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Throne-Holst And Team Release Campaign Video

Rabblerouser, I for one feel blessed and privileged to be in a Town ruled by European royalty, Her Royal Highness Throne Holst. I recommend we allocate Town Budget funds to make Hollywood videos of Queen Anna so we can advertise her all over the world and invite other royalty like Princess Kate Middleton and the like to Southampton to compete with Monte Carlo and other towns in the Cote D'azur in the Summer.

Great tourist attraction I must say. And along the shabby CR39, we can put up stunning billboards of our own Princess running on the finest beaches of Southampton to excite the tourists. It will really spruce up the Hamptons to no end and jack up real estate values.

" Oct 28, 11 7:45 PM

Fleming, Scalera Win Southampton Board Race; Throne-Holst Reelected

Nonsense, Peoplefirst. Linda was a very late write in candidate (while Anna was fundraising over a year ago) and they almost always don't win unless they have a lot of money to match incumbents. She was not even on the Republican Line due to a deal Anna made with Wruck to keep the Republican line blank in exchange for Anna's dumping Bridget on the Independence line for Scalera.

And as for your narrative that Linda caused the ratings downgrade, your ignorance is breathtaking as it is something you can never defend. All the audits are clear that the problems and fund deficits and increases happened totally in Heaney's time in 2002-2007. And I challenge you to refute that with facts.

That is typical Anna Throne-Royalty who will never live down the Court proven confirmation of her being a liar in the DUI PBA conspiracy, complete with subpoenaed phone records of the 1:00am conversation between PBA Pay Aube and Anna.

Next time, Throne-Royalty will face a real Republican challenge on the Republican line.The disgracefully incompetent Wruck and Heaney are no longer so powerful as the Party has finally come to its senses." Nov 8, 11 11:45 PM

Linda did a poor job? She spent two years fixing the mess which netted the Town the credit upgrade six weeks after she left office. Towns get into huge holes like Southampton did over years of abuse and out of control spending like Heaney did from 2002- 2007.

In Linda's first year 2008, she instituted a hiring and spending freeze after Heaney's wild spending, and in 2009 had an audit completed that documented these Heaney fical abominations. Furthermore she produced a budget with a $5 million cut in spending inspite of escalating healthcare and pension costs which today is still in force, including her hiring freeze policy, except Anna had proposed to increase it (public information) until she was thwarted last year, albeit in a poor fashion.

Six weeks after Linda left, her two year labor to right the finances was rewarded by the rating upgrade, No idiot that Anna would have us believe, would think that a problem 6 years in the making would miraculously get solved in six weeks after she assumes office. It will take years as well to return the Town to where it was before. Anna is the crowing rooster taking credit for the sun rising in the morning.

And this year Anna adopted Linda's 2009 budget cornestones of Police retirements and $5Million cuts in spending, policies she vigorously opposed when presented in 2009 which is obviously an acknowledgement of Linda's correct policies and Anna's total lack of creative solutions!

As for fair and square, even Anna admitted to her friends that without that timely and phoney DUI charge that was so absurd the jury quickly threw it out, that she would probably have not won it the first time.

" Nov 9, 11 12:46 AM

Dodger: "She once said that Skip had taught her every dirty trick in the book and that she was going to use themDodger: "

Anna campaign operatives are so brimming with unsupported loose slander that are so irrational and illogical which when challenged, they never, ever back up with facts. They just throw them up against the wall and hope some stick with the innocents.
You talk as if Heaney was a mentor which is so laughable because everyone knows Cannuscio who despised Heaney, was her mentor and taught her about public service. The fact is that she protested (with Graboski) against Heaney's dirty tricks and even ran a Primary against him - AND WON!

And you slime Linda with the accusation that she said she was going to use every dirty trick in the book WHEN IT IS ANNA WHO IS A COURT PROVEN LIAR AND CONSPIRATOR IN HER DUI ARREST AND JAILING WHICH THE JURY SAW RIGHT THROUGH AND THREW OUT!

And it is also Anna who threw Bridget and Sally Pope under the bus in 2009 when no Democrat won any seat in the Town Council with Anna's dirty deal with Heaney that everyone in the Republican committee knows!

