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East Hampton police contract caps annual raises at three percent

To Mr. BZ, did you read Newsday today? Suffolk cops get 3.5% per year, they will be making almost $108,000 in six years, the top five PBA guys get their stipends doubled, and the $12 million in "concessions" you talked about is simply deferred compensation until officers retire at which time it will cost the taxpayers $7,100 per officer as they leave. REAL GREAT DEAL!
Wilkinson gets an average increase of less than 3% for six years (only 2% for 2007 and 2008) and essentially no other increases and you criticize him? The difference between you and your boss and the Wikinson team is that you guys could not negotiate a settlement with the county cops leaving it to an arbitrator and you got burned for big bucks. And now Levy says arbitration should be abolished? He should have thought of that before he turned over the process to a third party do his and your job.
BZ, did you and your team prepare the information package used by the arbitrator that produced the huge award to the the police? If you did, then I would stop criticizing any public official for what you think is bad performance. Wilkinson on the other hand worked with the East Hampton police and everyone involved did what was right for the town. BZ, you said when times are tough there should be NO pay increases. This is niave and dangerous, and that attitude and approach is now going to cost suffolk taxpayers big bucks!!!!
Through your ineptitude Suffolk cops are getting more than Nassau, they will be the highest paid cops in the state, and the taxpayers are stuck for years as the $12 million in deferrals will be a liability for taxpayers for many years to come.
Bayman, what do you think about that performance? Think BZ will respond? Not even Z-bluster can blow away the facts reported in Newsday today. Facts are facts, and the results are the results and the BZ-Levy performance on this one has turned into an unmitigated disaster for Suffolk taxpayers.
I see the Levy governor run sinking like a lead balloon after this tremendous misstep and inability to work with the union to get a result good for everone." Mar 13, 10 10:12 AM

Sag Harbor looking to trim 10-percent budget hike

The school board in Sag harbor has forced its administrators to under budget for a number of years with the "zero based budget" theory and demands to not increase spending by more than a couple of percent, when evrything was going up. Also the administrators were not to sacrifice programs. Tall order. Year after year the Board passed budgets to make allow tax rates to stay low so they could get re-elected. The the Board has created the exact situation they wanted...low fund balances.....loss of school aid.......loss of other revenue....all set up for the staff cuts they have wanted to make but could not. They have not settled the teacher contract so that is their extra cover to make the staff cuts. " Mar 13, 10 10:28 AM