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Jury Verdict In Kabot Case: Not Guilty Of DWI

I just watched the video of the stop and arrest. She crossed the yellow line once and that was as she was getting to the corner to turn left. She used her signals at all times, slowed to allow people cross the street, moved to the left to create a safe distance fromher car and a truck diagnoled parked out into the street, and when she was pulled over she pulled into the diagonal parking space perfectly. The care was dead center between the two parking lines, she pulled her front tires right up to the curve smoothly -- a perfect park. Her speech was sharp and articulate, she walked the line fine -- especially backwards -- I know people who would have fallen down sober. The only glitch was when she went from sixteen one thousand to 13 one thousand -- but only after she asked how far she needed to count. Then as she waited at the back of her car she was like a statute -- no swaying, no head bobbing -- nothing to indicate any drunkedness. At one point she bent over to put her two inch heel shoes back on and did it in total balance. That tape was her best defense and only further raises questions about whether the police were out to get her. I'm no Linda Kabot fan, but let's face it...she was set up and there are many questions needing answers about this entire affair. WOW. This could blow up into a big scandel -- starting with a lawsuit from Kabot against all the Westhampton Police and many answers why Anna felt compelled to lie about the call she received from the police in the middle of the night." Feb 5, 11 12:08 PM

As East Hampton Moves To Become Whole, Questions Emerge Over Accounting Of Deficit

Good point by Montaukman -- you can only review everything still available. It sounds like this accounting firm looked at everyhting they could. I believe the pressure on the new accounting firm to do everything to the greatest detail possible was the case, especially since they were doing their work as the grand jury investigation was ongoing. I doubt they cut any corners.

And by the way PAB, it is in the best interest of the new administration to have the smallest deficits possible. The financial mismanagement, illegalites, and incompetence issue has been firmly wrapped around the necks of the Democrats and their supporters for many years to come. $20 million, $25 million, $30 million, whatever -- it's all on the Dems and it will be something being paid for by the taxpayers for years. The smaller the deficit, the quicker the Repbulicans can get the town moving forward, get its financial stature restored, and stabilize finances. I'm sure the Republicans over the last year have and will do the right thing -- they have no choice if they want to stay in office." Feb 5, 11 12:22 PM

Jury Verdict In Kabot Case: Not Guilty Of DWI

Let's just cut through all the BS. Bottom line is ATH has been caught in a huge lie and very embarrassing and unethical position. Her political career ends when her term ends -- it's that simple." Feb 6, 11 11:02 PM

Memo To East Hampton Town Employees Raises Concerns

Conn -- you are spot on here. Even the union president did not criticize the memo because he knows how the public at large feels about town workers. The feeling is not good. He knows he cannot afford to attack a town supervisor who is attempting to get people to work and be respectful of the the people they work with and work for. Professionalism and respect -- who could possibly argue against that in the work place. The overall goal of good government is the brass ring here.

To "By Harbor" -- you know nothing about the business world. The memo is textbook personnel management -- not only private sector personnel management but public personnel management. I suggest you reas O. Glenn Stahl's "Public Personnel Management" page 35. Professional management is what we now have in East Hampton Government and that memo by Mr. Wilkinson was a REAL example of professional, Fortune 100, management." Mar 10, 11 6:13 PM

To HARBOR -- what is threatening about that memo? If you are doing your job, are respectful of the people you work with and work for, take instruction like a professional, respect the public and are productive, you have nothing to worry about based on my read of the memo. In fact a professional, hard working employee welcomes that kind of leadershipp. IF however you are lazy, abusive of leave, have an attitude when given an instruction, have an agenda that is not about best government practice, are nasty to the public, and are there to just collect a check, then I would say yea you should be worried.
Bill Taylor as the spokesperson for the Town worker? Isn't he the former Democrat leader. I have heard from the people I know who work for the town in East hampton (one in particular who has some contact with Mr. Taylor) that Mr. Taylor is not exactly what one would call a barn burner when it comes to work -- and he makes like $90,000 a year! WOW!
" Mar 10, 11 6:24 PM

I KNOW who the committe screened and they were NOT highway employees -- you speak-ed with fork-ed tongue facts man.

