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Democrats' Complaint About Budget Officer Forwarded To Ethics Board

Cohen got caught - period. He did not obviously know the comptroller was on to him for many months before printing the misleading information and sending it to everyone in the town. In predictable fashion he attacks the person who was asked to be the messenger for the comptroller. I guess the question is: What if Bernard refused to keep the comptroller's office apprised of Cohen's claims as the comptroller requested? Where would that leave Bernard? And what if Bernard did not question Cohen's claims against the town auditors? Cohen would then say he was not doing his job. When Bernard did his job and found Cohen was "stretching" the truth from the Comptroller he in essence was directed to contact the comptroller with any future claims. So what was Bernard suppose to do? It looks like he did his job. He should be congratulated, not attacked." Nov 1, 11 6:33 PM

Workers Dispute East Hampton Highway Superintendent's Claim That Discrimination Charges Have Been Dropped

Is it my imagination or did David Rattray of the Star not even mention Highway Superintendent in the endorsements? After Rattray criticized Wilkinson for being demanding on workers I guess he had to stay clear of Democrat Scott King -- Cohen's good buddy (Cohen is often seen in King's office). One major difference between King and Wilkinson however is Wilkinson is not a bigot -- in fact he is an expert on equality in the work place and has received awards based on what I have read. I did look at the Star website editorial page and found an interesting exchange between Rattray and a commenter that exposes the lack of editorial quality of the Star. Here it is:

FROM THE STAR WEBSITE between "Come clean Mr. Editor" and the "editor" - Mr. Rattray.

by Come clean Mr. Editor (not verified) | November 3, 2011 - 5:48pm
This is an absurd column. Mr. Wilkinson has probably been the most effective supervisor in the Town's history. He virtually rescued the town from the brink of financial disaster. Mr. Cohen on the other hand was called in on the carpet by the Democrat State Comptroller for misleading the public in his political advertising. Wilkinson restored the credibility of the Community Preservation Fund, something Cohen could not accomplish when he was an "advisor" to the previous disgraced administration. As a result the town has recently preserved 130 acres under Mr. Wilkinson. Mr. Rattray actually says the preservation did not happen. Maybe because Mr. Rattray's property that he wanted the town to buy was not bought is why Mr. Rattray does not consider the 130 acres preserved as actual preservation. Isn't that a conflict? Is there an ethics in journalism committee? If so, the Rattray claim that Wilkinson has not preserved property when it can be documented he did (over 100 acres have been preserved for $18 million under Wilkinson) certainly is something any ethics committee would be interested in. This endorsement of Cohen truly is comic. Please read today's Newsday endorsement of Wilkinson, along with the Independent's endorsement, and the Sag Harbor Express' endorsement.


by editor | November 4, 2011 - 8:31am

East Hampton Town Community Preservation Fund expenditures from Jan. 1, 2010 to August totaled $8.62 million. The total number of acres closed on was 43.32.

These were:

Potter, .92 acre, $638,000
Nivola, 2 acres, $850,000
Maloney, 2.2 acres, $940,000
Boys Harbor, 27.8 acres, $3,674,562
Collins, 7 acres, $1,170,000
Duck Creek, 3.4 acres, $1,350,000

(The dollar amounts above may not reflect the purchase price in all cases, as some of the deals included money from other, non-town sources.)

The Rattray family owns several parcels of land on the community preservation fund acquisition list. The town board rejected an expression of interest in the sale of two of them earlier this year.


by Come clean Mr. Editor (not verified) | November 4, 2011 - 9:23pm
It is nice to see that you admit to wanting the Town to buy your land and the fact the town rejected the offer -- not happy about that I'm sure. But your intellectual and jounalistic dishonesty in your numbers above is astounding. The Wlikinson administration first had to put the CPF back together again in 2010 after the Democrats destroyed it. You give no credit to him for that. Once that was accomplished, land acquisitions could proceed robustly -- which they have been -- you lie about that, both in your editorial and in your response above. You are misleading the public as your endorsed candidate Cohen misled the public in his campaign literature according to the Democrat State Comptroller. Your numbers above conveniently go through the end of August. How convenient -- and misleading. Your list fails to include the Curtis, additional Nivola, and 11963 properties that are in contract and due to close this month. These properties account for 76.9 acreas and will cost $5,932,500. Your numbers also do not include the Wade, Bistrian and Dowling properties that are in contract and will preserve another 7.94 acres at $2,532,500. When you add it all up it (with your 43.52 acreas) the total is 128.36 acreas. The cost is $17.09 million. All of this information can be found on the Town Clerk's section of the Town website. The quality of your response above, or lack thereof, mirrors the quality and journalistic integrity of your "news"paper, namely totally lacking. Oh, by the way Mr. Cohen has no government financial creditials as stated by the State Comptroller and the Town's independent auditors. Mr. Wilkinson managed a budget of multiple hundreds of millions of dollars at Disney, as well as retirement and benefit programs that also totaled in the hundreds of millions. Again you ignore that. Very dishonest.


