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State Supreme Court Upholds East Hampton Town Airport Master Plan

How much money have these worthless lawsuits cost the town of EH...what, over 20 years now?" Jul 20, 12 9:10 AM

Campaign Diary: Bishop Outraises Altschuler In Third Quarter

Bishop could raise a billion dollars I don't care; he needs to go." Jul 20, 12 9:12 AM

Obama Fundraiser Is Planned For August 24

Joe Biden: Proof that even an idiot can succeed in America. " Aug 2, 12 7:09 AM

Jay Schneiderman Considers Running For East Hampton Town Supervisor Next Year

C'mon, can't we get some new people to run instead of retreads. It doesn't matter what party, R, D, I, what ever. We need new faces with new ideas for the future, not some one from the pats. " Aug 9, 12 12:11 PM

Bishop On Defensive After Claims Of Unethical Campaign Solicitations

Does anyone else think it bit unseemly that Tim Bishop is now trying to right a wrong by donating this cash to veterans? It still does not change the fact that Tim Bishop has engaged in questionable activity and how many more people out there did the Bishop camp shake down?" Aug 20, 12 10:11 AM

yes, we prefer things like nepotism and extortion, much more fitting to the liberal snobs that infect the area. " Aug 21, 12 8:38 AM

This is easy, Tim Bishop has simply been in office too long and has become a creature of Washington. He has allowed his moral and ethical base to crumble and is no longer fit to serve. The fact that he would try to misuse veterans to cover his sin speaks volumes as to the character that Tim Bishop now has.

Tim Bishop has to go. " Aug 23, 12 6:51 AM

Aircraft Restricted At East Hampton Airport Due To Biden Visit

I hope he has his caregivers with him to remind him what state he is in, which century it is and see to it he does not mix his meds with too much booze. We don't need crazy Uncle Joe falling down drunk again. " Aug 24, 12 6:31 AM

Biden Visits For Fundraiser, Says Election Is Choice Of 'Fundamentally Different Paths'

It was nice to see good old Uncle Joe on his best behavior, they must had gotten his meds right and kept him away from the booze. " Aug 27, 12 11:50 AM

Airport Noise Opponents Claim FBI Investigated Rally

More hysteria from the nutty fringe. " Sep 5, 12 8:48 AM

East Hampton Village Police Charge Man With Felony In Connection With Anti-Obama Graffiti

Public and private property." Sep 21, 12 2:13 PM

I don't care how much anyone might dislike the President you do not damage other people property to express your view. If he had an issue he could have done something else less juvenile; it was a stupid thing for him to do. " Sep 24, 12 6:55 AM

Officials Discuss South Fork Traffic Safety At Roundtable

More law enforcement, stiffer fines and penalties for bad drivers and investment in our infrastructure. There, done, no more debate; do it. " Oct 16, 12 11:16 AM

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