion lost its status as unquestionable “truth” in the state of Kansas. (Apparently, they early recognized that a level playing field presented a serious disadvantage to their dogma vis-�-vis the empirical facts of science [nobody said they were stupid!].)" Aug 29, 19 12:23 PM

New York Times - News media bias rating is Lean Left.
The New York Times News section has a Lean Left media bias.

Important Note: This page refers to the media bias rating for the New York Times' news content only. Our media bias rating for The New York Times Opinion page overall (which includes various op-ed writers and the Editorial Board) is Left.

About The AllSides Media Bias Rating for The New York Times
AllSides' initial research, as well as a UCLA 2005 study, found The New York Times news section to have a Lean Left media bias rating. Initial results from a March 2013 Blind Survey by AllSides confirmed the Lean Left rating, but later results trended toward a bias rating of Center. As of July 2016, the AllSides Bias Rating™ for The New York Times is Lean Left; however, the majority of the almost 7,000 of the AllSides community disagrees with the Lean Left rating. When users were asked what the New York Times news bias rating should be, the average of the votes was found to actually be Lean Left.

In a 2007 survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports, 40% of survey takers believed the New York Times had liberal bias, 20% thought it had no bias, and 11% believed it to be conservative. In 2004, Daniel Okrent, the then-public editor of The New York Times, wrote an editorial in which he explained that when covering some social issues, the paper did in fact have a liberal bias. Since Eisenhower ran for president in 1956, the paper has not endorsed a single Republican nominee for president, but has endorsed every other Democratic candidate." Aug 29, 19 12:24 PM

Obama, whose administration prosecuted and spied on reporters, claims Trump is very bad for criticizing newsrooms

Former President Barack Obama is right when he says his administration’s attacks on the press can't be compared to President Trump's current crusade against the news media.

The Obama White House was far worse for press freedoms.

The former president spoke Friday afternoon at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, urging students to get involved in the November midterm elections. He dedicated a good deal of his address to drawing contrasts between his administration and the administration of President Trump. It was the regular sort of material from Obama. There was a lot about optimism, hope, change, etc.

The real whopper of a lie didn’t come until later in his address when he criticized Trump for routinely attacking the press.

“It shouldn’t be Democratic or Republican to say that we don’t threaten the freedom of the press because they say things or publish stories we don’t like,” the former president said. “I complained plenty about Fox News, but you never heard me threaten to shut them down or call them enemies of the people.”

This is some grade-A, primo historical revisionism.

When it comes to being anti-media, Trump only talks a big game. And, boy, does he talk. Obama, on the other hand, is a man of action. As president, he did much more than complain about Fox News. His administration spent eight long years curbing the press freedoms of journalists of every stripe. Obama was a pro at this.

Trump’s war against the press is indeed ugly and often over-the-top. But let that criticism come from someone who’s not guilty of far worse.

In 2009, for example, the Obama White House intentionally excluded Fox News’ Chris Wallace from participating in a round of interviews pertaining to the president’s push for healthcare reform. Later that same year, the administration officials tried to block Fox reporters from interviewing “pay czar” Kenneth Feinberg. The White House initially lied about this, and many in the press went along with it. It wasn’t until 2011 that the public learned the truth of the Feinberg episode. An internal email dated Oct. 22, 2009, showed the White House director of broadcast media told Treasury officials specifically, “We’d prefer if you skip Fox please.”

The bigger point is that Feinberg was not the only administration official to have his network appearances limited by the White House.

The Obama White House communications director, Anita Dunn, said at the time, “We’re going to treat them the way we would treat an opponent. As they are undertaking a war against Barack Obama and the White House, we don’t need to pretend that this is the way that legitimate news organizations behave.”

That language about "legitimate news organizations" and "opponents" is only different from the things Trump says by degree, not by kind.

In 2010, the Obama administration renewed the bogus Bush-era subpoena against the New York Times' James Risen in a prolonged attempt to determine whether the reporter was the recipient of leaked CIA information. In February 2011, federal investigators were revealed to have spied on Risen. Federal investigators pored over Risen's credit reports and his personal bank records. The feds even tracked his phone logs and movements.

Later, in 2012, Fox was mysteriously excluded from a White House conference call pertaining to the terrorist attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Fox was also excluded from an all-network CIA briefing regarding the attacks.

In 2013, the Obama Justice Department labeled then-Fox News reporter James Rosen a “criminal co-conspirator” under the Espionage Act of 1917. And all because the reporter used a State Department contractor as a source for a story. Rosen was also labeled a "flight risk."

The Justice Department seized the records of at least five phone lines connected to Fox News. The federal law enforcement agency even seized the phone records of Rosen’s parents. The FBI also got a warrant to search Rosen's emails from 2010.

In May 2013, the Associated Press revealed that the Justice Department had secretly collected two months' worth of personal and work-related phone calls made by AP reporters and editors.

Federal officials secretly obtained records on incoming and outgoing calls made by specific AP journalists, as well as general news staff, the news group reported, potentially compromising many sources totally unrelated to the investigation. Federal investigators even collected data on calls made by AP reporters in the House of Representatives press gallery.

In 2014, the Obama administration set the record for denying the most Freedom of Information Act requests of any administration. It topped this feat in 2015.

There are only two actions that the Trump administration has taken that can be compared to the Obama-era war on the press. First, the Trump White House barred a CNN reporter in July from a Rose Garden event. Second, the Trump Justice Department seized electronic correspondences between New York Times reporter Ali Watkins and her ex-lover, former Senate Intelligence Committee aide James Wolfe.

Other than the fact that Obama has an extraordinarily ugly legacy of anti-press behavior, he made some great points Friday. He never actually called the news media the “enemy of the people.” He and his lieutenants simply prosecuted and spied on reporters, all while claiming Fox is "an opponent" and not “ really a news station.”

Obama is right to draw a contrast between himself and Trump. One of them has been an actual clear and grave threat to the press, and the other one has an orange tan." Sep 4, 19 10:49 AM

The girl in the story didn't want to spend $6,000 for in state tuition so she traveled to Poland so the hard working citizens of that country who work half the year to pay personal income taxes and another 2 months per year to pay VAT taxes could cover her education. What an honorable start to her adult life. But then again, she's typical. The words ''I'' and ''me'' figure prominently in her selfish prose." Sep 6, 19 12:15 PM

East Hampton School District Asks Board Of Elections To Keep Voting Out Of The Schools

No. " Sep 11, 19 12:11 PM

You care to list these "better, competitive private schools, problem solved."?" Sep 11, 19 3:21 PM

A Village At A Crossroads: A Roundtable Discussion

If you don't own the building and/or have an all cash business, you can't make it in Southampton Village if you're a small family held business." Sep 12, 19 3:11 PM

As Flu Season Approaches, Doctors Urge Public To Get Vaccinated Now

Your child is of no use to the state until they have been filled with unproven poison from big pharma." Sep 12, 19 3:13 PM

Former Executive Editor Of The New York Times Speaks About 'Truth In The Time Of Trump'

I have no recollection of a sexual assault at the hands of a NYT reporter. If true, that's a despicable crime of which to be guilty." Sep 16, 19 11:10 AM

They're doing it to you guys with the polls again.

And you're falling for it. Again. " Sep 16, 19 4:33 PM