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Hampton Bays school budget includes 18.5 percent tax hike

Caution should be used in reading this article. While the headline talks about a tax rate increase (the rate per thousand dollars of assessed value established by the Town of Southampton which in turn computes your tax liability), the first sentence in the article incorrectly talks about a tax increase. Don’t confuse the two. A tax rate increase and a property tax increase are two very different things. With or without the new assessment, the rate at which you are taxed is likely to go up, but you will be taxed somewhere in the neighborhood of 6.7%; hardly the 18.5% reported by Will James. Based on the model used in the article, a $500,000 house will see a property tax increase of around $307.00. Perhaps the editor, Mr. Costanza, can print a clarification before he allows THE PRESS to be responsible for the defeat of Hampton Bays school budget which is only being increased by 2.8%; a modest increase considering that Hampton Bays has the lowest per student cost on the East End. Hampton Bays public schools are moving forward. Don’t let misinformation cause a step backwards. " Apr 24, 10 9:16 AM