Boardwatcher is correct about whose job is what. If the attorney says its legal and you have a non-attorney take an action thatis totally opposite on something effecting a taxpayer you open yourself to a big fat law suit. In the private sector those people would have been fired immediately for putting the company at risk. Boardwatcher gets it." Mar 12, 11 1:30 PM

BROWN -- That is one of the most ignorant and insulting posts, except maybe to Earl or Facts man, that could only come from someone as bitter, uninformed and unintelligent as you prove yourself to be everytime one of your fingers hits the keyboard. If 27 East management is reading these posts, then I would guess Nazi references will be something that will be taken down and not tolerated. We don't need your kinds of comments on this thread. You are obviously a warped, bitter little person. I guess pathetic is the best way to describe you. Very pathetic." Mar 12, 11 5:59 PM

Ms. Campolo has hit a raw nerve with all the Democrat Wilkinson bashers. Her lucid and articulate analysis of the situation is right on the mark. Facts man - you are wrong (again) about civil service. In other towns like Brookhaven and Islip you have commissioners and assistant commissioners, or the equivalent, heading up most of the departments and they sit at the pleasure of the Town Board. No civil service protection. That is absolutely the fact and can be easily verified by a phone call to civil service in Hauppague. Or ask the 30 to 40 people that turnover every time the majority changes in those other towns.

Ms Campolo knows what she is talking about." Mar 14, 11 9:44 PM

Read Ms Campolo's comment, and your response. Read what she said, then what you said. Sorry for catching you in another mis-statement of facts AGAIN. You are a joke. I am still very much awake." Mar 15, 11 6:58 PM


HHS keeps throwing the word psychopath out there. Psychpaths suffer from mental illness and show aggressive or perverted behavior. HIGHHATSIZE has made 758 posts on everything you can think of. 758 posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now if that is not indicative of someone with aggression and an out of whack mentality then I don't know is. HHS must have a little mirror next to his computer screen." Mar 15, 11 7:09 PM

Wilkinson Will Run For Second Term In East Hampton

Hope for the future. Republicans should get a 5-0 majority." Mar 16, 11 9:22 PM

Memo To East Hampton Town Employees Raises Concerns

I agree Carol, these people are a bunch of nuts. " Mar 16, 11 9:26 PM

HighHat ---Are you kidding? Do you really think Wilkinson expected to be CEO of Disney? You are truly delusional. To reach the absolute top of your field (Human Resources) at a Fotune 100 Comapany as Mr. Wilkinson did, far surpases 99.99999% of those people in the Human resources field. Your attempt to diminish that accomplishment in order to make a ridiculously foolish argument to demean the most effective Town Supervisor in Suffolk County is a true joke.
Keep posting----you are the comic relief od this website." Mar 17, 11 5:16 PM

HighHat --- you really debate no one because your points are so idiotic, uniformed and ignorant. People really don't debate with you they simply repond and show how idiotic your "points" are by addressing them with facts. Example, I responded to your idiotic point about Wilkinson being disappointed about not becoming CEO of Disney and not being satisfied with his career by pointing out he acheived what very few in his field achieve, and that is being one of the top 50 HR people in the world. Your point was stupid, I responded, and you have notihing to say because there is nothing to say. It was not a debate. It was case of you being embarrassed again. As long as you keep posting you will continue to make stupid comments and people will continue to shoot them down. No debate involved.

And to BROWN your post about the Planning Board Chair is really unfortunate. First because it was totally incorrect. And second, because it was so incorrect and misinformed it illustrates how you continually just make things up -- you posts are based on no facts, no knowledge and no sense -- your posts are fabrications. Very unfortuante, especilally in this particular case." Mar 19, 11 7:55 PM

HighHat --- you really debate no one because your points are so idiotic, uniformed and ignorant. People really don't debate with you they simply repond and show how idiotic your "points" are by addressing them with facts. Example, I responded to your idiotic point about Wilkinson being disappointed about not becoming CEO of Disney and not being satisfied with his career by pointing out he acheived what very few in his field achieve, and that is being one of the top 50 HR people in the world. Your point was stupid, I responded, and you have notihing to say because there is nothing to say. It was not a debate. It was case of you being embarrassed again. As long as you keep posting you will continue to make stupid comments and people will continue to shoot them down. No debate involved.