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" Nov 6, 11 1:17 PM

Absentee Ballots Will Decide Next East Hampton Town Supervisor; Breakdown Favors Cohen

Actually the numbers so far favor Wilkinson. If Wilkinson gets 90% of the Republican votes and Cohen gets 10%; and Cohen gets 90% of the Dem votes and Wilkinson 10%; Wilkinson gets the 5 conservatives; Cohen gets the one working families; and the blanks and independence party are split even; then Cohen picks up 149 and comes up about 30 short. When you consider absentee voters are more concerned about the issues of taxes, and for the more affluent homeowners the airport, you figure Wilkinson picks up more than 10% of the Dem votes and probably maybe a few more of the blanks and Independence. Also leaf pick-up and beach riding are not big issues with absentee voters, and those issues hurt Wilkinson with the "live" year round vote on Tuesday. Of course the absentees are already mailed so this is pure speculation and one person's theory." Nov 11, 11 1:20 AM

Suffolk County BOE: Wilkinson Beats Cohen By 15 Votes

Congratulations to Mr. Wilkinson. If anyone ever deserved a second term in office it is Supervisor Wilkinson - he has done a fine job and made decisions that local politicians often shy away from. " Nov 27, 11 1:32 AM

Springs Resident Calls For East Hampton Councilwoman Theresa Quigley To Resign In Wake Of "Nazis" Comment

You want someone takin' your picture when you walk out of your house because you ain't white? You want your house identified on a map and handed over to the enforcement division? Everyone is watching these board meetings and talking, and I can tell you that no one wants to be WATCHED or SPIED ON! If that is what Captain America believes in, then I think he ain't really that American. I'm glad one town board member is offended by these ideas." Mar 16, 12 10:22 PM

How many complaints resulted in a dead end or dragging someone into court who should not have been there? Will your report include the number and types of "citizen complaints" that resulted in no prosecution and identify who made the complaints that resulted in nothing but unfair accusations against innocent taxpayers? I anxiously await the shocking news on the offenders - no doubt some local people we will all recognize. One thing I am curious to see is what you label as failures by the Town Justices and how they react to such judgments being made by a disbarred attorney." Mar 23, 12 11:41 PM

Altschuler Gets Indepence Party Nod

Tim Bishop's daughter has made over $200,000 from his own election campaign fund as a result of using her "consulting" business on his campaigns. How bad is that? You want to get into ethics? That will make a great ad for Randy -- "Did you know Tim Bishop's daughter was paid over $200,000 from Bishop's own campaign fund?" What are her credentials and experience, what other clients did she have, how much did she make from these other clients? $200,000 into the bank account of Tim Bishop's daughter from Tim Bishop's re-election fund. Tim Bishop, using his position to financially benefit his family in a very questionable manner. Come on Tim" " Mar 24, 12 12:08 AM

Springs Resident Calls For East Hampton Councilwoman Theresa Quigley To Resign In Wake Of "Nazis" Comment

ALAS, I'm waiting for DAVBUD's report - 16 days since March 24 and no report. By the way HOHUM 123 has no rental property in East Hampton or anywhere else, sorry.
I am anxious to see all those local bubs in Springs that own houses with illegal rental situations like Mr. Buda promises. I also ask Mr. Buda to attach a list of all the houses his group turned into Code Enforcement that resulted in no action. I'm sure those people want to know they have been under the microscope. Alas, I doubt he will do that because he might get sued. Alas, I am finished with this comment." Apr 9, 12 6:27 PM

Montauk Residents Support Ronjo In A Petition

This Democrat stunt is disgusting. A great project for Montauk is jeopardized because the puppet Dems on the Town Board (Overby and Vanscoyac) are controlled by the Dem Committee and their people (Kloppman, Frankle, Cohen et. al.) and the non-elected Dem bosses decided playing politics with the business life of individual entrepreneurs and a local community was a good political ploy. If given another week I am told Montaukers could get well over 1000 signatures in support of the Ronjo and condemning the actions of the Dems and their puppets Overby and Vanscoyac. Overby and Vanscoyac better wake up a realize they were elected to do a job and right now they are doing nothing but making fools of themselves. And there are thousands of people in Montauk who condemn there action on the Ronjo, and many, many in Springs who think their tolerance of the Buda mob, is government at its absolute worse." Apr 10, 12 6:23 PM