And it was also Anna who made a deal with the deposed Republican Party head Wruck to keep the Republican line Blank IN EXCHANGE FOR REMOVING BRIDGET FROM THE INDEPENDENCE LINE WHICH SHE HAD THE LAST TIME, THROWING BRIDGET UNDER THE BUS YET AGAIN AND SHE KNOWS IT!

You Anna political operatives are so stupid with your accusations that you are self contradictory and can never support. High school campaign managers will not stoop to the idiocy of your amateurish claims. Instead of falsely accusing Linda with charges that have been repeatedly challenged and you all can't back up, you should face up to the stunning weaknesses of your client who has been exposed in the last two elections as follows:

1)She is despised by a large portion of voters and HAS NO COATAILS. She couldn't bring up Bridget or Pope in 2009. She couldn't get fellow Independence partymate Bender in. Bridget, the Democratic shining star won INSPITE OF ANNA RUNNING INTERFERENCE!
2)She caused Brad's defeat: By putting Scalera in the Independence Line, she stole votes that would have gone to Bridget and instead went to Scalera, pumping up her vote count against Brad. In razor thin ending, a few votes here and there can decide the election. So Brad, you an thank Annafor your troubles, because she doesn't really care about you just her own victory however she can secure it.
3)She is making a mockery of the infirm Democratic Party that has lost its own self respect that it can only field one Democrat in this election cycle. If you're a Dem, SHAME ON YOU!
4)THIS IS REALLY A STUNNING VICTORY FOR LINDA AND A HUMILIATING ELECTION FOR ANNA! As weeks ago with virtually nan unopposed candidate on the ballot, Linda, a very late write in candidate just 6 weeks ago with no money with no Party backing thanks to Wruck and Heaney, and virtually no fundraising and no campaign funds, should have received no more than 5 or 10% of the votes. Instead, she blows through with more than 50% of Anna's votes, who had been campaigning and fundraising with big contributors (illegally as it turns out, talk about dirty tricks) for well over a year.

The three or four of you Anna campaign operatives should really be worried about Anna's future plans to run for US Congress, state office, or higher County office. as they say in Texas, "YOUR DOG DON'T HUNT"! " Nov 9, 11 1:17 PM

SayWhat: "On that note, I will say this. As far as being a liar, I believe that if Anna's intention was to say that she did not receive any phone calls re the DUI then she did in fact lie. I believe that IF she was consciously choosing her words carefully enough to say "no I did not receive a call saying "we got her"" (without actually saying "no I didn't receive any call at all) then she was making a political move which you may call sneaky or dishonest but do so with the understanding that this is a common occurence in politics and it is certainly not one that is exclusive to ATH, Independents, Democrats, anyone other then Republicans, etc."

Don't you have anything better to do than spew your laughable ninnyhammer
rationalizations of Anna's court exposed lies? It's so beyond retarded it's got me rolling in stitches!" Nov 17, 11 7:18 PM

Southampton Town Board Adopts 2012 Budget With $63.8 Tax Levy

Nuzzi, quick, answer the Officer!

" Nov 18, 11 9:49 PM

Sorry whatever your name is. Your post flies in the face of reality. Malone is simply trying to be fiscally responible in regard to the out of control spending of the Police Dept which was the biggest culprit in Heaney's financial disaster of the last decade.

On top of the massive fiscal deficits that Heaney orchestrated in his tenure was the Town Police Dept with accumulated Deficits of about $8 Million on top of the out of this world salaries, benefits, overtime, and pensions they already are receiving. And as taxpayers are getting laid off, suffering foreclosures, acutely downsizing their expenses and lives, the Police Dept keeps on demanding ever higher salaries and benefits.



" Nov 19, 11 10:35 AM

Definitely not true sir! The Police deficits were cash deficits from spending that went unnoticed over several years because as the forensic auditors said, the fund accounting during that period was a shambles and had no relation to reality.

Heaney believed that if no one could figure out how the books stood, who's going to find out anything.


For you to claim the Police Dept had absolutely nothing to do and never benefitted from the $8 Million deficits, I have a bridge to sell to you in NYC - really cheap and a wonderful value. " Nov 19, 11 6:07 PM

Oh you poor dear Lifesaver, you can't even read a newspaper properly. But of course, 5 straight years of Heaney fiscal mismanagement resulted in the huge budget deficits that caused the $8 Million Police Deficit. Town officials were in control and could have stopped the checks the Police were writing but didn't. That was Heaney's and Charlene Kagel's job pointed out by the forensic auditors.