And to BROWN your post about the Planning Board Chair is really unfortunate. First because it was totally incorrect. And second, because it was so incorrect and misinformed it illustrates how you continually just make things up -- you posts are based on no facts, no knowledge and no sense -- your posts are fabrications. Very unfortuante, especilally in this particular case." Mar 19, 11 7:55 PM

He was never told he was not going to be reappointed. He left for other personal reasons that make serving on the Planning Board irrelevant. You again just fabricate. My guess is that without the personal problems he would have been reappointed as Chair. That is an opinion based on what I know about the circumstances surrounding his resignation." Mar 20, 11 1:31 PM

Do you know what a non-sequitur is? Again no need to debate here just point out your ignorance. If reaching the pinnacle of your profession fulfills your career goal in life (which Wilkinson did), then there is nothing left to strive for because you have reached you ultimate objective. That is perfect sequential logic. What is irrelevant is wanting to be the CEO -- that is a non-sequitur and not part of the chain of reason. It is so easy to illistratate your supidity." Mar 20, 11 1:41 PM

Town Changes Leaf Pick-Up Program Again

East Hampton did not pick up leaves this year and other than a few whiners everyone took care of their own properties. You can drive around East Hampton today and not see many leaves lying around. In Southampton, where there is a program, leaves are reportedly still everywhere. That tells me that when people are made responsible for the pick up it will get done timely. When people don't have to be responsiblle they will wait for big brother to do it even if it means the leaves sit there for months. Goldenboy is right on. East hampton will save about $500,000 per year by discontinuing the operation." Apr 10, 11 10:16 AM

East Hampton Town Weighs 'Carry In, Carry Out' Policy

This Hammerle idea is obviously not completely thought out. Par for the course on Dem ideas over the years -- lest we forget the proposal to mine landfills for $80 million, building a food compost facility for $10 million, putting in the court house backwards, taking "free" historical buildings that end up costing $ 7 million to put back together, hiring 100 new workers then not raising the revenue to pay for them, buying software for $400,000 that never got used, etc., etc., etc. Also what does this Hammerle garbage idea have to do with the dump being closed one day a week? -- which by the way seems to be working fine based on my visits. Being closed one day a week always worked OK in Southampton. And who says there will be no beach patrols? I think the town has already begun to hire the seasonal harbormasters. I don't see any problem with having fewer year round Harbormasters who the the Independent exposed as not doing much in the winter -- remember the trips for coffee to the Sag harbor 7-11 in January? Also, what does beach driving have to do with this? The local people who drive, park and enjoy the beaches do not leave garbage. They are not the ones who need policing.

" May 8, 11 12:55 AM

Plane Blown Off East Hampton Airport Runway

"Merely yards"? Try 1000 feet. Using your logic, the pre-school on Industrial Road should be closed down because it is as close to the main runway as the concert site. In fact you can see the clearing where the school is in one of the pictures. The concert will be great." May 8, 11 1:07 AM

Board Prickles Over Peeling Paint

Can you believe this school district? Can they get anything right?" May 11, 11 6:18 PM

East Hampton Independents Back Cohen For Town Supervisor

schneiderman is not stupid. He certainly is not going to endorse Cohen who will lose by about 65-35. I agree with Connwatcher. Cohen, if you look at past articles, is no friend of Jay Schneiderman. Hard to believe Schneiderman's local party endorsed someone who has attacked him. It is also hard to believe the Jones Independence party would endorse someone who has claimed to have worked in the McGintee administration. Actually, when you think about it, this decision should help the Republican Town Board candidates because when Independence Party voters go to the Republican line to vote for Wilkinson some may stay right there and votes for Gaines and Haig and not return to the Independence line. This may be a good thing for the Repubklican town board candidates because they can run unified on the Rep, Conservative lines. Fancinating." May 20, 11 9:29 PM

Indy Voter -- I have a couple of friends who work for the town (you probably know them) and they have told me they have had to bust their rear ends a little more since Wilkinson has been thereand he is demanding but being expected to work is part of having a job. I spoke to one this morning over this Indepedence deal and he said he was shocked because Elaine Jones wasn't complaining last year when her son-in-law was put in charge of the Grounds department -- which by the way he supposedly does a fine job at. So what is this morale thing? Is there a lack of morale in her son-in-laws department? My friends said there are those who don't like working and that they feel threatened for their jobs. I say so wha,t let them be scared. If you don't work then why shoul you don't get my hard earned tax money. The comment you made about the sleeping on town time is interesting and hopefully that is being investigated. I would think cheating the town out of hours means you are cheating the town out of money which is stealing. Is that not a criminal offense?" May 21, 11 11:40 AM