OMG!!!!!What a misleading post. Warren King fired? I know Warren and he wasn't fired. Civil Service rules is why Warren had to leave, and the Wilkinson administration (not the personnel staff and not the Dems), the Wilkinson administration, did everything possible to help him keep his job because he was a productive employee - just ask Warren. Edna Steck and Audry Gaines retired according to three different articles I went back and read, and Edna Steck got almost $100,000 in leave payout plus her large pension according to one of the articles. Am I supposed to be crying crocodile tears? Saving town jobs for the sake of spending taxpayer money is not the function of government. Didn't we learn anything from the previous Dem administration? Town government is not there to act as employer of last resort - it is there to provide basic services in the most economical way possible. The Dems have never seen someone else's tax dollar that they did not want to spend." Apr 16, 12 8:23 PM

Around East Hampton Town Hall: Town Clerk Rejects Ronjo Petition

Frankl and the Dems should be embarrassed as heck. She is a lawyer, other Dems who were involved with the petition are lawyers and they could not get it right. 40 signers were not even registered voters but yet the names were submitted as valid in the eyes of the Dems - that is outrageous but typical of how East Hampton Dems do business - sloppy, unprofessional and for ALL the wrong reasons, . When you add the fact that only about 60 people from Montauk signed the Dem petition and 150 Montaukers signed a petition in support of the Ronjo in one day, you have evidence of a real heavy backlash building against the Dems in Montauk. " Apr 21, 12 4:54 PM

What Wilkinson did was agree to have an unbiased appraisal done that will result in great embarrassment for the Dems. It actually shows he is willing to stand by his conviction. The Dems actually hemmed and hawed at the unbiased appraisal that they fear will expose their bogus appraisal. Wilkinson has already exposed Dem hypocrisy by exposing the fact the Dems did not demand an appraisal of alley way property when they had control of the town board and a piece of the same alley was sold to a supporter of a Montauk Dem candidate." Apr 21, 12 5:11 PM

HHSize is getting a little touchy because he knows as much as he tries, he cannot rationalize, justify or explain away the politically motivated stunt perpetrated on the people of East Hampton, and Montauk in particular, by the Democrat Party.

And as far as calling Wilkinson an ignorant autocrat let me say that based on HHS' 1135 postings, Wilkinson's IQ is probably at least 40 to 50 points higher than the High Hat's; and as far as a common sense comparison, well quite frankly HHS has no common sense because he never makes sense, so there is no need for a comparison." Apr 22, 12 1:48 PM

There is nothing funny about how the Ronjo situation has been used and abused by the Dems for pure political-partisan purposes. Playing political games with serious issues is bad government - and the people in Montauk know it and will remember it.

AND there is NO requirement for an appraisal.

Please cite the section of Town Law, General Municipal Law or Local Finance Law that says an appraisal is required. I believe what you will find is verbiage that says something to the effect the asset should be sold for for an amount determined to be reflective of its value. Appraisal is never mentioned. How the Town disposed of similar property in the past is a reasonable way to value the current property and what the Town Attorney (who has been with the Town for almost 20 years through Dem and Rep administrations alike) advised the Supervisor and Town Board - it is right on the videotape. The fact the new Dem Town Board members ignored his opinion and advice is proof positive that they had other motives for their action, and we all know now the motive was politics and to create a bogus issue - and that is despicable." Apr 22, 12 5:14 PM

Sag Harbor Schools Superintendent And Board Member Abruptly Announce Resignations

Gratto and Wilcoxin are good people. I can see Gratto wanting to be closer to his kids. Walter is a surprise. The school budget for 2012-13 does seem short on the salary lines based on the contracts in place and in a few other places, but I'm sure that had nothing to do with what were probably personal decisions." Jul 3, 12 8:01 PM

And by the way, if the Board of Education does not hire High School principal Jeff Nichols as the new Superintendent they will be making a very large mistake - he is the perfect person to take over the reigns of the district. There is no need to go through an excruciating search for someone else when you have the perfect person right in the building." Jul 3, 12 8:27 PM

