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Hampton Bays school budget includes 18.5 percent tax hike

There is no such thing in "social promotion" in Hampton Bays or any other High School! Hampton Bays graduated 90% of the students in 2009, which included 35 students who were high needs and at-risk kids (kids who would have been high school drop-outs). Seems to me the district is doing a great job with less than what neighboring districts are doing! That is, the cost per student is the lowest on the south fork, and has been for years. We should be proud and supportive of our Hampton Bays Schools!" Apr 23, 10 3:06 PM

You are talking about one student out of 2000 and I would imagine that you have no idea what his needs were. Maybe he was a special needs child or has motor issues! You certainly can't base what one student does on all of the others. And yes, standards in American education have dramatically changed - and continue to do so.The standards are going higher and higher. Personally, I feel sorry for the hoops the Federal govt is making our children jump through. You certainly can't say that it isn't rigorous enough. Todays schools are very different from when we were in school!" Apr 23, 10 3:51 PM