That didn't mean or say that the Police didn't spend any of that $8 Million as you imply - THEY DEFINITELY DID! Your alleged quote of the Press doesn't say that the Police didn't spend any of that money did it?

If you say it did, then I challenge you to prove it in black and white to show the people you are encouraging to read it. In fact, since you make that claim, show where in the audit report that it says specifically that the Police had not spent any of that huge deficit! And this time, provide a link so people can see the document. Do I hear a lot of crickets?

On second thought, I withdraw the bridge offer to Spinny in favor of an easier sale. I am instead offering you a better deal on that spiffy bridge, a 25% discount in the spirit of Christmas. You can surely sell it easily for double before New Year! Well?
" Nov 20, 11 12:05 AM

Lifesaver, my challenge for you to provide documented statements that none of those deficits were expenditures of the Police Dept,. remain unanswered.

They either were or they weren't. You either produce them or they don't exist." Nov 20, 11 4:40 PM

Wrong again, Lifesaver. You responded first to this comment of mine to Spinny:

"For you to claim the Police Dept had absolutely nothing to do and never benefitted from the $8 Million deficits, I have a bridge to sell to you in NYC - really cheap and a wonderful value. "

So please prove that the Police had nothing to do with the $8 Million expenditures and they never benefitted from the money! You are just parsing words. If you can't provide proof, you can't. Your sophomoric persiflage and equivocation is simply juvenile and annoying.

Unless you can provide the proof to answer my comments, this is my last post on this increasingly futile matter." Nov 21, 11 12:55 AM

Spinny, I've repeated my challenge several times in black and white and it equally goes to you. You know the terms of my challenge and you either answer it or you don't!" Nov 22, 11 11:50 AM

fcmcmann: You have a long history of muddled illogical thinking and ignorance . In the basic principles of argumentation and debate, it is fundamental that he who asserts must prove! Spinny and Lifesaver have made repeated assertions about the absolute innocence of the Police Dept in those expenditures, speciously using supposed specific forensic auditor finddings.

I merely asked them to prove the Police Dept had absolutely nothing to do with those deficit expenditures! I'm waiting and waiting and waiting, and all I hear are crickets in the dark of night.

" Nov 22, 11 12:59 PM

Brad Bender Concedes Southampton Town Board Race To Christine Scalera

Brad, people know how hard you worked the last year and a half and many really feel for you. Unfortunately, you made an unfortunate tactical decision in aligning yourself closely with Anna hoping to benefit from her coattails. You didn't realize she has none!

Two years ago, aided especially by a phony PBA conspiracy to arrest Linda Kabot, jailing her overnight and the ensuing horrific public scandal ( but thrown out so fast by the jury like a month old stinking fish), Anna won going away, by an underwhelming margin. But Bridget and Sally Pope were left in the dust. This year Bridget won because she proved in office she was even better than Anna (winning inspite of Anna).

It says a lot when a candidate politically inactive for two years, with virtually no campaigning, a very late 6 week "write in" candidate not even on the ballot, with practically no fundraising, a pauper's campaign budget, can take 37% of the votes away from an incumbent Supervisor campaigning and fundraising for over a year, pockets full of cash, illegally as it turns out even, with all the powerful advantages of incumbency.

She had so much cash she produced an autobiography entitled "Descended From Royalty" and actually spent $30,000 for that trashy telenovela that had the Democratic Party yukking it up behind her back, not to mention the Republican Committee that were simply gleeful with comic relief. Oh you just can't make these thing up!

Brad, you made a critical mistake of visibly attaching yourself in the campaign to Anna Throne- Royalty that turned off a lot of people. If that wasn't enough, her deal with Republican head Wruck to put Scalera on the Independence line (in exchange for keeping the Republican Supervisor line blank), instead of Bridget who had it the last time, likely added a few hundred votes for Scalera at your obvious expense, dooming your efforts. Without that evil Anna move, you would now be addressed by Southampton citizens as "Honorable" since you lost by a razor thin 113 votes.