Another imbecilic comment by high hat - he vever disappoints!!!!" May 23, 11 10:08 PM

ZAZ -- Everybody does something now and then that makes your eyes role -- like my wife. But she is my rock and steady hand. So I agree with you that Wilkie and Quig are right on target on most things (in my opinion) and exactly what this town needed on the heels of six years of the worst management any municipality has ever experienced - any where. Cohen and Overby would be McGintee all over again. Cohen doesn't get much and Overby has given much -- money that is to McGintee and the Conservators to elect McGintee and keep him in office long enough to ruin the town." May 23, 11 10:14 PM

housewife -- are you serious? Have you watched any Town Board meetings on TV. The Dems get up and accuse the Reps of everything -- and always VERY NASTY. Over and over and over -- whine,whine --- accuse, accuse ---that is all the Dems do. Have public hearings...don't have public hearings on things we don't support.... that is what they say. They bring in posters with $20 bills pasted on them mocking the nice tax cut Wilkinson gave us. Just watch and listen. The Dems are brutal at those meetings, and always with the attitude they know better. Well, they are the exact same people that supported McGintee until the end. That will certainly be a big part of the upcoming campaign -- namely those criticizing this administration propped up and kept McGintee in office as he was tearing down the town. The number one McGintee supporter in dollars and words? Overby. Cohen right there in 2004.2005,2006,2007...saying nothing as the town went down hill...just smiling away on the nature preserve committee. His "analyses" did not begin until the horse was out of the barn, and even then he tried to say McGintee did nothing more than what schneiderman did -- which of course is false. That is not nasty, it is just true." May 24, 11 7:49 PM

Independence Party Chairman Endorses Wilkinson

Ms. Jones says she received "about 80 signatures for Mr. Cohen." I would hope she knows exactly how many signatures she submitted. The fact that it was "about 80" tells me she got less signatures than were obtained for Mr. Wilkinson -- how pathetic for the town "leader". Maybe McKay saw how much Wilkinson valued the Independence line and how much effort it must have taken to get the signatures. While Mr. Cohen lobbied and cajoled Ms. Jones for her endorsement, Mr. Wilkinson took it to the members of the party and showed he valued their support and it just wasn't about begging one person for a treasured line on an election ballot. Something almost sacred. It's nice to see that taking it to the people means something in East Hampton." Jul 19, 11 9:26 PM

MTK Festival Cancelled Due To Low Ticket Sales

Where does it say Wilkinson is blaming the failure on lack of community support? I don't even see a quote from Wilkinson in the article above. Harbor is fabricating Wilkinson quotes and I see by clicking on the "2 members like this comment" that one of the people who like it was Zack Cohen -- which just shows he is willing to jump on any thing for political gain -- even phantom quotes by his opponent and the failure of local businessmen to do something good for business and great for charity. I would have hoped Mr. Cohen would have been saddened by the potential loss of $100K for local non-profit groups that could use the money. Cohen would rather his the business people with higher taxes that drive up costs for everyone in town, including the rents and service non-profits pay for. Very sad for Mr. Cohen." Aug 7, 11 10:19 AM

I just found a quote from wilkinson on another website. Wilkinson said the controversy surrounding the festival hurst. He is right on that one, that vocal minority that argued against it and filed lawsuits certainly did not help matters -- that is a far cry from saying the community in general did not support it. You bet all those charities and the thousands of people they service supported it. But again the NIMBYS strike and Zack Cohen supports those NIMBYS that have now cost the Daycare Center, the Retreat, Phoenix House, the Food Pantrys, etc. $100K in funding. This is a sad day in the town's history and the Democrat standard bearer is playing politics with a great loss to many in the community." Aug 7, 11 10:30 AM

I don't understad PBR. If the concert happened then $100K would go to charity. The town said put the money up because if there was a concert there would $100K to charity. No concert then no donations. That was understood throughout. And to say it was "crammed" down the public's throat? I found at least four separate occassions (and I may have missed a few) where the promoters made presentions at public meetings over a three month period - and it was made clear to them that if the concert went off they would donate $100K to charity. No concert then no donations. What else is there to debate? What does "protect the interest of the charities" mean? What interest was at stake to the charities? They were going to get the money if the concert went forward, the charities had nothing at risk. In fact I am sure there were charities that were looking for some of the concert pie that were not on the list of 20 - so again I ask what interests of the charities was there to protect? PBR's comment is political mumbo jumbo - just looking to criticize the current administration. Maybe PBR should have posted over the last six months supporting the concert therby helping the interests of the charities by getting people to support and but tickets. What did PBR do to protect the interests of the charities by supporting the concert? I think nothing!" Aug 9, 11 8:52 PM

