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Illegal fishing charges brought against East Hampton harbormaster

It is sad and a bit frightening how many people come running with torches and pitchforks without taking the time to learn the facts. The fact is; the waterways where Mr. Lester keeps his traps are owned by the East Hampton Town Trustees. Please take some time to educate yourself, go to the Town Trustee’s website (www.trustees.easthamptonny.gov) and read about the history of our Town. Read there home page where it says “Since their creation in 1686, the Trustees have continuously functioned as an autonomous governing body and represent an important historic link to the earliest roots of our democratic Nation.” Please also go to their “history” tab and read about the Dongan Patent. Learn how the Trustees were granted ownership and rights to govern these waterways in 1686. Please take note of the patent granting the Trustees of freeholders and the commonality of the Town of East Hampton the right to fish these waters. The Dongan Patent is a very real, very valid document, one which protects our rights and has been upheld by the Supreme Court. Once you learn about our Town and its history, ask yourself these questions: 1. What right does NYSDEC have IGNORING a very valid law that has been in effect since 1686? 2. Is NYS in violation of OUR Constitutional rights ignoring this law?

I would like to ask our local news reporters to put there focus on The Dongan Patent and uncover a very big story that is being overlooked. Do your research and write a great big front page article about the truth. Fishermen are among of the roots of our great town’s history. The State is setting license requirements and regulations on areas to which they have no rights. These regulations are not “saving fish” they are killing an age old trade and denying our local baymen the right to earn a living.

Put down your pitchforks folks – Mr. Lester is a fisherman, not a felon!
" Feb 11, 10 12:15 PM

Sportsmen Seek Voice Of Their Own

Its funny what people do when they have nothing better to do. Hunger Strike?? Really?? We are the top of the food chain - its only natural to hunt for food. Where do you get your steaks, pork chops and chicken from?? Do you think they just "appear" at the super market?? If you want to see hunger without your "Hunger Strike"....look past the edge of your nose and see how many poor people live right her in our town. Hopefully they are stocking their freezers with deer meat this year." Jan 11, 11 8:42 AM

Montauk Residents File $25 Million Lawsuit Over Erosion

Yeah....blame someone else!! Sue the town because YOU chose a poor location to build your house. Yeah, that makes sense!

PEOPLE - you built your house on sand!!!!! What did you expect? The wind should stop blowing and the ocean stand still?....for you? HAHAHA - Even the bible has a story using "the foolish man who built his house upon the sand" as an example of what NOT to do!" Jan 26, 11 11:19 AM

ENVY? I do not envy fools. OH - WAIT!!!... You are assuming I am of a lower financial bracket because of my screen name?? AND - that I should envy someone with a beach house that is about to fall into the ocean. HAHA... You know what they say about those who assume! You know NOTHING about me "Joe Hampton"." Jan 26, 11 4:18 PM