Lesson of the elections: When you lay with dogs (or should I more appropriately say lie based on your idol's proclivity), you wake up with fleas!" Nov 23, 11 12:23 AM

Say What, I do admire your always reflexive defense of Her Royal Highness like Pavlov's dog on cue but only two of your points are worth commenting on:

1)Placing Royalty's name in context of "Team" is an oxymoron. A team player would not sacrifice a supposed ally who defends her more than she defends herself (abstention on last year's budget and this year's Police deal while she left Bridget high and dry as the only one to hold her ground - ridiculous political move). To throw Bridget under the bus in favor of Scalera to ensure she will not have Republican Party opposition IS HARDLY WHAT I WOULD CONSIDER A "TEAM MOVE" and you are hypocritical perhaps for totally ignoring that?

TEAM? Just ask Sally Pope and Bridget if all these years they have ever felt they were a team with the Queen, or is it Duchess since her grandfather was amost a knight? You're a Democrat and stop beating around the bush!

If you or she's under self delusion that she's winning for any reason other than she's got the Democratic Party behind her, then you both have no pulse on the Town. Next time, let her run just on the Independence line and let's see if she can beat Bill Hughes, no disrespect intended for Bill. How about that for a challenge? Nah, Royalty knows the truth and will never attempt it.

RAZZA: A last minute write-in candidate who's nowhere in the ballot, that has no party support whatsoever and no campaign funds to boot has no business getting more that 5 or 10% of the vote (37% IS HUMONGOUS CONSIDERING THE OPPONENT'S INCUMBENCY, MONEY COMING OUT OF HER GILLS, CAMPAIGNING AND FUNDRAISING FOR OVER A YEAR, and you asked a self contradictory question.

Implying that Brad benefitted with the close association to Anna when he lost is an illogical non sequitur. It's more like he lost because of that association! Razza, you sound like somebody else who likes to post irrational statements - do you have another nom de plume in the Press blogs?

Again, Brad won because of the Democratic Party backing. If he thinks otherwise, why doesn't he run under the Independence Party alongside the Princess and let's see if he can even come close to Bill Hughes. He knows the answer and will never attempt it!" Nov 23, 11 3:46 PM

Southampton Town Board Approves More Police Overtime

HHS, the political wing of the PD is out in full force in this article as expected. This has been going on for more than a decade, a police department unaccountable to anyone, creating massive deficits in good times and bad. And the cops' bloggers. friends and relatives are out in full force regardless of the fiscal impact on the town - "JUST GIVE THEM WHATEVER THEY WANT OR YOU'LL END UP DEAD DURING YOUR HOUR OF NEED OR CRIMINALS WILL OVERRUN SOUTHAMPTON IF THEIR ENDLESS BUDGET DEFICITS ARE NOT APPROVED!

I am sure the usual PBA bloggers will say "oh, the deficits were purely the fault of the incompetent Town Council, they simply put the money elsewhere"! Fact is Anna and Bridget were beneficiaries of PBA support and largesse and are just performing their lapdog roles - just rubber stamp whatever they ask for without accountability.

In the meeting, instead of getting at the gist of the unexplained deficits (why they are being authorized continually) as Nuzzi and Malone were trying to do Anna, the PBA/Wilson labradoodle just kept saying" Talk to the Police Chief instead of addressing the objections before the vote! She's a joke!

Many Town citizens and employees have been downsized and forced to severely tighten their belts, forced to retire, roads having been subjected to very poor maintenance the past 3 years, and the PD just keeps merrily rolling along with hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars of unbudgeted deficits over the years.

I know the PD apologists will revise history and say these Deficits are a mirage are a creative figment of the imagination, created by the Town Board but thinking citizens with with greater than single digit IQs know what has been going on.

Unless the Town reins in this out of control, unaccountablel PD, structural deficits over time and decades will always be with us, especially when the inevitable real wstate bubbles predictably end." Dec 1, 11 10:03 AM

Southampton Town Board Adopts 2012 Budget With $63.8 Tax Levy

"Your nom de plume is very apropos-"BLANK".

The drama we are seeing now at Town Board about the overtime deficits being created and discussed in yesterday's Town Board meeting was about approving more money to fund PD overtime deficits that were not in the BUDGET. It appears the Town will end up with over $800K in overtime deficits which only two months ago were surprisingly presented as being a little over $400K. THIS WAS WHY NUZZI AND MALONE WERE TEARING THEIR HAIR OUT IN FRUSTRATION, TRYING TO GET AT THE ROOT OF THE INCREASING DEFICITS!

