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Southampton Superintendent Resigns, Receives $300,000 Payout; District Refuses To Disclose Investigation Findings

Besides the obvious...less people will come to vote no @Parrish June 4th...how come the voting for the same same district budget/monies does not occur same place/same time?" May 4, 16 1:19 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Village Public Hearing Draws In Over 150 People

I will comply. I will arrive early enough to drive on. I will park my vehicle just off to the right a few hundred feet off Jim Aery Way...where the high tide line ends,and 2150 Meadow Lane, begins. I invite ALL 175 of you to join me, park next to me, and I will have burgers for every one! Turkey/chicken for those of you allergic...and portobello for my vegetarian bathing beauties.
See you on the beach, Memorial Day Weekend! xoxo" May 16, 16 9:42 AM

does it make a difference that the the majority of the vehicles are PARKED for the better part of the day and not actually driving up and down the oceanfront?" May 17, 16 9:30 AM

From the May 24th agenda...

Public Hearings:
1. Local Law – Amending Chapter 80 with respect to vehicles on beach
2. Local Law – Amending Chapter 86 with respect to permit parking


" May 19, 16 11:22 AM

Go to another beach. It's really not weird at all. The situation has been going on for years...Hatfields & McCoys...It appears that the beach area between Roads F & G had been designated and referred to as the 24/7, 365 4x4 picnic beach in documents dating back to before 1990. The wannabe beach drivers were somewhat banished to the end of Dune Road where there were NO houses. No wealthy mansion owners to complain about THEIR beachfront littered with locals in beach buggies. Locals embraced it. You all pretty much know the history.
For the legal issue...
2150 Meadow Lane was purchased 11/04/2004. The owners concurrently owned another inland village property...which they sold. At that time the beach was ALREADY DESIGNATED A DRIVE-ON/PARK-ON PICNIC BEACH. Three months later...in Feb 2005 the owners wrote to the Board to complain. 3 months...in the middle of WINTER. Seems to me there weren't many oceanfront props left...oooh lets buy 2150....it's cheap...(er) ...SO what if there's a drive on beach...we'll sue the village and win. Caveat Emptor. They knew.

No one OWNS the beach. It's for every one. Parking on a designated drive-on beach seems quite normal.
" May 25, 16 10:51 AM

Southampton Village Residents Outraged At Possible Picnic Area Driving Limits

Life's a beach, and so is karma...
" May 25, 16 3:49 PM

UPDATE: Schneiderman Unveils More Details About Proposal To Reroute Tuckahoe Road

Unbelievable. Let Shinnecock Golf have the helipad. We get the $$$ AND tax revenue. Let them park in a designated area WEST OF THE CANAL...perhaps the WH Airport. Shuttle choppers to/from course. No traffic. In conjunction with LIRR from WH to Southampton College stop and build a foot bridge. :)" Jun 15, 16 11:59 AM

Apparently, yes." Jun 17, 16 8:54 AM

Amagansett School District Will Not Release Full Report On Potential Impacts Of Affordable Housing

School admins are appointed, not elected. It's all about who you know, bl_w, or grow potatoes for round these parts.

See you at the beach. " Jun 23, 16 9:40 AM

UPDATE: Schneiderman Unveils More Details About Proposal To Reroute Tuckahoe Road

The road could be closed to "commercial" traffic and trade paraders.
A tunnel might dig up some ancient Shinnecock artifacts, and nobody wants to go there. But, foot bridges at certain areas, with steps, and/or smooth archway for golf carts and wheelchairs would be perfect. Additionally, perhaps they could build a VISTA VIEWING crow's nest structure...or maybe an A-frame "THE 19th Hole", better yet, the "A-Hole"" Jun 27, 16 10:05 AM

Discovery Land Insists That 'The Hills' Won't Add Any Children To Local Schools

Like the one Tuckahoe School gets from from all the golf courses in their hamlet?
" Jun 28, 16 3:20 PM

Shinnecock Hills Golf Club President Says Tuckahoe Road Proposal Is A Matter Of Safety

Children's course? There is a school and a camp at St. Andrews Road. Don't do it.
Build bridges, dig tunnels. At least TRY the bridges and tunnels before this huge upheaval roads and construction and upsetting the community for something the majority don't want. Give $5M to the Tuckahoe Schools. Maybe the idea would be better received if something was given back to the people who live here year-round vs. 6 months out of the year-at best." Jul 6, 16 12:08 PM

