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2 Comments by John Battle

Hackers take hockey off the pond

Thanks Oliver for your article and photos of our club. I wish to correct the record though regarding our history. Back in '05, Gigi Morris and I hatched the idea of The Hackers Hockey Club over dinner. Gigi played for Princeton University's Women's Varsity Hockey Team (a few years ago) and was as keen to get her skates back on as I was. She and I have taken turns with the management of the club and she, sadly, took this year off to be the driver for her hockey playing daughter who trains and competes up island. We hope to see Gigi playing again next year!" Feb 26, 10 4:53 PM

Sag Harbor school proposes painful cuts

I copied a related NEWSDAY article dated March 20, 2010 by John Hildebrand who reported that the Roslyn School District Teachers Union agreed to a temporary pay freeze, despite the fact that after 20 months they still have not resolved their contract dispute with the Roselyn Board of Education. He wrote "The freeze is the Island’s first for a teachers’ union in more than four years, according to labor leaders and past news coverage. Brentwood and Lindenhurst now are pressing their teachers for future freezes or raise deferments, and Plainedge teachers recently signed a five-year contract with 1 percent raises in each of the first two years."

" Mar 24, 10 10:25 PM