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Questions still remain over police officer suspensions, reinstatements in Westhampton Beach

Some of us just go to the board meetings and participate at meetings instead of posting comments that I seriously doubt the trustees even read" Apr 1, 10 3:52 PM

Federal grant will be used to install solar panels at Westhampton Beach school buildings

Wow, nice job all round on getting the grant money" Apr 1, 10 3:53 PM

Sag Harbor School District asks entire staff to consider pay freeze

Is there a reason you've singled out westhampton beach? " Apr 1, 10 3:57 PM

Questions still remain over police officer suspensions, reinstatements in Westhampton Beach

I think you've posted this about a half dozen times now. I get the point thanks.
Has it occurred to you that aside from your obvious anger at the village that a lot of good people are employed there? Does your irritation or outright anger extend to the DPW, Beach Department, the Village Office staff. If you have complaints about all of them please feel free to list them, preferably not just random anecdotal comments. While I understand your anger at what's going on with the police department, it does not make sense at this time to disband the whole village. Vote for candidates that will help finally push this issue away. If a patient has 2 broken legs, you don't just abandon all hope, you take xrays, find the problem, and FIX IT. Let's try that first before we pull the curtains down on our village ok?" Apr 2, 10 7:52 PM

I would think Mr. Wheeler that the cost difference would be negligible since we would simply be paying more for SH Town protection, and wouldn't have the police cars right in the area to help out. As someone who has had to wait for SHPD cars for over 30 minutes, I appreciate local cops.
As I know you are a fan of Mr. Speir's blog, I encourage you to read on as he states (more than once) that under the Chief's guidance, the department was shaping up to be the best it has been in Mr. Speir's memory. I don't wish to seem to be an apologist for this whole thing, but taking care of this hearing would seem to cure most of the problem, however it's resolved." Apr 3, 10 12:31 PM

Thank you, Tired and SJD appear to be out for the WHBPD and it was finally so annoying I had to comment. Sadly, it has become entertainment, and I hope when other local boards have issues that those of you find it so entertaining now will step back and reflect on how it feels.
I would argue that some don't have the best of the intentions. If you were to watch the march board meeting on the village website (which I encourage all to do), you'll see resolutions added on which blatantly violate the NYS Taylor law (even a layman such as myself can see that). When it is questioned who wrote the resolutions, the trustee is silent, giving a look of what I can only describe as contempt to the questioners. He later claimed in the meeting that the resolutions were all valid and were written by lawyers (plural) with 40 years experience. It was later revealed to be a law clerk, a distinction worth noting. The trustee was not truthful, and that I have a problem with.
I think it truly is a personal squabble that has flown out of control, not people with good intentions. If you listen to the meeting, you'll see it devolve into a bunch of squabbling, which is not what I voted for." Apr 3, 10 12:39 PM

Sag Harbor School District asks entire staff to consider pay freeze

You and others seem very annoyed that the teachers make as much as they do. I have but one question: Would you not fight for every penny you could at your job? Or would you agree to a pay cut for the good of the company? This contract I'm sure was signed before the economy tanked, would you not want your contract honored?" Apr 3, 10 12:46 PM

Questions still remain over police officer suspensions, reinstatements in Westhampton Beach

I would love to see it resolved as well, but this started in the fall, I would have preferred it be solved well before now. Having watched meetings for years now, I will say I can't remember anything like this flare up ever. It truly is at a level I have never seen from this village" Apr 3, 10 1:08 PM

Sorry, I should have been more specific. Law clerks generally only do research, and the one in question works for a judge researching laws. This means that his law work would be very limited, and I doubt he would have been up to the task of writing resolutions, and by the looks of it he wasn't. The distinction was in the work that they do, sorry for the confusion.
And I'm fairly certain that they are all invalid since they were written by someone other than the village attorney, as they explained in the meeting in March" Apr 3, 10 6:08 PM

Tucker outraised Mayor Teller in failed election bid in Westhampton Beach

I'm not quite sure what we are "wishing for". Perhaps you would care to explain?
It should be noted that many of your comments before the election were vehemently against the mayor, detailing his "illegal actions"....which, by the way, were legal. Are we simply trying to incite buyers remorse?
Have we a sore loser in the comment section? " Aug 1, 10 8:44 PM

Two traffic issues are up for discussion in Westhampton Beach

How big is this flagpole going to be? I hope it's not gigantic like the other cell phone towers "disguised" around the surrounding towns.

On the bright side though, the parking at Rogers is MUCH better than last year. I guess all that extra work and wait time we gave in the beginning of the year paid off. " Aug 1, 10 8:49 PM

Man injured in surf in Westhampton Beach

Saw it happen at the beach. The lifeguards did an incredible job and were on him in seconds. Everyone from the guards to the deck crew were calm and professional. Well done to all the Rogers Beach staff" Aug 9, 10 5:59 PM

Quogue Village Allocates Money To Study Dune Road Elevation Options

Hi "Resident", you of course have told everyone many times you are from WHB, so let me help you with some geography.

This article is about QUOGUE which, as many residents know, is to the east of WHB. So why you blame Mayor Teller for Quogue's problems is confusing at best and stupefying at worst. And your argument against the chief is old news. He gets paid the average salary of an East End police chief and that is a fact proven by multiple newspapers.

Since you have so many complaints, why not speak up at a board meeting?" Dec 23, 10 2:56 PM