Perhaps there can be query done on the number of injuries/accidents/car-dents?
*Founded in 1891* ;)

But watch out drivers (of vehicles); most of them can really play golf well...I can see them now as they pick-out one their drivers, take aim at a pick-up truck, and use a mulligan as they chuckle to the next hole.
" Jul 6, 16 3:13 PM

Shark Spotted At Quogue Village Beach Sunday

Well, the Loan Sharks ARE at Cooper's Beach tonight..." Jul 6, 16 3:18 PM

Sagg Bridge In Sagaponack Gets State Funding For Rehabilitation


Yes. 2011. “Some of our residents were terrified that this was going to spawn high-speed traffic down that street..."
Make them pay for it themselves...use the $500k for more sand for our eroding beaches. " Jul 6, 16 3:26 PM

Police: Six Sold Alcohol To Minors In Sting Targeting Southampton Town Businesses

I've seen them sting with one over 21, and one under 21. The big stinger orders two drinks...then gives the underage stinger the alcoholic beverage. Then the bartender is at fault for not checking who the other drink was for. " Jul 10, 16 7:23 AM

Shinnecock Hills Golf Club President Says Tuckahoe Road Proposal Is A Matter Of Safety

Yes to bigfresh!
But, then, it would only be a matter of time before the meadowlamers would find a way to try to claim it for themselves. :(" Jul 10, 16 8:12 AM

C O N V O Y ! ! ! Who's in?!?" Jul 11, 16 10:53 PM

Southampton Town Board To Discuss Proposed Tuckahoe Road Rerouting Idea At August Work Session

It's all about the money-money-money...

Money money moneee, mon-ey.

They'll be re routing the traffic off the course to be problem of others. Closing tuckahoe rd is not the solution. ALL the roads leading West from 3-7pm are congested. It's unfair for the officials to designate this specific strip of road as dangerous as opposed to all the others which accident logs can actually prove.
Look at the intersection of north-sea Mecox & north sea road for one.
And all the traffic cutting through all the roads from Noyac trying to get to 27. Our CHILDREN play LIFE on these roads all summer, not golf.
Better trafficking of traffic would be the place to start before appeasing the most welcomed wealthy well-to-doers. If there's not enough $ or person power to go the job, a tax should be sought from the clubs.
I wonder how Montessori & and Camp Gan weighed in on this. Unless, they were bought off too.
And, no, I cannot attend the the 10:00 AM hearing. I have to work. To pay taxes.
" Jul 14, 16 7:08 AM

Southampton Village Board Nears Vote On Picnic Area Driving Limit

Thank you to all the usual suspects who have continually, over the last thirty-plus years, shown up to meetings and spoken publicly in defense of beach access and keeping the picnic area open as it should be.

It takes a Village-to raise the issues of their proprietors; but it takes a COMMUNITY to band together to quell the attempts of the wealthy, seasonal, land grabbing, carpetbagging-otherwise probably really nice lovely people.
Peace out." Jul 15, 16 10:10 AM

Southampton Town Officials Meet At Triton Lane To Discuss Opening Second Ocean Beach-Driving Area

No one would contest the plight of plovers endangerment. I would suspect that the construction, deconstruction and reconstruction of the 100+, 10,000 sq ft plus, seasonal summer oceanfront homes have contributed far more destruction to the to ALL the flora and fauna and their habitats -- than driving, or parking on the the sand. " Jul 15, 16 11:46 AM

'driving on the beach does not destroy the ecosystem so try blowing a different horn'
By CaptainSig

'certainly doesnt help...'
By adlkjd923ilifmac.aladfksdurwp

Sorry...seems to fit right in. Guess I missed something." Jul 15, 16 2:07 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Seek More Public Beach Access

Why is Road "E", Dune Beach, a Village beach and not a town beach?" Jul 20, 16 2:06 PM

Southampton Board Of Education Postpones Making Decision About Columbus Day Holiday

Can't we all just SHARE the day and move along?
Aren't there SO many other BIGGER issues facing our community, county, and Nation?
Legalize marijuana and let's all smoke the Peace Pipe. " Jul 28, 16 8:49 AM

Southampton School Administrator Receives Raise Despite Being Effectively Replaced

What a joke. More money being wasted on POOR ADMINISTRATION of OUR school district!!!! Incompetent administrators, legal fees, and excessive payouts take away from programs for the children. The entire Board and Administration should be investigated and audited for their practices by an outside agency.

" Jul 28, 16 9:14 AM

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