Democrats' Complaint About Budget Officer Forwarded To Ethics Board

Cohen got caught - period. He did not obviously know the comptroller was on to him for many months before printing the misleading information and sending it to everyone in the town. In predictable fashion he attacks the person who was asked to be the messenger for the comptroller. I guess the question is: What if Bernard refused to keep the comptroller's office apprised of Cohen's claims as the comptroller requested? Where would that leave Bernard? And what if Bernard did not question Cohen's claims against the town auditors? Cohen would then say he was not doing his job. When Bernard did his job and found Cohen was "stretching" the truth from the Comptroller he in essence was directed to contact the comptroller with any future claims. So what was Bernard suppose to do? It looks like he did his job. He should be congratulated, not attacked." Nov 1, 11 6:33 PM

Workers Dispute East Hampton Highway Superintendent's Claim That Discrimination Charges Have Been Dropped

Is it my imagination or did David Rattray of the Star not even mention Highway Superintendent in the endorsements? After Rattray criticized Wilkinson for being demanding on workers I guess he had to stay clear of Democrat Scott King -- Cohen's good buddy (Cohen is often seen in King's office). One major difference between King and Wilkinson however is Wilkinson is not a bigot -- in fact he is an expert on equality in the work place and has received awards based on what I have read. I did look at the Star website editorial page and found an interesting exchange between Rattray and a commenter that exposes the lack of editorial quality of the Star. Here it is:

FROM THE STAR WEBSITE between "Come clean Mr. Editor" and the "editor" - Mr. Rattray.

by Come clean Mr. Editor (not verified) | November 3, 2011 - 5:48pm
This is an absurd column. Mr. Wilkinson has probably been the most effective supervisor in the Town's history. He virtually rescued the town from the brink of financial disaster. Mr. Cohen on the other hand was called in on the carpet by the Democrat State Comptroller for misleading the public in his political advertising. Wilkinson restored the credibility of the Community Preservation Fund, something Cohen could not accomplish when he was an "advisor" to the previous disgraced administration. As a result the town has recently preserved 130 acres under Mr. Wilkinson. Mr. Rattray actually says the preservation did not happen. Maybe because Mr. Rattray's property that he wanted the town to buy was not bought is why Mr. Rattray does not consider the 130 acres preserved as actual preservation. Isn't that a conflict? Is there an ethics in journalism committee? If so, the Rattray claim that Wilkinson has not preserved property when it can be documented he did (over 100 acres have been preserved for $18 million under Wilkinson) certainly is something any ethics committee would be interested in. This endorsement of Cohen truly is comic. Please read today's Newsday endorsement of Wilkinson, along with the Independent's endorsement, and the Sag Harbor Express' endorsement.


by editor | November 4, 2011 - 8:31am

East Hampton Town Community Preservation Fund expenditures from Jan. 1, 2010 to August totaled $8.62 million. The total number of acres closed on was 43.32.

These were:

Potter, .92 acre, $638,000
Nivola, 2 acres, $850,000
Maloney, 2.2 acres, $940,000
Boys Harbor, 27.8 acres, $3,674,562
Collins, 7 acres, $1,170,000
Duck Creek, 3.4 acres, $1,350,000

(The dollar amounts above may not reflect the purchase price in all cases, as some of the deals included money from other, non-town sources.)

The Rattray family owns several parcels of land on the community preservation fund acquisition list. The town board rejected an expression of interest in the sale of two of them earlier this year.