That overtime deficit will likely end up over $800K. Over the last decade, the Town Board simply signed off an allocated money to cover these deficits which is what you malevolently claim so irrationally as usual as "THERE HAS NEVER BEEN ANY DEFICIT AT ALL IN THE HISTORY OF THE STPD!

" Dec 1, 11 10:42 AM

Southampton Town Board Approves More Police Overtime

Mr. Blank, can you read?

"As of the end of November, Town Police Chief William Wilson Jr. had spent an estimated $702,000 on police overtime, some $225,000 more than he was budgeted for this year, according to Ms. Wright. And that figure is only expected to go up before the end of the year as it does not include overtime expenditures for the last two weeks of November and all of December."

And there's more, right in this very article:

"With three pay periods remaining in the year—overtime runs at a two-week lag—Mr. Malone estimated on Tuesday that the town could expect to pay another $120,000 more in police overtime. “Which would be 850,000—all told,” he said."

Even if one uses last year's greater Overtime budget of $525,000 and not this year's $475,000 (all departments need to cut costs in this environment) the PD is still way over budget - and that is why some Town Board members are upset at the out of control overtime expenses." Dec 2, 11 1:51 AM


A couple of days ago you said:"I ask that you also please document anything that you post. There is NO evidence that at any time the PD went over budget. I ask you to prove me wrong."

I've obviously proven you wrong in a very absurd manner as you contradicted the very article you're commenting on.

" Dec 2, 11 2:17 PM

Bay Street Says Southampton Is Best Option Amid Few Sag Harbor Possibilities

Bay Street Theatre will never succeed under their two creative Directors Murphy Davis and Cybill will never be successful because they have no knowledge of creating a product to appeal to the summer crowd from which they largely get approximately 50% of their revenues, resulting in chronically bad budget shortfalls.

Their self indulgent plays that fail to create any excitement results in empty seats in the middle of the crucial summer season, which doesn't help in fund raising either. Donors give up giving to perennial losers who don't have any place in the entertainment market. On Broadway, they would have shut down years ago.

And surprisingly, Frank Filippo, the banker, fails to rein in these sinkhole producers unlike how he treats terrible banking clients who don't produce. So the charade goes on and on. How they can turn down a facility in southampton Village offered essentially for free when they are struggling to pay their $500K or so rent claiming perpetual budget shortfalls is simply financialyy insane!

Unless they let go their two artistic directors, they will simply sink deeper into the financial pit to a self inflicted death. Maybe just as well so some other good theatre group can fill the void and really liven up the Hamptons summer experience. Even at their usual 50% off, their plays simply bomb out at the Box Office!" Jan 16, 12 10:23 AM

Southampton Village Taxpayers Foot Bill For Building Department Error

A flaw in the system? Were you born yesterday?

Do you think the real estate attorneys' developers, building inspectors, tax assessors knew nothing about that loophole, a profitable one that they can use to their advantage? If you do, then I have this really beautiful bridge in Mahattan I can sell you really cheap.

That's a Southampton insider racket that's the tip of the iceberg as longtime residents know!" Feb 27, 12 11:21 PM

Revamped Supermarket Development Proposed For Tuckahoe


In heavy traffic and intense shopping activity during the summer, tractor trailer deliveries would bypass the bumper to bumper traffic of CR 39, and wind their way through many community roads, where our children are playing, biking, skateboarding and more.

Although reduced, the project is still anchored by that supermarket that experts have said repeatedly does not have a place on CR 39. Morrow keeps putting lipstick on a pig hoping that with some strategic donations, the pig will look like a beauty queen! " Mar 1, 12 8:43 AM

Southampton Town Police Lieutenant Placed On Forced Leave

The Southampton Police Dept has always been the out of control and extremely expensive "armpit" of Southampton Town. We can drastically cut our taxes and improve the Town's finances almost overnight by subcontracting the work to the Suffolk Police Dept!