Around East Hampton Town Hall: Board Discusses Deer Management Plan

Sounds like a good idea. What is the funding source? Will the Village pay for part of it seeing that any plan that would be effective would have to include the Village." Jul 4, 12 10:22 AM

East Hampton Board Members Consider Using CPF Funds To Buy Mobile Home Park

Hasn't the town learned anything about improper use of CPF funds?" Aug 4, 12 9:28 PM

Drug Task Force Announces Felony Drug Arrest

Finally, after 1250 posts we know why HHS is delusional, irrational and nonsensical. We also now know about the name - Highhatsize - it is because of the need for extra room due to the expanding cranium from the steroid use. HHS thinks a bigger head means a smarter person. Wow, what an existence. How do you spell one messed up dude? One messed up dude!!!!" Aug 12, 12 6:32 PM

Without East Hampton Town's Help, Three Mile Harbor Mobile Home Park Will Pay To Renovate Failing Septic System

Actually if you read the original stories on this one Nero you will see that the two people who HAVE balanced the budget - Wilkinson and Quigley - are the two Town Board members that believed it was the town's responsibility to fix the system and pay for it. It was the other three Board members who voted against the capital project to be funded by the town. Wilkinson and Quigley understand what is the responsibility of the town and what is not and how to fund it in a way that works financially. By the way the $600K was an estimate by the Community Development department according to past articles and may have cost less once bid out. And to VOS, I don't see anything above about a law suit. I would guess if the residents went out a hired someone to install a system and it is neither the one recommended by the Community Development department nor a project bid out in accordance with Town legal requirements I don't know how the Town can now pay for it. I have never heard of a government reimbursing someone for something they decided to go out and do outside of the government. I may be wrong but I know I have read a ton of articles in Newsday about how school districts and towns are audited and found guilty of not adhering to public bidding requirements on projects that are approved by the governing body. So I can't figure how the Town can pay for a project they did not approve and was not bid out per the government laws. Remember Wilkinson and Quigley were overruled by Overby, Vanscoyac and Stanzione on the town doing the project." Aug 23, 12 10:18 PM

How did the town represent that they would be responsible to correct anything? Unless the Town Board passed a resolution making such a commitment from the town then were is the legal obligation? Town law is very clear that no one member of the Town Board can obligate a town to do anything. If that were the case can you imagine the mess most towns would be in with bid mouthed, unthinking, glad handing politicians promising everything? I'm not saying the town should not be doing something in this case, but legally if there is no resolution then there is no commitment. I don't believe there was any guarantee or contract when the system was installed about 10 years ago." Aug 24, 12 6:25 PM

East Hampton Town Earns Positive 2011 Audit

Good job by Wilkinson. He has done everything he was elected to do and more. Like Ms. Campolo says above we must be vigilant to not allow political interests to get in the way of moving forward from this position so firmly established by Mr. Wilkinson's and Ms. Quigley's willingness to make difficult decision in the face of bogus political attacks (i.e. Z. Cohen's, Frankl's, Kloppman's, etc., false claims and "analysis" totally dismissed by the State Comptroller, independent auditors and the Suffolk County DA). " Aug 26, 12 12:29 PM

Suffolk County Employees Union Endorsement Goes To Altschuler Over Bishop

Congressmen have impacts on Federal income tax collected by county union members, they have an impact on how county union members' tax dollars are spent (and misspent), they have an impact on Federal aid to local communities in the County where county union members live, they have an impact on the future Federal debt and deficit which impacts the local economy that impacts county union members, and on and on. Rather than foolishness the union shows good sense in endorsing the candidate whose positions, votes and legislation will help them in the county where they reside and work." Sep 5, 12 8:07 PM

Mr. Altschuler created thousands of U.S. jobs. One of the companies that Altschuler created almost 1000 U.S. jobs and was a multinational company which of course means jobs in the U.S. as well as other countries --- like General Motors, Mobil Oil, McDonald's, Starbucks, etc. The outsourcing issue is the sum of Bishop's campaign. There is nothing else. No accomplishments, no ideas, nothing! The outsourcing issue is bogus and the local public sees right through it, just like the nation sees through the outsourcing issue as it relates to Romney, whose capital investment firm helped create and/or expmad such companies as Staples (100,000 U.S. jobs), Sports Authority (75,000 U.S. jobs), Gartner Group (5,000 employees) etc. The union knows the difference between someone who can create a job and someone like Bishop who has killed jobs and entire institutions (i.e Southampton College)." Sep 5, 12 8:26 PM

County Slaps East Hampton With Notice Of Claim Over Route 114 Drainage Project

These are the elected officials (Wilkinson and Quigley) that had the initiative to FINALLY do something about a problem that has resulted in continuous destruction of taxpayer property in Hansom Hills due to the uncontrolled run off that floods their basements, erodes their foundations, flattens their landscapes and on public property cracks roadway, creates potholes (and danger) and destroys right of ways.

