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Sag Harbor School District asks entire staff to consider pay freeze

There seems to be some logic in what many people say here but this screams jealousy. I imagine that many teachers are grading papers and taking graduate courses to better prepare our kids. " Apr 5, 10 4:25 PM

Yeah, I heard that they paid to move Superintendent Gratto here and for what??? It seems like its mearly to ruin, not run, our local school system and its long standing good name. I had to check his contract out. I discovered that Gratto makes 200k, and gets a total of more than ten weeks off each year. There was a slue of benefits too.

People complain about teachers, but if they are smart they will go into administration, afterall there must be a demand if we need to ship in hired guns from up the island and god-knows-where. These types haven't a clue about our community and its history.

Geez, I've read the heated comments above and can't help but ask, why would anyone want a thankless job teaching with our kids here when they can be pencil-pushing superintendent that gets paid to drive a wedge between communities that are perfectly fine? Sure our teachers get paid well, but isn't the east end a very expensive place to live and work. Even considering this, I actually doubt that they are making much more than other teachers in Nassau and Suffolk were I'd bet people probably pay a bit more in taxes.

Sure we need to spend wisely, but doesn't professionalism cost and we certainly deserve good teachers. Pennywise is pound foolish when its at the cost of our kids and their community. I'm guessing that might have asked for a bit much and I'm certainly not saying that the teachers need posh contacts and comp. time like superintendents. However, can't they just find a fair number and get on with things. Come on people, I understand the anger but let's stop letting carpetbaggers ruin our town. We deserve a respectable school system that isn't in mud-slinging turmoil. I certainly understand controlled spending but this is ugly and not a lesson for our kids. We are better than this type of public display." Apr 5, 10 5:13 PM