It's way past time!" May 12, 12 7:35 AM

Tuckahoe And Southampton School Officials Discuss Exclusive Tuition Deal

For decades, the Southampton school district knew that that they were overcharging Tuckahoe but relied on the proximity to the neighborhood and convenience of parents to carry the day. They neither provided competitive tuition nor superior academics, having the worst academic credentials and record among Westhampton and especially Sag Harbor (Pierson), an option that should seriously be considered, especially now that they have adopted the vaunted IB curriculum.

Tuckahoe and Southampton got away with the uneconomic Southampton option because Tuckaho just kept raising taxex with expenses more than doubling in the last 10 or so years. Well, taxpayers have refused to support this arrangement and have been sending the Trustees an unequivocal message for the last two years, rejecting the budget and passing last year's by just 12 votes.

Costs have gone out of control with taxes going up an average of about 8% in the last 12 years while the inflation rate was at a minimal 2.5 - 3%.

I believe academic excellence and cost needs to be the main criteria for an exclusive contract and in these, Southampton simply fails miserably, which is why Westhampton is becoming more popular. Mediocrity and high cost should never be rewarded.
." Jun 10, 12 7:14 PM

And FYI, the families of these professors changed that practice primarily because as educators, they were quite aware of the poor academics at Southampton compared to alternatives. These knowledgeable academic families were responsible for the once good reputation of Tuckahoeey served as a good check on the Management and pedagogical quality of Tuckahoe.

With the closure of Southampton College, we lost these academic treasures, replaced by many families with the most mediocre concepts of quality elementary education who fail to hold management to account for the poor annual performance.

This contributed to the decline of the Tuckahoe education to what it is today, although listening to Tuckahoe backers, you'd think Tuckahoe was such an amazingly superior school.

In the meantime, many taxpayers know the truth, and are registering their strong protest votes in the budget vote." Jun 10, 12 9:35 PM

Some parents will always give more value to convenience and familiarity. But those who really look to their kids' academic futures and want to give their kids the maximum academic advantages will mostly go to WHB, and hopefully Pierson as well .

Negotiating with SHSD on an exclusive contract is a fool's errand that will go nowhere and will be rejected by the more enlightened sectors of Tuckahoe. Only the yahoos will support it!" Jun 14, 12 12:51 PM

Opponents And Supporters Of CPI Proposal Sound Off At Public Hearing

On disallowed zoning applications involving waivers and special approvals, the Town Board members should all disclose the amount of "campaign contributions" provided by applicants or developers in the past.

This is an obvious source of corruption that elected officials have not done, allowing them to hide ulterior motives on controversial decisions that are not in the interests of citizens and their community.

If Councilors and the Supervisor wish to vote against zoning laws, it seems only fitting to show citizens how much they have received form the developer to have necessary transparency. if they have naked conflicts of interest, the voters need to know.

If they want to vote against the people, do it in the light of day, not behind some concocted development rationale many of which have scientifically proven to be the cause of the increasing pollution of our bays and ocean.

" Jun 19, 12 2:44 PM

Altschuler Sweeps Primary Election, Will Face Bishop in November

You ought to get used to the "outsourcer" moniker since that was how he actually built his company and made his millions shipping thousands of American jobs to India and other countries. Truth hurts and he now wants to represent the East End and pontificate about his "job creation" accomplishments.

The Emperor has no clothes and is utterly transparent. And yes he
was truly from Jersey. " Jun 28, 12 12:04 AM

Brown Tide Chokes Western Shinnecock Bay

Sewage! And now the developers Rechler want to build more Condos and more sewage by the water on Eastern Shinnecock Bay to make sure East Shinnecock is just as filthy! More housing density on Hampton Bays especially by the water means more algae blooms, more pollution, and more destruction of our clean water.

Vote out any Town Board member who approves the Rechler project." Jun 28, 12 12:14 AM

Town May Not Have Funds For Tuckahoe School Sidewalk

Give me a break - this is such an easy problem to fix for the safety of our children and the parents who have to walk with them. Anna and the Town Board can easily write a check on this safety hazard. They waste an incredible amount of money in funding out of control Cadillac benefits for patronage Town employees with over the top benefits that those employed in the private sector or are unemployed can only drool and fantasize over.

Bennies such as super expensive and absurd lifetime healthcare benefits for those who work 10 years at Town Hall, all billed to town taxpayers and with the great pensions, are ever increasing every year!