by Come clean Mr. Editor (not verified) | November 4, 2011 - 9:23pm
It is nice to see that you admit to wanting the Town to buy your land and the fact the town rejected the offer -- not happy about that I'm sure. But your intellectual and jounalistic dishonesty in your numbers above is astounding. The Wlikinson administration first had to put the CPF back together again in 2010 after the Democrats destroyed it. You give no credit to him for that. Once that was accomplished, land acquisitions could proceed robustly -- which they have been -- you lie about that, both in your editorial and in your response above. You are misleading the public as your endorsed candidate Cohen misled the public in his campaign literature according to the Democrat State Comptroller. Your numbers above conveniently go through the end of August. How convenient -- and misleading. Your list fails to include the Curtis, additional Nivola, and 11963 properties that are in contract and due to close this month. These properties account for 76.9 acreas and will cost $5,932,500. Your numbers also do not include the Wade, Bistrian and Dowling properties that are in contract and will preserve another 7.94 acres at $2,532,500. When you add it all up it (with your 43.52 acreas) the total is 128.36 acreas. The cost is $17.09 million. All of this information can be found on the Town Clerk's section of the Town website. The quality of your response above, or lack thereof, mirrors the quality and journalistic integrity of your "news"paper, namely totally lacking. Oh, by the way Mr. Cohen has no government financial creditials as stated by the State Comptroller and the Town's independent auditors. Mr. Wilkinson managed a budget of multiple hundreds of millions of dollars at Disney, as well as retirement and benefit programs that also totaled in the hundreds of millions. Again you ignore that. Very dishonest.


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" Nov 6, 11 1:17 PM

Absentee Ballots Will Decide Next East Hampton Town Supervisor; Breakdown Favors Cohen

Actually the numbers so far favor Wilkinson. If Wilkinson gets 90% of the Republican votes and Cohen gets 10%; and Cohen gets 90% of the Dem votes and Wilkinson 10%; Wilkinson gets the 5 conservatives; Cohen gets the one working families; and the blanks and independence party are split even; then Cohen picks up 149 and comes up about 30 short. When you consider absentee voters are more concerned about the issues of taxes, and for the more affluent homeowners the airport, you figure Wilkinson picks up more than 10% of the Dem votes and probably maybe a few more of the blanks and Independence. Also leaf pick-up and beach riding are not big issues with absentee voters, and those issues hurt Wilkinson with the "live" year round vote on Tuesday. Of course the absentees are already mailed so this is pure speculation and one person's theory." Nov 11, 11 1:20 AM

Suffolk County BOE: Wilkinson Beats Cohen By 15 Votes

Congratulations to Mr. Wilkinson. If anyone ever deserved a second term in office it is Supervisor Wilkinson - he has done a fine job and made decisions that local politicians often shy away from. " Nov 27, 11 1:32 AM

Springs Resident Calls For East Hampton Councilwoman Theresa Quigley To Resign In Wake Of "Nazis" Comment

You want someone takin' your picture when you walk out of your house because you ain't white? You want your house identified on a map and handed over to the enforcement division? Everyone is watching these board meetings and talking, and I can tell you that no one wants to be WATCHED or SPIED ON! If that is what Captain America believes in, then I think he ain't really that American. I'm glad one town board member is offended by these ideas." Mar 16, 12 10:22 PM

How many complaints resulted in a dead end or dragging someone into court who should not have been there? Will your report include the number and types of "citizen complaints" that resulted in no prosecution and identify who made the complaints that resulted in nothing but unfair accusations against innocent taxpayers? I anxiously await the shocking news on the offenders - no doubt some local people we will all recognize. One thing I am curious to see is what you label as failures by the Town Justices and how they react to such judgments being made by a disbarred attorney." Mar 23, 12 11:41 PM

Altschuler Gets Indepence Party Nod

Tim Bishop's daughter has made over $200,000 from his own election campaign fund as a result of using her "consulting" business on his campaigns. How bad is that? You want to get into ethics? That will make a great ad for Randy -- "Did you know Tim Bishop's daughter was paid over $200,000 from Bishop's own campaign fund?" What are her credentials and experience, what other clients did she have, how much did she make from these other clients? $200,000 into the bank account of Tim Bishop's daughter from Tim Bishop's re-election fund. Tim Bishop, using his position to financially benefit his family in a very questionable manner. Come on Tim" " Mar 24, 12 12:08 AM

Springs Resident Calls For East Hampton Councilwoman Theresa Quigley To Resign In Wake Of "Nazis" Comment

ALAS, I'm waiting for DAVBUD's report - 16 days since March 24 and no report. By the way HOHUM 123 has no rental property in East Hampton or anywhere else, sorry.
I am anxious to see all those local bubs in Springs that own houses with illegal rental situations like Mr. Buda promises. I also ask Mr. Buda to attach a list of all the houses his group turned into Code Enforcement that resulted in no action. I'm sure those people want to know they have been under the microscope. Alas, I doubt he will do that because he might get sued. Alas, I am finished with this comment." Apr 9, 12 6:27 PM

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