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Lys Forms New Political Line For East Hampton Election

I think Amos Goodman should get out of politics. He alone has turned me against the Republican Party. We don't want these kind of politics in East Hampton. I am now voting for Mr. Lys. " Aug 22, 18 1:55 PM

Million-Dollar Lottery Ticket Sold At Sag Harbor 7-Eleven

Please tell me it's a LOCAL person!" Sep 4, 18 5:12 PM

East Hampton Republicans Ask Amos Goodman To Step Down As Party Chairman

The part I find so interesting is how ridiculous it was challenging the Independence Party for doing exactly what he had done. I guess he didn't know Elaine Jones very well. Good for her!" Nov 21, 18 10:25 AM

Bid For Sag Harbor Impound Lot Approved By Village Board Amid Protesters

Do you think 60 protesters are the majority of their constituents? " Jan 9, 19 7:32 PM

Princess Diner Gets A New Tenant And New Name

Everyone I know is hoping it will remain a "real diner". Good food at reasonable prices. That is what is needed and will succeed!
" Apr 10, 19 4:09 PM

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