The town has an $81 Million budget and Anna Throne Holst just crowed what a liquid position the Town is in because the Town had huge budget surpluses last year of over a million dollars and a Reserve Fund of about $13 Million!.

"Independent auditors presented the Southampton Town Board with their snapshot of the town’s finances at the end of 2011 last week and, as expected, painted a relatively rosy picture of the financial status the town is in, particularly in comparison to just a couple of years ago.

The auditors confirmed that the town has turned millions of dollars of deficit into substantial surpluses in all of its major funds, including the once financially mired police fund and Highway Department budget. The auditors applauded the conservative budgeting, aggressive cost-cutting and careful controls on spending that drove the turnaround, and even seemed to thank the town comptroller’s office for making their jobs a lot easier."

So how about it Anna, how about supporting the kids and voters of Tuckahoe who will remember this when you run again next year, if you do. Furthermore, if Alex Gregor does get the grant, then you get the money back.

Anna, this is a no-brainer and should be a priority #1 for your constituents! Tuckahoe parents, why not go to Town Hall during the weekly Town Board meetings and speak your mind in the Public portion. Shouldn't you fight for your kids? This should not even be an issue for responsible public servants in Town Hall. The money is more than there, it's the will that's lacking.
" Jun 29, 12 4:09 PM

Tuckahoe Finds Voting Irregularities, Re-Piping Project Put Off

Instead of addressing this credible charge with some factual information, as usual, you come up with a personal attack unrelated to the potential fraud. This charge was based on documented FOILED municipal information State Dept of Education.


And all you can say about this is that Sue has a chip on her shoulder? Are you serious? Progressnow is your name? You, Grisnik, and Steudte, along with your group have been responsible for the school's descent in the last 10-15 years to Dante's 9th Circle of Hell, from an outstanding school to a big joke with horrendous academic performance, without even a basic second language instruction; but with collected excess taxes to buy a decrepit and totally useless house for over $500K, adjoining land for over $500K (totally unrelated to improving the pathetic academic performance) and squirreled over $1 Million in capital expenditure funds collecting cobwebs in the bank getting less than 1% interest.

Over $2Million in excess taxes that has caused this community to severely lose trust and confidence with this Grisnik cabal that has had problems in the last two years to get this budget passed. No wonder the community has lost confidence in the horrible leadership of this school.

On the contrary, this turmoil is Grisnik centered and driven, supporting a previous Superintendent reportedly falsifying academic reports to NY State that led to her dismissal (er, resignation) and continuing attempts to dislodge Sharon Grindle, first with the NY State criticized effort to dislodge Grindle, disguised as vote to convert to a union free school, and now, under his Chairmanship, a potential fraudulent vote to accomplish the elusive objective.

From your posts in the past, you have been firmly supportive of these Grisnik led efforts! So just let the Police and NY State do their jobs and reserve comment for later. You are totally ignorant of the facts of this case and your type of comments serve no purpose.

What has characterized" Sep 13, 12 1:41 PM

So support your rescue with facts, instead of a clueless Tuckahoe mom brainless wacko idiocy." Sep 13, 12 4:19 PM

Tuckahoe And Southampton School Districts Seek Merger Study

For the most part, the Tuckahoe School Board has been dominated by the most educationally regressive influence prone to irrational and low quality decision making. And it pervades the whole Tuckahoe culture, quality, and results, top to bottom.

I agree that that there is no reason Tuckahoe should limit consolidation options to Southampton HS, a proven bastion of educational mediocrity, like Tuckahoe. It will be a merger of two laggards, an unconscionable prospect.

Westhampton HS, the choice of enlightened Tuckahoe parents to whom education is paramount or important, or even better, Pearson of Sag Harbor whose results are exemplary in the Hamptons should be the obvious choices. Folks: EDUCATION MATTERS, a point seemingly lost to most Tuckahoe parents and administrators!

Southampton charges Tuckahoe an obscene amount precisely because of the many Tuckahoe parents who choose Southampton purely for convenience - at other taxpayers' expense. Whatever egregious premium that Southampton charges over Westhampton or Pearson should be shouldered by the parent, for it is their choice and should not become a burden to othr taxpayers who choose a much better education for their kids!

The worst part is, the Southampton school district can afford to magnify thir excessive budget because of their reliance on the overburdened Tuckahoe taxpayer who is asked to pay through the nose for mediocre services.