A ten year problem was engineered to be corrected. Ironically the sump would actually preserve farm soils because right now they get washed across 114 (creating a driving danger) and end up in Hansom Hills. A sump that is maintained would actually collect those soils and allow them to be returned to where they came -- the farm fields. For the County Planning Director to say there are better ways to fix it, then I say why hasn't the County done it? Since the County is claiming some ownership or control over all that Long Lane property, then all those residents who are being flooded and overrun with COUNTY SOILS should sue the County for all the damage they have suffered for the last ten years that the County has neglected to address. Now that the County Planning Director has admitted there were things the County could have done and did not I think the County and the elected County officials may be getting such a suit thrown their way.

The fact that Wilkinson and Quigley did SOMETHING should be applauded and certainly not sued for - unbelievable." Sep 18, 12 8:45 PM

Why would a "greeting" from the Deputy County Executive accompany a lawsuit? Usually the suit is just served, and maybe with a cover letter by the attorney representing the complainer (in this case it would be the County Attorney) - why some appointed official? It does kind of smell, especially since the County has DONE NOTHING in TEN years to correct the problem created by the land they say they control. Remember, to this point the County has DONE NOTHING when private and public property was being destroyed by uncontrolled flooding and drivers were put in danger as water and soils splashed over Rt 114 during any moderately heavy rain. COUNTY = NO ACTION IN TEN YEARS. WILKINSON/QUIGLEY = ACTION IN FIRST TERM IN OFFICE!!!!!" Sep 18, 12 8:55 PM

East End Legislators Renew Call For South Shore Helicopter Route, But Without Wilkinson's Name On The List

I took a look at Town Law - it's on the internet. It is clear that a Town Board member cannot unilaterally sign a letter like this on behalf of the Town. In fact a Supervisor can't sign such a letter representing the Town without running it past the Town Board. I am shocked that Mr. Theile, who is a former Supervisor and is currently a Village Attorney, does not know this. The other thing that exposes Theile lack of logic or deception is that Wilkinson caught a problem with the first draft of the letter that would have adversely affected East Hampton and Southampton residents that no one else noticed and asked it to be changed before he presented it to the Town Board. Wilkinson's catch resulted in the letter being revised. Then to say Wilkinson would not sign the letter that was revised on his recommendation to get back at Stanzione about the waste facilty makes absolutely no sense. Come on Fred. Looks like Theile was anxious for the press release and was not willing to wait for the letter to be reviewed by the East Hampton Town Board. Either bad staff work by Theile or he intentionally did not send it to Wilkinson. Read the article - this is the only scenario that makes any sense. Shame on Theile - The Republican, no the Democrat, no the Independence party member, only a matter of time before he joins the Green party , then the Working Families Party, and then maybe the Conservative Party - probably when he hits 70." Oct 16, 12 6:02 PM

Around East Hampton Town Hall: Van Scoyoc Wants To Pull Fort Pond House From The Market

I don't get it. If you sell the property to one person who renovates or replaces the one house on the land you have maybe 3 or 4 people living there using septic, a couple of parked cars, etc. If you use it for a community center, or for public access to a very fragile Fort Pond, aren't you creating a much more potentially harmful impact for Fort Pond with hundreds using the septic and a public parking area with runoff, etc. ? Selling it to a single family owner is by far and away the most environmentally sensitive action you can take for Fort Pond - which I believe is why Wilkinson, Satnzione and Quigley identified it as an asset to help the town's finances and do the right thing. Also didn't Jay Schneiderman say in a previous article the land was bought during his administration for land banking to use as a tradeable or sellable asset for the town?" Jan 20, 13 1:20 PM

That property has never been designated as park land. If it was already designated a parkland then why does Van Scoyoc want to dedicate it now as parkland?" Jan 20, 13 8:21 PM

How was it used as a park? The building on the property was used for meetings. Does that make Town Hall a park too?" Jan 27, 13 12:56 PM

Election 2013: Gonzalez, Cunningham and Potter Screen With Democrats For East Hampton Town Board

The Democrats are really considering Cohen over Cantwell? Seriously???????" Apr 2, 13 6:18 PM

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