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Bid to put East Hampton airport plan in place as summer nears

I for one would like to have an investigation why and who in the Town decided not receive the $200,000 that was owed after the plaintive party lost their suit. Not only is it a money issue but also an issue of accountability. We spend millions of dollars defending against frivolous lawsuits and collecting from the losers should dissuade others unless they feel they have a really strong case. The individuals who work for the town should be looking out for all citizens and not just their buddies. If this was done deliberately they should not be working for the Town." Mar 17, 10 8:42 PM

East Hampton Town's Aviation Attorney Weighs In On Recent FAA Answers

Me thinks there are a few people who would like to bulldoze the airport and put more luxury houses up so they can make a few bucks.

As for rural, that concept died 40 years ago. Everywhere you look there are houses on farmland. Every year more and more open space is destroyed by development. East Hampton is looking more and more like Nassau County every year.

I feel that the antiairport group is just using the noise issue to try to cause economic strangulation of that facility instead of trying to solve the noise problem . Without FAA funds economic strangulation will occur and the airport will close.

Off course when that happens houses will be errected on the pristine aquifer that evryone was so concermned about 10 yrs ago. Houses who will dump their sewage and toxic chemicals into that clear ground water.

Once that happens the developers will leave town to enjoy themselves in retirement in Palm Beach or Scottsdale, while we have to live in Levittown East

If the noise can be minimized or even eliminated, what would you rather have 100 more homes in East Hampton or open space?

We need to stop development NOW. No matter what guise it takes." Apr 18, 12 5:21 PM

State Supreme Court Upholds East Hampton Town Airport Master Plan

I'll venture that those same people have a stake in closing the airport. I recognize some names and they are developers. How ironic that they are using the environment to block funding when they would rather bulldoze the forests around the airport and put up polluting houses." Jul 25, 12 8:14 AM

Gruber keeps saying that the town through multiple administrations has done back room deals with the FAA. Fat chance of that happening. I dont know of one time in the past 30 years that the town board has not had at least one airport opponent on it, whether democrate or republican. Just how could that be accomplished without the consent of the entire town board even if a back room deal could be done? His argument is totally witout merit. Just what the courts have always decided." Jul 25, 12 8:24 AM