If word gets around that Tuckahoe is consolidated with a high quality school district, it will even provide the homeowners with a certain dividend of higher home values since then, Tuckahoe will become a much more attractive place to buy in, compared to its current bad reputation of having a rotten school district. Real Estate brokers are well aware that great school districts run at a higher premium than those with awful academic reputations." Oct 17, 12 11:41 PM

DH, one of the reasons is the traditional ineffectiveness of the Tuckahoe school board to defend for decades its tax revenue base from the deadly encroachment of excessively low tax paying world class golf courses that are hardly of benefit to its resident taxpayers.

Unlike any other hamlet on the East End, we have four world class famous golf courses who have been decimating the Tuckahoe tax revenues. These luxury private golf courses pay much less Tuckahoe taxes than Tuckahoe homeowners, most of whom do not even get to play ont heir courses.

The golf courses recently demanded they pay even less than their already low rates and got a court order to imposr their wishes for the benefit of their rich members, most of whom don't even live in Tuckahoe. So the golf courses get the green(s) and the Tuckahoe taxpayers get the golf shaft!" Oct 18, 12 12:01 AM

"It is too bad that SH is charging so much more than WH and in some ways as you say is inferior to some of the educational goals at WH. Why do you think that is?"

My analysis of the problem: The rot begins at the top. The dominant figure in the School Board has been Bob Grisnik, an entrenched academic dinosaur at Tuckahoe for at least 27 years who has presided over two decades of academic decline and horrendous community turmoil. He is the living symbol of the necessity for term limits.

Tuckahoe used to have a really great reputation, Tuckahoe's own little "private school". But with his increasing dominance, as many Tuckahoe residents know, he has presided over the deterioration of this great reputation to the depths of its current notoriety, where the search for excellence has disappeared, the teachers work the fewest hours of any teachers on the East End while having enviable compensation packages and benefits/pensions compared to other school districts in NY State or the tri-state area for that matter!

Children get homework that is laughable at best, and after the state tests in April, it is virtually play time and homework virtually disappears at most grades. It is a recipe for disaster and poor test scores - and our poor performance in these state tests for the most part is a foregone conclusion!

Mr. Dyer gets it, I believe he's good, but he's surrounded by a sea of mediocrity especially obvious at the School Board. Now it turns out there was even voter fraud reported by Mr. Dyer to the Southampton Police and is now under review by the State Education Dept. Thank god a Tuckahoe parent bothered to review the results which yielded the horrendous apparent fraud.


Nothing will change as long as Grisnik is in place and until we can bring enlightened people who have a clue as to how a school can be turned around. This controversial board will never produce any improvement but more turmoil and strong community opposition!

" Oct 18, 12 10:48 AM

It would be helpful if you specified exactly what you think specifically is misinformation so we can get to your "truth"." Oct 19, 12 1:12 PM

Just as I thought, an empty substance devoid stuffed shirt, intent only on supplying distractions to the real issues." Oct 19, 12 2:53 PM

Pearce Is Named Southampton Town Chief Of Police

And let me guess, he's a solid Republican and part of the infamous Southampton Town "Hiring Hall", right - the Republican gravy train and control apparatus for all Town affairs from A to Z?" Nov 27, 12 10:29 PM

Tuckahoe And Southampton School Boards Hire Firm For Merger Study, Agree On Exclusivity Deal

Another pompous and deceptive decision by this keystone cops Tuckahoe School Board. They purport that they want to be op0en and transparent about the process. This year, more parents sent their graduated 8th grade kids to Westhampton B4each HS than they dit to southampton, indicating a preference for superior all around education everyone knows about, and at cheaper tuition.

However, they limited the study to exclude Westhampton and idiotically informed residents that they got a lower quote from Southampton based on the exclusivity, They didn't however ask Westhampton their quotes under the same exclusivity. If they did, the Board should make public such communication. Don't hold your breath as you'll never find that information anywhere.

They think Tuckahoe parents are uncritical bozos who would never know that they are being snowed into what the school board wants to do. It was obviously apples to oranges and .they simply imposed their will on the people." Dec 13, 12 4:09 AM

Who's putting Tuckahoe parents down? Can you read? The bozos are the school board, who think the parents are fellow bozos." Dec 15, 12 1:32 AM

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